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Our Trucks

Are you looking to hire a truck anywhere in the UK? Look no further than SDVH. We provide top-class rental trucks for both personal and commercial use, giving businesses of all sizes an opportunity to scale up their operations quickly and easily. With our range of heavy-duty vehicles, we can help make sure your next project goes without a hitch – start today with SDVH. However, hiring commercial vehicles requires a valid operator’s licence.

At SDVH, we understand that the needs of our customers are different. That’s why we cater to your specific situation by offering a wide selection of vehicles for rental – from 3.5 tonne trucks up to 44-ton units! We’re dedicated to helping you find just the right size truck or van for your project so you can get it done without fuss and hassle. Call us now to enjoy our amazing service and book your preferred vehicle.

Ford Luton 3.5 Ton Tail Box Lift Truck

or similar

7.5 Tonne Sleeper Tail Lift Truck

7.5 Tonne Sleeper Tail Lift Truck

or similar

18 Tonne Box Truck

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH takes pride in being able to provide the right vehicle for each customer. Our fleet includes specialist vehicles tailored to your needs, and we offer both short and long-term hire agreements. We guarantee fair hire prices on all our vehicles, making them affordable for both businesses and individuals.

You can be confident that every truck you rent from SDVH is in excellent condition. We make certain that all our commercial vehicles are well-maintained and regularly updated. To ensure your convenience, all of our rental trucks are equipped with a full tank of fuel, allowing you to get on the road right away.

Free Delivery & Collection

SDVH prioritises customer convenience, which is why we offer free delivery service to every customer that requires it. We understand that you may be busy and sometimes unavailable to pick up the vehicle after a rental. We’ll save you the stress of coming to our depot to pick up your hire truck by delivering it to your house or place of business.

After your hire time elapses, you can also contact us to pick up the truck. Our delivery and collection service comes at no extra cost. You only have to pay the standard hire fee for the vehicle. To take advantage of our free delivery and collection services, tell our agents that you want it delivered when you book the truck.

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Unlimited Rental Mileage

Are you moving house or travelling across the country? In such cases, you want to avoid paying for your truck hire per mile if you don’t want the charges to add up fast. Enjoy the freedom of movement with SDVH. After paying the initial hire fee for the vehicle, you don’t have to worry about incurring extra charges during long trips. 

Our unlimited mileage policy applies to all rental vehicles, except those for courier services. This corresponds to our fair use policy of a maximum of 3000 miles per month or pro-rata. If you have any additional queries about unlimited mileage when you want to rent a truck, you can ask our representatives.

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Entire United Kingdom Coverage

SDVH’s truck hire service extends to all parts of the United Kingdom mainland. We facilitate movements by providing a wide range of trucks for hire throughout the UK. Our large network of suppliers allows us to tend to the vehicle hire needs of customers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our truck rental services are available to individuals who need to travel across the country or transport heavy items, as well as businesses that require a truck and tail lift to transport heavy machinery. What’s more, our free delivery perks extend to all areas of the UK mainland. Call us today to enjoy our professional service, no matter where you are.

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European Cover Option

Travels from the UK to other countries in Europe have become a frequent occurrence for many business owners. SDVH understands that you may need to drive hired vehicles into some European mainland countries, so we have made room for such travels. Customers can hire commercial trucks for personal use and drive them into all European Union countries.

Our European truck hire option extends to travels into Spain, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, France and other EU-listed states. The EU travel package is reasonably priced and comes with an unlimited mileage perk. When booking a vehicle from our fleet, ensure that you inform our agent of your plans to travel to Europe, and we expect you to bring the truck back into the UK when you complete your job.

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One Way Vehicle Rental

Not all journeys are round trips. Perhaps you need to pick up an item at the airport and drop it off in another area or you’re simply moving house. In such situations, driving the truck back to the original rental station will result in hiring it for longer than you need.

SDVH offers a one-way rental service, allowing you to return the truck to our rental stations close to your endpoint. This service is only available for truck hire within the UK mainland, and it comes at a fair cost.

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Insurance Is Included

No matter how cautious you are, being on the road puts you at risk of an accident. We have comprehensive insurance coverage in place for every truck hire, which ensures that you are not solely responsible for vehicle damage when accidents occur. This insurance policy covers minor damages to the truck and the people in it.

You will not be charged additional fees for truck insurance because we have already included it in the hire price. However, you can upgrade your truck coverage with a Collision Damage Waiver – ensuring you’re not held liable for even the slightest of bumps and scratches. With this additional protection, minor damages won’t break the bank – giving you peace-of-mind when driving on or off-road!

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Company Own Insurance - 10%

SDVH has basic insurance coverage to cover minor damages to the truck and its occupants. However, we understand that not everyone needs it. Some business firms already have insurance policies to cover their drivers, and such drivers do not need our insurance coverage.

During a truck rental, such customers won’t have to pay the same as others. We offer a 10% discount on every truck hire to everyone with vehicle insurance coverage. Therefore, you can hire our vehicle at a more affordable price and enjoy the same perks.

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Wide Range Available

SDVH uses a large network of truck suppliers throughout the UK, allowing us to provide a diverse range of vehicles. Our extensive fleet of heavy-duty vehicles has you covered for all your load requirements. Whether it’s a tipperbox truckdropside truck or curtain side and sleeper trucks – each is outfitted with helpful tail lifts to make the process easier when hauling goods.

Unsure of what truck you need for your job? Don’t worry! Our agents will help guide you to identify the best fit and have it ready in no time. We are determined to make sure that each customer is 100% satisfied with their experience. So, feel free to reach out – we’ll do our utmost find a flexible solution tailored just for you!

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Book Your Truck Rental Today!

At SDVH, we believe in providing trusted and reliable service with a large vehicle fleet to meet the demands of businesses and individuals across the United Kingdom. We offer standard trucks for daily hire as well heavy-duty models if you need extra power on those longer journeys! No matter if it’s a 7.5-tonne lorry, an 18-tonne lorry, or any other — we are here for your needs.

Our team is dedicated to making sure every customer receives exceptional quality – no matter your needs or requirements. Call us today on 020 8168 8158 to hire a vehicle, and we’ll do our best to match your requirements.

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