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Our Cars

Are you looking for a leisurely getaway, or do your family’s travels require practicality? At SDVH Car Hire we have the perfect car hire deal with an extensive selection of vehicles to make sure that you can quickly reach any destination. Our mission is simple: provide our customers with their ideal car type based on their needs – be it regular meetings or special occasions! Standard cars are available should convenience and functionality be necessary, while luxury cars will guarantee style and comfort.

Looking for your next car rental? Our extensive network includes small cars to estates to SUVs and 7-seaters. From budget car options to luxury cars, you can expect to save time and money when booking through us! Find affordable deals on the best cars today. To book a car with SDVH, all you need is a credit or debit card for payment and a valid driving licence. After booking a car, you can either pick it up at one of our nearby stations or we can deliver it to you for free.

Fiat 500

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VW Golf

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focus estate

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Ford Focus Automatic

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Ford Mondeo Manual

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Ford Mondeo Automatic

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ford mondeo estate

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Rav 4

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Mercedes C Class

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Mercedes E Class

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Range Rover

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Vaxhaul Zafira

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Ford Galaxy

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Ford Galaxy Auto

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Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is a reputable and dependable car rental company. Every month, we cater to the car hire needs of thousands of customers. Thanks to our huge network of dependable suppliers, we have a large selection of cars for immediate hire. We properly maintain and update all vehicles in our fleet to ensure that you have no problems while using the hire car.

At SDVH, we tend to both commercial and personal vehicle needs. Our customers range from individuals and families who need a dependable mode of transportation to businesses looking to transport goods. Once you’ve found your ideal vehicle, contact us to reserve it. Our friendly customer service representatives will be on hand to assist you through the hiring process, even on short notice. With SDVH, you’re guaranteed to get the best car hire deal.

Free Delivery & Collection

SDVH understands that your time is precious and you can’t come to the depot to pick up a vehicle after every car hire. Getting down to our rental port simply to drive the rental car back to your original location is a lot of unnecessary hassle that we can help you avoid. We are one of the few major car rental companies offering free delivery and collection for all car hire.

We believe in convenience, and as such, we do not charge customers for delivery. After booking, we deliver the cars to clients’ convenient locations upon request. We even aim to deliver cars to the major train stations in the United Kingdom. When your rental is finished, you can drop the car off at a nearby depot or call us to come pick it up.

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Unlimited Rental Mileage

When hiring a car from most rental car companies, the vehicle usually comes with a mileage cap. Limited mileage in rental cars restricts your travel distance, preventing you from going over the company’s mileage allowance. At SDVH, we believe that our customers should have freedom when using hired vehicles, which is why we offer unlimited mileage on most cars. Our unlimited mileage car hire deals extend to all cars except those used for courier services.

Our unlimited mileage policy ensures that whether you drive the hire car for five or ten miles, the rental price remains the same. This makes sense for times when you’re going on long-distance trips. Speak with a customer service representative to ensure that the unlimited mileage benefit applies to the car you have chosen.

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Entire United Kingdom Coverage

With over 11 thousand miles of beautiful coastline, there are over a billion places in the UK that you may need to drive to. At SDVH, we make sure every journey is a breeze. With our extensive network of car rental providers across the UK – from England to Scotland and Wales– you’ll never have to worry about being stranded with no means of transport! We’re here for all your travel needs so that wherever life takes you in Britain – you can get there easily.

Discover the UK your way with car rental services from our trusted company. Our selection of vehicles are perfect for private travellers, families and businesses alike – plus we can provide convenient delivery & collection across all mainland areas. So whether you’re planning a short journey or an extended road trip around Britain, let us be your ride!

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European Cover Option

There are times when travelling across Europe by car is preferable to taking the train or flying. You can rent a car from us and travel in comfort and style to several European countries. Our European travel coverage includes trips to France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and other European Union member countries.

Our unlimited mileage coverage also extends to hire cars for long journeys into EU-listed nations. SDVH’s European travel cover is reasonably affordable. When booking your preferred car, inform the agent of your plans to travel outside of the UK mainland. You must also inform the reservation team in advance if you need to travel outside of the EU, and there is an additional fee for this service.

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One Way Vehicle Rental

Not every journey ends where it began. Sometimes, you may need to travel from point A to B without wanting to double back to where you started simply to return the hired car. SDVH’s one-way car hire makes this possible. Hire a car in one part of the UK and return it at your endpoint. A one-way rental makes travel simple and efficient, as it eliminates the need to rent a car for longer than necessary.

Rather than driving the car back to the rental location, you can save money by returning it to a nearby depot or having our collection team pick it up at your final destination. Our one-way car hire option is only available on the UK mainland and comes with an additional charge. To enjoy this benefit, you need to specify your final destination and pick up date when booking the car.

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Insurance Is Included

You can’t always avoid unfortunate situations, no matter how careful you are. Accidents can happen, causing damage to the car or the people inside, and it’s best to be prepared for such scenarios. This is why every car hired from SDVH comes with comprehensive insurance that covers both minor damages to the rental car and everyone travelling in it.

Our basic insurance coverage is included in the car hire cost, so there are no hidden charges. You can also subscribe to a Collision Damage Waiver for added protection, which will reduce your excess liability for serious damage to the rented car. When you make a reservation, our representatives will inform you of the total cost of the car hire (including insurance options).

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Company Own Insurance - 10%

We understand that not everyone needs rental car insurance coverage. If you are covered under a company policy, then there is no need for us to provide additional protection; and we don’t think it’s fair to charge all customers the same rate as those who do require insurance from us!

If you already have car insurance, we will give you a 10% discount on every car rental. This allows you to rent SDVH’s car at affordable prices. What’s more, you still get to enjoy the unlimited mileage perk. To receive the company-owned discount, please notify our agents when booking a hire car.

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Wide Range Available

With our comprehensive network of vehicle suppliers across the United Kingdom, we are able to provide excellent car rental deals. Looking to explore on a budget? Check out our economy models! Need something luxurious and special for an upcoming occasion? Look no further – we’ve got just what you need. We’re committed to providing reliable solutions that fit exactly with each customer’s individual needs.

When hiring with SDVH, you have the flexibility to choose from manual and automatic transmissions – perfect for any journey! Planning a trip can be daunting but don’t worry. Our skilled customer service team is here to help take some of the pressure off by recommending exactly what type of vehicle best fits your needs.

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At SDVH, we guarantee that all our cars are serviced and upgraded regularly to keep them in perfect condition. We also offer a large range of reliable car rental options to suit individual needs. Contact our rental desk on 020 8168 8158 to make inquiries or schedule a pick up date. Book your car hire with us today, you will need a driving licence and a debit or credit card.

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