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There is literally no cargo that you can’t transport with our larger-than-life 44-tonne trucks.

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Our 44-Tonne Trucks

When it comes to moving massive loads, there’s no room for compromise. Let SDVH’s 44-tonne trucks be your solution for heavy-duty transportation needs. 

With an ultimately high payload, our 44t tractor unit is perfect for businesses that need to carry large containers with various types of cargo. This vehicle is also equipped with a sleeper cab to ensure proper rest during long journeys.

Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing or any other industry that demands the movement of large cargo, you can count on our fleet of 44t trucks. All that is required is a driver’s licence and a valid operator’s licence.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-time shipment or an ongoing transportation project; we offer flexible options to cater to diverse needs.

Sleeper Truck (tractor unit)

(business only)

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

You can count on SDVH for 44-tonne truck hire services on short notice in the UK. As the leading provider of heavy-duty vehicles, our fleet contains the perfect truck for your specific transportation needs. All our vehicles are well-maintained and put through a rigorous series of tests to ensure optimal performance. Our commitment to offering the best deals also makes us the ideal choice for every business.

Delivery & Collection

We typically offer free delivery and collection service with our vehicle rentals, but these perks don’t apply to our 44t lorries. If you need us to deliver this vehicle to your location, you can inform our agents when booking, and we’ll make arrangements for the service at a charge. The same goes for the collection.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

Enjoy unlimited freedom with every 44t truck rental from SDVH. Our hire services are charged by the day rather than the distance covered, so you will not be charged extra for long journeys. The unlimited mileage perk applies to all vehicles aside from those used to transport courier goods.

Entire UK Coverage

Our 44t trucks are available for hire from anywhere in the UK. Whether you’re in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, just reach out to us, and we’ll deliver. You’re also welcome to drive our vehicle freely across these regions without having to pay any extra fees.

European Cover Option

Your travels aren’t restricted to the UK alone when you hire our 44-tonne tractor unit. We offer a European cover option that allows you to take this vehicle to EU-listed countries such as Spain, France, Ireland and many others. Just inform our agents when booking to activate this option for a rational cost.

One Way Vehicle Rental

We offer one-way rentals as part of our commitment to ensuring maximum convenience. So, you can hire our 44t tractor unit in one location and drop it off at our office in another location or even have us collect it at the final destination, all with this additional service for a reasonable fee.

Wide Range Available

SDVH’s fleet contains a wide range of trucks to cater to the hire needs of companies all over the UK. Whether you’re a small business looking to carry a large freight or a large corporation seeking steady, reliable transportation, our 44-tonne lorry fleet has got you covered.

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Enjoy seamless and efficient freight transportation in the UK with SDVH’s 44-tonne lorry hire. This tractor unit is suited for the heaviest cargo transportation demands, allowing you to carry everything from fully loaded containers to other kinds of bulky items. Call us today at 020 8168 8158 for booking details and enquiry. Our team of experienced agents is available to guide you through the process and help you secure the best deal.

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Benefits Of 44-Tonne Truck Hire

Choosing a 44t truck hire service for your cargo transport needs comes with the following benefits:

Payload Capacity

A 44t tractor unit offers unrivalled reliability and payload capacity. Renting these commercial vehicles allows you to carry different types of heavy cargo. Whether you need to transport freight for your business or move heavy machinery around, you can do it with ease.

Not sure you need such a big vehicle for your transportation needs? Maybe a 26-tonne lorry hire is your best option or even an 18-tonne truck hire.

Cost Efficiency

Renting a 44t tractor unit can help your company save money. For one, you don’t have to invest in the outright purchase of the vehicle, which can eat deep into your budget. What’s more, you get to avoid the significant cost of maintenance, servicing and other expenses associated with ownership.


Our 44t truck hire service allows your business to be flexible. With various hire options available, you can rent the vehicle for a day or a longer fixed term, depending on your needs. Also, you can rent additional vehicles during peak season to increase your business’s efficiency, but you’ll hardly need any other one besides these mammoth lorries.

Our 18t and 26t vehicles are not tractor units but curtain-side trucks, which you can see here. Also, we have big box trucks just a click away from you.

Transport Any Load Imaginable With Our 44-Tonne Truck

Cargo transportation is easier than ever with SDVH’s 44-t truck hire fleet. You can book our trucks from any part of the country and transport bulky items with ease. Our vehicles are designed to cater to the transportation needs of businesses across a wide range of industries.

Call us today at 020 8168 8158 to make an enquiry about these commercial vehicles or secure a booking. Your 44-t tractor unit is available for business hire only and requires a valid operator’s licence.

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