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Our 6-Seater Vans

Moving groups of people across long distances can sometimes prove challenging, and this is where a 6-seater van comes in handy. 

SDVH’s 6-seater crew van has seating for one driver and five passengers, so you have enough space for a family or a crew of workers. It doesn’t end there; these people carriers also have sufficient luggage space for cargo that you may need during your trip.

SDVH’s 6-seater crew vans are available for immediate hire in any part of the country. Our fleet contains diverse vehicles for commercial and leisure trips. We believe that our customers deserve more than just any kind of transport vehicle, so we offer the best 6-passenger hire services at affordable prices.

LWB 6-Seater Crew Van

LWB 6-Seater Crew Van

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

Having been in the self-drive van rental industry for years, SDVH understands the majority of problems that plague vehicle hirers. Therefore, we’ve tailored our services to meet these needs. You’re guaranteed a quality driving experience as our vehicles are well-maintained and serviced regularly to keep them in perfect condition. We also have the most friendly agents ready to guide you through the hiring process so that you can secure the most suitable car for your needs.

Free Delivery & Collection

Relying on SDVH for van and minibus hire means that you don’t have to visit the rental station unless you want to. You can take advantage of our free delivery and have our agents drop the vehicle to any location in the UK. We’ll also go the extra mile to collect the van on the return date at no extra charge.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

SDVH’s philosophy is centred around offering unrestricted travel opportunities. We believe that our clients deserve to travel as they please, which is why every 6-seater crew van you hire from us comes with unlimited mileage, allowing you to embark on long trips without incurring additional fees.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

No matter your location in the UK, you’re welcome to enjoy our amazing rental services. Our six-seater van rental service is available to customers in every part of the UK mainland, ranging from England and Scotland to Wales and Northern Ireland. Feel free to take our rental vehicles on trips around these areas.

European Cover Option

When business or leisure takes you beyond the borders of the country, you can rely on SDVH for seamless transportation. Our 6-seater crew van hire services extend to EU-listed countries such as Ireland, France, Spain and even non-EU countries. Inform us of your plans to travel outside the UK as this includes an extra charge.

One Way Vehicle Rental

As part of SDVH’s commitment to stress-free rental, we offer one-way 6-seater van rental services, allowing you to return the hired vehicle to another location or have us collect it. Instead of driving down to the original rental station to drop off the hired crew van, avial of this service for a reasonable fee.

Insurance Is Included

Your safety is always our number one priority at SDVH. That’s why every vehicle you hire from us comes with comprehensive insurance coverage. This insurance policy covers minor damages to the van and the people in it. Don’t worry about paying for this insurance excess, as it comes with the hire cost.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

We understand that many of our customers are already covered under a company insurance policy or other type of insurance. If you fall into this category, you’re eligible for a 10% discount on the vehicle rental cost. All you have to do is inform our agents when booking to take advantage of this discount.

Wide Range Available

Your crew van hire options are unlimited with SDVH. We have an extensive and diverse fleet, which allows us to offer a variety of vehicles for hire. So rest assured that we have the perfect crew van or any other vehicle for you. Our rental vehicles are also available for business and leisure rental, so no one’s left out.

Book Your 5-Seater Van Rental Today!

You can count on SDVH when you need 6-seater crew van rental services in the UK. With very competitive rates and the diverse range of vehicles in our fleet, it’s easy to see why we keep our customers coming back.

Our vehicles are well-maintained to help prevent hiccups during travel, and we are here for all your needs and wishes. Call us today at 020 8168 8158 with your full licence and debit card to secure a rental agreement.

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Benefits Of 6-Seater Van Hire

Here are some benefits of a six-seater van rental:

Great For Group Travel

A 6-seater van provides plenty of space for group travel. This vehicle has seating for one driver and five passengers, allowing everyone to travel together comfortably. It’s ideal for families and friends going on road trips, and you can also use it as a commercial vehicle for business trips.

Cargo Space

Six-seaters aren’t just built to carry people. These vehicles are equally capable of transporting cargo with ease. They have sufficient luggage space, so there’s enough room for you to carry everything that you might need during your trip. Their cargo room also makes these vehicles great choices for commercial tasks that require you to carry bulky tools and equipment around.

Cost Effectiveness

Group transport van rental is generally more cost-effective than hiring multiple smaller vehicles for your trip. Six-seaters have enough space for multiple passengers and all the luggage they need to bring along. This allows you to save on fuel costs, parking fees and even the cost of hiring additional drivers.

Hire The Most Reliable 6-Seater Van In The UK

Hire a self-drive 6-seater van from SDVH for business and leisure travel. As one of the leading rental companies in the UK, we’re committed to offering the best 6-seater van rental deals while ensuring a seamless hiring process.

Call us today at 020 8168 8158 for short and long-term six-seater van rental. All you need to complete the booking process is a driving licence, a payment card and an ID. Also, make sure that all additional drivers are present on the delivery day for registration.

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