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Our 5-Seater Vans

Are you looking for a vehicle to transport a small group over a long distance? You can’t find many better options than a 5-seater van. 

SDVH’s 5-seater vans are equipped with spacious seats for five people, ensuring a comfortable ride for everyone. These vehicles are great for family vacations, business trips and everything in between.

SDVH’s fine collection of 5-seater vans includes various super vehicles such as the VW crew minibus and Toyota Hilux double cab. Whether it’s a long or short trip, you’re guaranteed to enjoy maximum comfort. 

These 5-seater vehicles come with air conditioning and other easement features, so you can relax and relish the journey. The best part is that you don’t need more than a standard driving licence for these spacious vans.

VW SWB 5 Seat Crew Van

or similar

Toyota Hilux

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

You need a rental company that’s committed to offering you reliable services at very competitive rates. That’s what we do here at SDVH. Our company holds a reputation as one of the United Kingdom’s most trusted rental services for small passenger van rent. We offer various van options to choose from, and every one of our vehicles is well-maintained to ensure a quality driving experience.

Free Delivery & Collection

Save yourself the stress of a visit to the rental station by hiring from SDVH. We offer a free delivery and collection service, where we drop the van off and collect it at no extra cost. All you have to do is specify your preferred delivery location when booking, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

Enjoy unlimited freedom with SDVH’s 5-passenger van rental. We believe that our clients should have the freedom to travel as far as they want during their rental period. That’s why we offer unlimited mileage for daily van rental. This ensures that you’re not charged extra for covering long distances.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

SDVH’s premium rental services are available to people in every corner of the UK. Whether you’re in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you can reach out to our readily available team to book a vehicle. You’re also free to drive any hired vehicle freely around this region.

European Cover Option

Your travels aren’t restricted to only the UK when you hire from SDVH. You can choose our coverage option that extends to EU-listed countries such as Ireland, France and many others. We understand that business and other factors can take you beyond the country’s borders, and we’re here to help you with that!

One Way Vehicle Rental

Your convenience is our utmost priority at SDVH. That’s why we offer a one-way van rental option. We understand that you can’t always drive back to the original rental location, so you’re welcome to drop the van off at another depot or have us collect it. Inform our agents when booking as this option comes at a charge.

Insurance Is Included

SDVH prioritises the safety of customers, which is why every rental includes comprehensive insurance coverage. This insurance policy ensures that you are not fully liable for damages to the vehicle and everyone in it. The insurance is pre-added to the rental cost, so you don’t have to pay separately.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

We understand that some of our customers are covered under a company insurance policy. It’s not right for these customers to pay the same rental price as those without any insurance, so if you fall into this category, SDVH offers a 10% discount on every 5-seater passenger van rental.

Wide Range Available

Our rental fleet is very diverse, so there is a range of options to choose from when hiring a 5-seater van. Whether you’re looking for a comfy crew van or a powerful double-cab pickup truck, we’ve got you covered. Our rental services are also available to both businesses and individuals across the country.

Book Your 5-Seater Van Rental Today!

Rent 5-seater vans from SDVH at competitive rates and enjoy the best services. Having been in the vehicle rental industry for years, we understand the pain points of many customers, and we’ve tailored our services to ensure satisfaction. We have a range of options to suit various demands, and our vehicles are well-maintained to ensure a hitch-free ride. Contact us today at 020 8168 8158 to complete your booking and for other enquiries.

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Benefits Of 5-Seater Van Hire

A 5-seater van is a great hire for many reasons, but here are a few:


Five-seater vans offer the perfect balance between passenger and cargo capacity. They don’t just have seating space. There’s plenty of room to carry luggage and other items that you may want to take along on your trip. Considering this factor, they’re ideal for anything from family travel and road trips with a small group of friends to corporate events.

Comfort And Amenities

With a 5-seater van, you’re not just getting any transport vehicle, but one that ensures maximum comfort. These vehicles offer a range of comfort features aimed at making your trip enjoyable. For one, there’s so much space in the van that the seats are spread out to give everyone enough room.

Additionally, you get amenities like air conditioning and entertainment systems. Some van models even have charging ports and heated mirrors to enhance your overall travel experience.

Cost Savings

Hiring a five-seater is more cost-effective than renting multiple vehicles for a trip. Instead of travelling separately and spending individually on vehicle rental and fuel, you can split the cost of a 5-seater van. What makes these vehicles so special is that they have enough cargo room for all the passengers’ luggage without compromising on comfort. However, we also offer 6-seater passenger vans for rental if 5 seats are not enough.

Hire The Most Reliable 5-Seater Van In The UK

Whether you’re attending a corporate event or need to transport a group of people from one location to another, you can rent a 5-seater van from SDVH for convenience. Our fleet contains various vehicles that are well-serviced to ensure a seamless journey.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction, and we have a team of expert agents willing to guide you through the rental process and help you get value for money. Contact our professional helpdesk today at 020 8168 8158 to join the numerous clients enjoying our affordable 5-seater van hire service.

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