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Renowned Model In Automatic Variant

VW Transporter is an iconic van model that many have used throughout the years, both for personal and commercial purposes. But the convenience of this vehicle reaches a whole new level when you opt for the automatic van variant.

It combines a large cargo space, modern technology and hassle-free driving all at once. 

Its automatic transmission makes gear shifts smoother than the jazz melody!

VW Transporter Auto

Internal LWH: 2.24m x 1.70m x 1.38m
External LWH: 4.85m x 2.40m x 2.00m
Payload: 900-1200

MPG: 30-40
Volume Cubic (m): 6.00
Volume Cubic (ft): 300

Things That Make VW Transporter Automatic Stand Out

The VW Transporter automatic van is loved by many for its convenient features. Some of those include:

  • Modern interior – Its features extend far beyond the simple radio and CD player. It’s a technological heaven that boasts touchscreen displays, smartphone integration, navigation and overall high-quality materials.
  • Automatic handling – Its automatic transmission allows you to effortlessly dance through traffic without constantly juggling gears.
  • Load Space – These automatic vehicles are well-known for offering ample space. They often have split rear doors that make it easy for you to load your cargo. It offers various seating configurations as well.
  • Reliability – Passengers can go on holiday relaxed, knowing that this automatic van offers modern safety options like no other van. Adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist and advanced driver assistance are just a few among many of those that can be found in newer models.

Why Choose SDVH?

You’re in for a wild ride with SDVH, one of the top choices in the UK rental scene. We’ve got years of experience tucked under our seatbelts, and our fleet of vehicles is always on standby to give you the holiday of a lifetime, no matter the location in the UK. And most importantly, if you opt for rent at SDVH you won’t go bankrupt, as all our options are very affordable.

SDVH wants to make your VW Transporter hire as convenient as possible. When you book your transporter shuttle with us, you’ll avoid visiting a rental station because we’ll deliver your vehicle to you. And all that without hidden extras, the perk is free. We’ll also collect it if you request that while booking.

Our rent-a-car service offers a perk that will enchant daring adventurers. You can embark on a journey without a mileage metre holding you back. It would be just you, your Volkswagen Transporter and unlimited freedom. This fantastic privilege is reserved for all our van rental deals except for courier services.

Our Volkswagen Transporter van rental is your ticket to solving transportation problems. No matter where in this island nation, we’ll provide you with the highest quality vehicles combined with affordable pricing. SDVH takes great pride in its vast network of suppliers that stretches all across the UK.

SDVH isn’t just about local UK trips; we aim to help you explore the charms of the EU too. With this perk, you can spice up your van rental experience with some stunning views this continent has to offer. This privilege does come with a small fee. Just remember to clue us in on your plans.

Why should the return to the rental station be the roadblock to your travel plans? When the rental period finishes, you don’t need to stress about returning it to the same spot, you can drop it at the nearest depot. There is a fee for this perk. One of the free optional extras is for us to pick it up at your final destination.

No matter how good of a driver you are and how reliable of a Volkswagen Transporter you rented, accidents can happen. With every vehicle hire, you’ll automatically be protected with our insurance coverage. It will guard you against minor damages. For more coverage, you can pay for a CDW.

We understand that some of you already enjoy insurance coverage, so you won’t need the insurance we offer on every rent. SDVH wants to be fair, and it won’t force you to pay for something you don’t essentially need. Instead, we have a special treat for you – a 10% discount on your total rental cost.

Our fleet of vehicles extends far beyond a simple transporter shuttle van hire. We offer people carriers, vans, cars, minibuses and trucks of all kinds. Whether you’re on a job mission or simply travelling for fun, SDVH can find you a vehicle that matches your needs and makes your heart race.

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About The VW Transporter Automatic

This medium van has come a long way as a vehicle. It has been grooving through history for over 70 years, and it’s currently rocking its sixth generation! The generations of this vehicle are labelled sequentially, starting with T1 and continuing to T6. The first generation that offered a van with an automatic gearbox was the T4 generation.

Versatile Potential of the VW Transporter

This automatic van can be used for:

  • House Moving: It’s an ideal choice for transporting furniture, boxes and other belongings.
  • Travelling: It has enough space to fit both your family members and your luggage.
  • Business endeavours: You can use it to transport your equipment, or if you’re creative, you can turn it into a mobile coffee shop.
  • Courier services: Its reliability makes it a perfect choice for this kind of thing. If you’re in the market for a vehicle for this purpose, you can check out our courier van hire deals.

The Mercedes Sprinter is another automatic van that we offer, it’s a high-quality van worth considering. And if you’re in the mood for further testing waters with different brands that offer medium vans, you could check out the gem of our fleet, the Ford Transit of medium length.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of seats a VW Transporter will have depends on a specific model. These automatic vehicles come with anywhere from 3 to 9 seats. The seats are highly flexible and can be folded in case you need more cargo space. Its multi-practicality is one more reason people decide to hire it.

A VW Transporter’s weight number can vary from model to model. The main factors that determine it are the specific model, trim level, load capacity and features added to the vehicle. On average, the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of this automatic van is somewhere between 2200 kg and 3200 kg.

How long a VW Transporter will be is decided on various factors. The specific van model and version will play a significant role in deciding its length. You’ll find these versatile vans anywhere between 4.8 and 5.3 metres long. It’s just enough to be a suitable candidate for both travel adventures and business ventures.

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