7.5-Tonne Curtain-Side Lorry Hire

Streamline your cargo transport process with our 7.5-tonne curtain-side lorry, combining capacity and flexibility.

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Reliability Behind The Curtains

The curtain-side truck is a rockstar in the transportation world. 

With its design, which is both unique and practical, you can access the cargo space with ease and transport loads seamlessly. Just unbuckle a part of the curtain from whichever side you want, and access the load.

There’s a tail lift option to facilitate loading and unloading, making your job even easier.

Keep in mind you need at least C1 entitlement to operate a 7.5t lorry.

*These measurements are general guidance, as models may vary in size.

7.5t Curtain-Sider (Tail Lift on request)

Internal LWH: 6m x 2.35m x 2.25m
External LWH: 8.05m x 2.50m x 3.45m
Payload: 2900
Tail lift
: On Request

MPG: 15-20
Volume Cubic (m): 31
Volume Cubic (ft)
: 1100

Things That Make 7.5-Tonne Curtain Side Lorry Stand Out

There are many great reasons why so many businesses opt for the curtain-side lorry with a tail lift.

  • Curtain-side design – This unique feature makes the truck more accessible. You can easily move the curtains on the side of this truck for quick and easy access to cargo.
  • Size and payload capacity – The vehicle is large enough to carry a significant load, yet it remains compact enough to navigate city roads without problems.
  • Versatility – Due to the curtain sides and large cargo capacity, this vehicle can be used to transport a wide range of goods by companies across various industries.

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH’s hire service is all about top-notch quality and reliability. We have a lot of experience and pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation. Our fleet contains a wide range of vehicles, so you’re guaranteed to secure a reliable one that can take you wherever you need it to. Clients have the option of both short and long-term rentals. What’s more, our services are tailored to personal and commercial needs.

If you thought that your private hire of curtain-side trucks couldn’t get more comfortable, wait till you hear that you don’t even need to visit our rental station. We offer free delivery after booking to get the vehicle right to your doorstep. Our team can also pick up the hired truck at the end of the rental period.

If your business requires you to move heavy goods across long distances, the last thing you need is some pesky limitations preventing you from doing your job right. That’s why our vehicles come with unlimited mileage. You’re free to roam around as much as you please, with additional charges for covering long distances.

We strive to make booking a vehicle across the UK territory accessible to everyone. And our wide-reaching network of suppliers has helped us achieve that very goal. You can enjoy the benefits of curtain-side trucks anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Just reach out to secure a vehicle from one of our nearby depots.

For those looking to travel beyond the UK mainland, we have good news. For a small fee, you can activate our European cover option to hire our vehicles for journeys that extend beyond the UK borders. This service applies to Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and a host of other EU-listed nations.

When you rent a truck to transport goods, doubling back to your starting point just to return the vehicle can be stressful. Luckily, SDVH offers you a one-way vehicle hire option for a small fee, which allows you to drop off vehicles closer to your location. You also have the option of having us collect your vehicle at your final destination.

Every driver strives to stay accident-free. However, we all know that life can be unpredictable, and it’s always better to have a safety net, just in case. That’s where SDVH jumps in. We include basic insurance coverage in the hire cost so you can drive with confidence, knowing you’re protected. You can also opt for a CDW.

If you want to hire our truck but happen to already be insured with your company, we have a special treat for you. SDVH wants you to save your hard-earned money, and we won’t make you pay for something you already have. You can snag a sweet 10% discount on the hire price when you hire the curtain-side lorry with a tail lift.

Our fleet is loaded with vehicles of the highest quality, all ready to be delivered to you after booking. We can supply you with a wide range of cars, vans, minibuses and trucks. You can opt for the private hire of an impressive lineup of truck models to cover all your endeavours. We offer short and long-term hire options to satisfy various demands.

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About The 7.5-Tonne Curtain Side Lorry

This vehicle is a dream come true for anyone dealing with deliveries and logistics. Its curtain side not only helps ease loading and unloading but also encourages flexibility in terms of cargo the vehicle can accommodate. Manufacturers that boast the most popular models of curtain sider trucks are DAF, Mercedes-Benz and Iveco. Some truck makers even offer sleeper cab options for maximum convenience.

Licence requirements

When hiring a 7.5 curtain sider lorry for personal tasks like house moving, all you need is a C1 entitlement on your driving licence. If you’re a driver who passed tests before 1997, you’re good to go, as you already have it.

When it comes to paid transport, things get a little bit complicated. If you’re getting money for the transport of the goods, you’re required to possess an operator’s licence as well as a CPC.

Yes, our 7.5t lorry hire selection is quite impressive, but for those that need to transport even larger loads, we have reliable and convenient 18-tonne curtain side lorries as well as affordable 26-tonne curtain-sider deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should choose a curtain side truck over a box truck because of the unique benefits curtainsiders can provide. This vehicle provides easier access to the cargo area, making loading and unloading of goods easier than the 7.5-tonne box truck. The non-rigid structure of the curtain-side truck also makes it suitable for transporting a wider range of cargo types.

Yes, you can hire a 7.5t curtain sider lorry for non-commercial purposes. Curtain-sider lorry hire can be an amazing choice if you’re moving house because it offers a lot of space and security for your items. And all you need is a standard licence if you passed your driving tests before the year 1997.

The DAF, Mercedes-Benz and Iveco are the most popular models of the 7.5t curtain-side truck. These models are renowned for their reliability due to the reputations of their manufacturers. It’s always a good idea to compare different models of vehicles so you can find the perfect one before making a final decision.

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