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Our Luton Vans

A Luton van is a cargo van with a body (cargo area) extending over the passenger cabin. These vehicles are versatile, which makes them ideal for various transportation demands. Business owners use Lutons to transport bulk goods and equipment, while home movers find them to be great for moving their belongings.

Count on SDVH for Luton van rentals since our van rental fleet includes modern Luton vans equipped with tail lifts. These types of box vans are ideal for personal and commercial use, and drivers with a normal car licence can drive them. Contact us today to book a rental or to make enquiries about our Luton box vans.

Ford Luton Box With Tail Lift

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Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is one of the UK’s most trusted van rental companies. We believe that hiring a van should be seamless, so we make it easy for you to access our Luton vans from different locations in the country. We have a huge network of suppliers and depots, allowing us to get a Luton to you quickly.

Hiring a Luton from SDVH also comes with the guarantee that you’re getting a vehicle that is without any fault. Our Luton vans are well-maintained and are equipped with a tail lift to make loading easier. Reach out to us today to reserve a Luton van for personal or business use.

Free Delivery & Collection

When you hire a Luton from SDVH, you don’t have to come down to our rental station to collect the vehicle. Just specify your location, and we’ll get the vehicle to you. From private locations and business properties to public places like London Luton Airport, we offer free delivery and collection services everywhere.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

You get unlimited mileage with every Luton van you rent from SDVH. We believe that you should be free to travel as you want without incurring additional charges. Our unlimited mileage offer extends to all customers except businesses that use the vehicle for courier services.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

SDVH’s Luton van rentals are available to all locations on the UK mainland. Our extended network of suppliers allows us to serve customers all around, and you can drive our Luton vans to all parts of the country without restrictions. Whatever you need – wherever you are, contact our professional agent to get the best service.

European Cover Option

When you rent a Luton van from us, your journeys aren’t restricted to only the UK mainland. Our company offers a European cover option, which allows you to take our hire vehicles to EU-listed countries such as Spain, Ireland and Portugal. Just make sure to notify us of your plans to travel outside the UK as this involves an extra charge.

One Way Vehicle Rental

As part of your plans to make your journey seamless, we offer one-way rental services. You can hire a Luton van in one part of the UK and drop it off at another depot closer to your destination or have our team collect it. Please inform our agents when booking your Luton van to take advantage of this service for a small fee.

Insurance Is Included

Every Luton van you hire from SDVH comes under the protection of our fully comprehensive insurance policy. The insurance protection covers minor damages to the hired van and everyone travelling in it. The best part is that the insurance fee is already added to van hire prices, so you don’t have to pay any additional price.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

Every Luton van you hire from SDVH comes with comprehensive insurance coverage. But we understand that not everyone needs this insurance policy. That’s why customers who are already protected by other driving insurance policies get to enjoy a 10% discount on the hire cost.

Wide Range Available

Our Luton vans are suitable for different transportation tasks. Whether you’re a business owner looking to move cargo or you need some of our vehicles for personal use, we have got you covered. Our Lutons also come fitted with a tail lift, which makes it easy to load heavy and bulky items.

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Trust SDVH for your Luton van rental needs. We are one of the most reliable van hire companies in the UK, and our excellent service is extended to all parts of the country. We serve both individuals and businesses that need to transport cargo and other bulky items. Call us today on 020 8168 8158 to book a Luton van at a good price.

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Benefits Of Luton Van Hire

Lutons are quite spacious, and they have a high payload capacity. Here are three ways in which hiring one can benefit you.

Great For Moving House

Moving houses is a stressful experience for most people. While some are concerned about the effort it takes to move large furniture, others are worried about their items getting broken in transit.

Hiring a Luton van allows you to have more control over your belongings when changing locations. Since you’re responsible for loading, you can gently pack your items into and out of the van.

Also, these vehicles are very spacious, which ensures that you have enough room to move all your items in one trip. Our Luton at SDVH even comes with a tail lift that does the hard work when loading.

Transports Bulky Objects With Ease

In addition to being great for house moves, the high payload and spaciousness of Lutons make them great for transporting various other bulky items. You can easily fit several items into a Luton without exceeding its payload.

Companies will find Lutons to be very efficient for cargo and equipment transportation. Some Lutons even have racks and shelves for proper stacking of boxes and other items. Also, you can get a Luton with a tail lift to make loading easier.

No Additional Licence Required

One of the reasons Lutons are so popular among cargo transporters and house movers is that you can drive them on a standard licence. A Luton van has a gross vehicle weight rating of 3.5 tonnes, which puts it in the same category as a regular car when it comes to driving licence requirements.

You can drive a Luton van on a standard category B licence without taking additional tests. As a result, most drivers see them as a great option for moving cargo and other bulky items by themselves.

Efficient Transport In The UK With SDVH’s Luton Vans

Contact SDVH today to hire a Luton van and solve any transport problem you have. As one of the UK’s most reliable van rental companies, we are dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy the most seamless hiring process. Our Lutons are available for both personal and business use. So, call us today on 020 8168 8158 to make a reservation or make enquiries about our brilliant service.

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