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Our Small Cars

Are you a solo traveller or a couple looking to hire a compact, easy-to-drive and budget-friendly vehicle? If so, a small car is ideal for you.

A small car is a great way to explore cities, especially the city centre, without the stress of public transport as it allows you to navigate congested roads and tight parking spaces with ease. Even for long-distance travelling or family trips, a small car can be a great economical choice.

At SDVH, we have multiple small cars for hire, all reliable and secure, with low fuel consumption and surprisingly generous cargo space! If you make your booking with us, you’ll be pleased to discover our reasonable car hire prices and flexible rental options for all customers. We also have many branches throughout the country where you can collect your vehicle.

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Fiat 500

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VW Golf

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Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is your trusted and reliable car rental company, and we cater to the diverse needs of many customers. We understand how important your safety and comfort are, so we aim to ensure that you get a hassle-free experience with any small car you hire from us. Whether you’re an individual looking for a safe ride for your daily adventures or a business owner in search of efficient transportation solutions, SDVH is here to meet your needs.

Free Delivery & Collection

You only need to inform our agents, and the desired small car will be at your disposal wherever you like. 

Don’t want to bother with driving it back to us?We’ve got you on that one as well – ready to collect!

Unlimited Rental Mileage

We understand that a mileage limit restricts you, and constantly reminding yourself about it harms your driving experience. Therefore, we are happy as you are to give you totally unlimited mileage so that you can enjoy full freedom of movement.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

Our services and all these benefits are available across the whole UK mainland. Whether you want a small car for effective city driving or a convenient and economical road trip, our branched network will help you with that in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

European Cover Option

Explore Europe with our extensive travel coverage and visit France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and other EU-listed countries. You are not bounded by the EU borders as well. Inform our team in advance and travel outside the EU with a reasonable additional fee.

One Way Vehicle Rental

The least fun part of a trip is returning a hired compact car to the base. You are under no obligation to do that with SDVH. Leave your car at a nearby depot, or have our collection team pick it up at your final destination for a fee by informing our team when booking.

Insurance Is Included

All our small cars come with comprehensive insurance that covers both minor damages to the rental car and everyone travelling in it. Unfortunate occasions like these are thankfully very rare, but our top priority is to help you and ease the stress if something happens on the road.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

Not everyone needs rental car insurance coverage, and it’s not fair to charge the same to people that already have car insurance.

If you are one of those, we will give you a 10% discount on every small car rental.

Wide Range Available

Compact vehicles are undoubtedly best for some trips. For others, maybe you need a bigger car, all the perks of a luxury car or even a transport like a minibus, van and truck. SDVH can provide you with every vehicle type and various models around the whole country.

Book Your Small Car Rental Today!

SDVH ensures that you have a reliable set of wheels for your journey. Your comfort and safety are our priorities, so we go the extra mile to keep our cars in pristine condition for you. We also offer a wide selection of rental options to cater to your needs. Reach out to our friendly rental desk at 020 8168 8158. Our team is waiting to answer your inquiries and help you schedule a perfect pick-up date.

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Benefits Of Small Car Hire

Hiring a small car for your next trip has a range of benefits, but here are three key reasons:

Cost Effectiveness

One of the major perks of hiring a small car is cost efficiency. Overall, small vehicles have a lower hire price than a larger vehicle while still offering all the essential features you’ll need on your journey. For this, people also call it budget car hire.

Mini cars are also fuel efficient, allowing you to save money on petrol while reducing your carbon footprint. This provides customers with the freedom to explore and move from location to location on a budget. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many small cars fall into a category called economy cars. The name explains everything.

Easy To Manoeuvre

Due to their smaller size, mini cars are a lot easier to manoeuvre. Since they can fit into tight parking spots, you’re more likely to find somewhere to park, which you’ll be extremely grateful for in busy cities! They also have an advantage in navigating through narrow roads and alleyways.

In addition, thanks to their small turning radius, it is easier for small cars to make U-turns and 3-point turns. This easy manoeuvrability also makes them a great option for drivers not used to driving large vehicles or anyone uncomfortable driving in tight spaces.


Smaller cars are adaptable enough to meet a variety of needs, making them ideal for solo trips, journeys with a partner or budget holidays with a few friends. They are life saviours in heavy traffic, narrow roads, a bigger town and crowded areas but provide a good service on open roadways and in nature as well.

Our range of mini car options at SDVH is also versatile in terms of booking options. They are available for rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, making them suitable for short and long-term rental needs.

Small Car Hire In The UK

SDVH provides small car hire services throughout the United Kingdom. Contact us today to hire a car and enjoy free delivery to the city centre, airports or any other location you prefer.

To hire a small car, you must be over the minimum age of 23 and hold a valid driving licence. You also need a credit or debit card to pay the rental fee and reserve the vehicle. Call us today on 020 8168 8158 for bookings or further inquiries.

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