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Bring along the whole crew for the trip of a lifetime with SDVH’s 9-seater car hire.

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Our 9-Seater Cars

Are you going on a road trip with your buddies? Heading for a team-building weekend with colleagues? Planning an extended family holiday? In all these cases, 9-seater car hire is your best option.

Also known as people carriers, minibus vans and multi-purpose vehicles, 9-seater cars are a great option for group travel. Not only can they carry several passengers, but they have lots of space for luggage as well.

A 9-seater car such as the Ford Tourneo Custom is the way to go when travelling in large groups or families. It’s so much easier to keep plans on track, and hiring one car usually turns out cheaper than bus tickets for several people! Plus, there’s no beating the bonding experience of a big group road trip.

Our 9-seater car hire options feature three rows of car seats and sliding doors that access the second and third rows. And if you need to transport extra luggage, the back seats can fold down to make even more space!

Volkswagen Shuttle - Manual

Volkswagen Shuttle - Manual

or similar

Volkswagen Shuttle - Automatic

Volkswagen Shuttle - Automatic

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is a trusted car rental company with access to a large fleet of reliable and rigorously maintained vehicles. We cater to thousands of customers each month, from families on holiday to companies who need to transport their employees to individuals moving across the country. So no matter what your car hire needs are, you’ve come to the right place!

At SDVH, we guarantee low prices on up-to-date vehicles, options with all the mod cons like cruise control and parking sensors and a hassle-free booking process. See below for more benefits to expect if you hire with us.

Free Delivery & Collection

Travelling with large groups is stressful enough without having to organise someone to go to the depot to fetch your hire car. We’ll take that task off your plate by delivering your 9-seater car right to your doorstep, free of charge! Collection at the end of your journey is also free.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

Many rental companies include a mileage cap or charge extra after a certain distance. No need to worry about that with us! We want you to have complete freedom of movement, so we charge the same daily rate whether you’re driving 5 miles or 500.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

Not sure whether we operate in your region? You can rest easy on that front too. Thanks to our extensive supplier network, our services are accessible throughout the whole UK. There are definitely several 9-seater car hire options near you!

European Cover Option

Travelling Europe by car gives you access to so much more of the continent than if you’re relying on public transport. Use our European coverage option for a small fee and freely explore locations in Germany, Spain and all the other EU-listed countries to discover their hidden delights!

One Way Vehicle Rental

Having to return your hire car to the same place you began really constrains your travel plans. But with SDVH, your pick-up and drop-off locations can be far apart with a reasonable fee! Plus, free vehicle delivery and collection are still available no matter where in the country you end up.

Insurance Is Included

Ensuring everyone’s safety is a top priority,  especially when you’re travelling with many passengers. That’s why each 9-seater car you hire from us comes with basic coverage included in the hire cost. No need to pay extra for peace of mind!

Company Own Insurance - 10%

Many businesses or people who choose 9-seater car hire to transport groups are already covered by an insurance policy. It’s not fair to make you pay twice, so if you aren’t in need of coverage, you’ll get 10% off any vehicle you rent, 9-seater or otherwise!

Wide Range Available

We partner with a wide network of suppliers throughout the UK, so we always have an extensive range of top-quality vehicles available to rent. Whether you’re looking for a nine-seater people carrier, a budget car or a luxury sedan, we’ve got a plethora of options.

Book Your 9-Seater Car Rental Today!

When you rent with SDVH, we guarantee a trusty steed to take you wherever you need to go. Each vehicle is scrupulously maintained to keep it in the best possible condition. Your 9-seater car will also come at a reasonable price, including a breakdown cover in the unexpected event of car failure.

Contact us today at 020 8168 8158, and one of our customer service representatives will take you through the rental process. You’ll need a valid driving license and a debit or credit card to reserve your 9-seater minibus.

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Benefits Of 9-Seater Car Hire

Choosing 9-seater car hire is always a better choice than hiring multiple vehicles, and it can be the best option for smaller groups too.

Ultimate Transportation Efficiency

Travelling with a group can be stressful. You have to keep track of everyone, ensure they’re all in the right place, and sometimes deal with conflicting priorities. If you add being in multiple cars or on a crowded train, that’s a lot of unnecessary hassle!

Keeping everyone together in a 9-seater people carrier makes for the ultimate transportation efficiency. There’s no losing part of the group because they went the wrong way, phoning the other car to make plans or missing buses. Plus, you only need one parking space! Just make sure everyone is in their seats before you set off.

If you’ve changed your mind and don’t need a car with 9 seats, our 7-seater car hire fleet must have something for you.

Space & Comfort

Because of its shape, a 9-seater car gives each passenger more room even when all the seats are filled. They’re the most comfortable option by far and also provide the most space for luggage. Even if you aren’t a large group, a 9-seater can make a long route much more pleasant thanks to their ample space and comfortable seats. They’re also a great option if you need to transport lots of luggage or boxes for a low-cost move!

Want even more space? Take advantage of our 12-seater minibus hire.

Social Benefit: Group Bonding

Driving between locations can take up a large proportion of your trip, and if you’re travelling in separate cars, you’re missing out on valuable bonding time. Having everyone together to sing songs, play games or simply chat turns the car ride from a bore into a fun and memorable part of the journey!


Choosing a 9-seater people carrier to transport a large group is also the more eco-friendly option. This is simply because one vehicle emits a lot less greenhouse gases than two or three! Driving with everyone in one car also means you’ll use less petrol, so you’ll be doing the planet a favour and saving money too.

Travel Around The UK With SDVH’s 9-Seater Cars

With a 9-seater car hire from SDVH, you can explore the best locations in the UK without leaving anyone behind. Our fleet of well-maintained cars is ready for you to select your ideal rental vehicle. 

When you’ve chosen a 9-seater to rent, contact our customer service desk to hire it. It’s that simple – all you need is a credit or debit card and a valid licence! Call us now on 020 8168 8158 for 9-seater minibus bookings or general inquiries.

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