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Our Medium Vans

When you’re faced with tasks that demand a little extra space and versatility, our medium van hire service is what you need. Medium vans are just the midpoint between a small and large van, offering sufficient space for cargo and passengers without compromising on manoeuvrability.

SDVH’s fleet of well-maintained MWB vans (medium wheelbase) is the perfect solution to your transportation needs. Whether you need to move apartments or transport equipment, these vehicles have you covered.

Our van collection includes various options for both business and personal use.

Ford Transit MWB

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH stands out as one of the top van rental companies in the UK. Our extensive fleet caters to personal and business van rental needs. On top of that, our vans undergo frequent maintenance checks to minimise the risk of breakdowns on the road. Reach out to join the numerous customers enjoying our flexible hire services at competitive prices. Our agents are ready to guide you through the rental process and cater to your special requests. 

Free Delivery & Collection

SDVH makes your life easier by providing free medium van pick-up and drop-off services. You don’t have to come down to our office to pick up your van. Just state your preferred location, and we’ll get it to you. You can also arrange the free collection by informing us about that when booking.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

Enjoy unrestricted travel with SDVH’s medium van hire. We offer unlimited mileage, so you can drive knowing that the rental fee remains the same regardless of the distance covered during your trip. This unlimited mileage policy applies to all medium vans except those used for courier services.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

SDVH’s medium van hire services are available in all parts of the UK mainland. Our extensive network of suppliers across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland allows us to cater to rental needs in all corners of the country. Of course, you get to drive hired vans freely across these regions.

European Cover Option

Activate SDVH’s European cover option and take trips beyond the UK in your medium van. Our travel coverage extends to Ireland, Spain, France, the Netherlands and other EU-listed countries. You can also speak to our agents for inquiries about travel to non-EU countries in Europe.

One Way Vehicle Rental

SDVH aims to offer the most flexible MWB van hire service in the UK. That’s why we offer a one-way rental option that saves you the stress of unnecessary travel. Instead of travelling back to the original rental location to return a medium van, you can drop it off at one of our depots close to your destination or have us collect it.

Insurance Is Included

Unfortunate situations aren’t always preventable, and we want to ensure that you’re not solely liable when they occur. That’s why our van hire service comes with comprehensive insurance. This insurance policy covers minor damages to the vehicle and everyone in it, giving you more confidence on the road.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

SDVH understands that many drivers are already covered under a company insurance policy. As they don’t need additional insurance, it’s not fair for these drivers to pay the same rental fee as those without insurance. Customers that fall into this category are entitled to a 10% discount on our van hire rates.

Wide Range Available

No matter what you intend to transport, SDVH has various medium van rental options to cater to your needs. Our diverse fleet makes it easy to provide your preferred vehicle. We even offer manual and automatic transmission vehicles for a more tailored experience, as well as many other van types.

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Enjoy seamless transportation with SDVH’s medium vans. Our fleet of well-maintained vans is available to cater to diverse personal and business needs. Whether you need to move small-sized cargo or larger items like furniture, we’ve got the perfect vehicle for the job. Call us today at 020 8168 8158 for bookings and enquiries about the availability of medium vans.

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Benefits Of Medium Van Hire

Here are three great benefits of medium van hire for business and personal use:


A medium van offers ample cargo space. Despite the compact design of this vehicle, you can use it to transport everything from goods and equipment to personal belongings. There’s also sufficient space in the van for passengers.

Cost Savings

Medium van hire can also help you save money. You’ll find that renting a MWB van when you need it is often more cost-effective than owning one, especially if you don’t use it frequently. Rent the van when you need it and leave the burden of maintenance, insurance and other ownership costs to the rental company.


Medium vans provide the right balance between small and large vans. You get a vehicle that is versatile enough to handle all sorts of jobs, from cargo movement for businesses to furniture transportation during house moves. At the same time, these vehicles are small enough to manoeuvre easily, and they provide incredible fuel economy.

Medium Van Hire In The UK

SDVH’s medium van hire service is available to both individuals and businesses looking to transport any cargo in the UK. Our fleet contains various models of well-maintained and reliable vans for an optimal driving experience.

Call us today at 020 8168 8158 to join the numerous customers enjoying our affordable medium van rental services. We work hard to cater to local rentals in every part of the UK mainland.

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