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Our SUVs

The term ‘SUV’ (Sports Utility Vehicle) refers to cars that combine elements of regular hatchbacks and estates with the features of an off-road vehicle. These cars are built to handle unbeaten paths with the same flair as motorways and regular city streets.

Because of that, SUVs must be in top-notch condition to tackle any task. Our SUVs offer immense power, flexibility, high clearance and driving position, large seating capacity and plenty of storage room.

SDVH has a large SUV fleet, including models like the Toyota Rav4 and Range Rover 4×4, available for immediate hire at affordable rates. Our diverse options cater to various budgets and size requirements across the UK. Whether you are going on a weekend family trip, a prestigious business event or an off-road adventure – we’ve got you covered.

Toyota RAV4

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Range Rover

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Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH holds a reputation as one of the most reliable rental companies in the UK. You can count on us when you need to hire a suitable SUV for any kind of occasion. Our diverse fleet contains a varied range of vehicles, including luxurious and premium SUV models. Simply reach out to us and state your preferred location to book a car.

Free Delivery & Collection

At SDVH, we aim to offer our customers maximum convenience with every rental. That’s why our SUV car hire service comes with free delivery and collection. Just state your preferred location when booking, and we’ll deliver the car to you. When your rental time elapses, we will pick it up.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

You can travel as you please in your rental car, as every SUV hired from SDVH comes with unlimited mileage. This policy ensures that car hire prices remain the same regardless of the distance covered. Our unlimited mileage benefit applies to all cars except the ones you use for courier services.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

SDVH’s SUV rentals are available to customers in all parts of the UK, ranging from England and Wales to Scotland and Northern Ireland. We have an extensive network of suppliers across the country that allows us to deliver your preferred hire car to you in any part of the UK mainland.

European Cover Option

SDVH’s hire service features a European cover option that allows you to drive our rental vehicles out of the UK. You can visit EU-listed countries, such as France and Spain, and even non-EU countries. Be sure to inform our team of your plans to travel outside the country as this service comes at charge.

One Way Vehicle Rental

SDVH offers a flexible one-way rental option great for long road trips. Instead of driving back to the original depot to return the hired SUV, drop it off at other SUV rental locations close to your final destination. Inform our agents when booking to take advantage of this additional service.

Insurance Is Included

SDVH puts your safety first by including a comprehensive insurance package in every SUV car hire deal. The insurance policy covers minor damages to the vehicle and every passenger in it, making sure that you’re not solely liable if an accident on the road occurs.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

Even though we provide insurance coverage for every rental, we understand that not everyone needs it. Some drivers are covered by company insurance, and they should not be charged the same rate as uninsured drivers. Therefore, these customers are entitled to a 10% discount.

Wide Range Available

SDVH offers a wide selection of vehicle classes to suit various rental needs. Our fleet contains both premium SUVs and other affordable SUV options, such as the Toyota Rav4 and Range Rover 4×4. Whether you’re going on a business trip or a holiday, you’re sure to find a suitable SUV here.

Book Your SUV Rental Today!

Reach out to SDVH today to explore our range of premium vehicles. Whether you need a spacious SUV with many car seats or a big and powerful sports car model for off-road terrain, we’ve got you covered. Call us at 020 8168 8158 to make inquiries about our fleet or to book SUV hire today. We also offer deliveries to major airports and other UK locations.

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Benefits Of SUV Hire

Here are four reasons why hiring an SUV for your journey or off-road adventure makes so much sense:


SUVs offer unrivalled levels of practicality. They have high-ground clearance, which makes them suitable for rough roads and challenging weather conditions. Whether you’re going camping, exploring off-road trails or travelling to a remote location, you can count on an SUV to provide a seamless driving experience compared to smaller sedans, hatchbacks and alike.


The elevated driving position of an SUV ensures maximum visibility, reducing your risk of running into other vehicles and objects on the road. Even in cases where an accident occurs, the large and sturdier build of the SUV offers more protection to the passengers and driver.

Also, many modern SUVs like the Jaguar F Pace, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar and other vehicles from the Land Rover Stable have additional safety features. For example, there are collision avoidance systems to help prevent accidents and multiple airbags to prevent injuries during impact.


SUVs aren’t just built with panache; they’re also very robust. This durability allows them to perform in situations where other cars may struggle, such as in mud or snow. Also, it provides you with some level of confidence when driving, especially if you’re not a very experienced driver.


The significant interior space is one of the most prominent advantages of an SUV. SUVs generally offer plenty of legroom and headroom to ensure comfort during your journey. Large models like the Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport have plenty of room for cargo, allowing you to transport more luggage.

Most SUVs are designed to seat five passengers, but some models have an additional row of seating for two more passengers. The extra seats make them great choices for group travel.

Elevate Your Journey With SDVH’s SUV Rental

Hire a progressive SUV model from SDVH and enjoy the best of the open road. We have a fleet that contains some of the most desirable cars for hire at affordable rates. Our collection includes fuel-efficient SUV models with powerful engines that allow them to cruise over the roughest roads.

Call our rental counter today at 020 8168 8168 to book your dream car or make inquiries about our SUV and 4×4 hire options. Whether you need a luxurious SUV or a more budget-friendly option with amazing features like adaptive control and a climate control system, we’re here to deliver.

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