44-Tonne Sleeper Cab Tractor Unit Hire

Hire our 44-tonne sleeper cab tractor units for long hauls and high payload distribution.

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Maximum Possible Capacity With Unlimited Freedom

These 44-tonne tractor units are designed for businesses looking to convey the heaviest of loads efficiently and securely. You can mount any trailer or semi-trailer you need and transport high payloads over long distances.

In addition to their high capacity, these 44-tonne units are equipped with sleeper cabs, allowing you to get some rest during long hauls whenever you desire.

Sleeper Truck (tractor unit)

*Available for business hire only*

Things That Make 44-Tonne Sleeper Truck Stand Out

Tractor units stand out in the heavy-duty goods transportation industry for many reasons. Some of the main details include:

  • Payload – With a gross tractor unit weight of 44 tonnes, you can easily transport all sorts of machinery and even move heavy items.
  • Spacious comfort – This vehicle provides you with a roomy sleeper cab to rest during long journeys.
  • Customization – The weight-carrying abilities of these tractor units are enviable. You can mount whatever you need and load your cargo, no matter how unique it may be.
  • Suited for long hauls – The sleeper cab allows you to extend your time on the road, minimising the need for overnight stays and thereby increasing efficiency.

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH provides its customers with top-notch vehicles for transportation. Our contract hire deals are ready to meet the unique needs of companies across all UK territories. The tractor units in our fleet will have you covered, no matter your business size or cargo type. Those in need of tractor unit weight capabilities will especially have a blast with our tailored offerings. Do keep in mind that we don’t offer private hire deals for this rental vehicle.

Our usual free delivery and collection service doesn’t apply to tractor units, but we still want to offer you the possibility of getting your rental vehicle in the smoothest way possible. That’s why, for an additional charge, we can have the unit delivered to your location. Just clue our friendly agents in, and they’ll happily arrange everything for you.

SDVH is aware of how challenging business endeavours are, and having additional limits when it comes to transport can only make things worse. You can experience total freedom driving tractor units with our contract hire deals. When you rent our vehicles, you’ll be charged by the day and not by the miles you travel.

You can hire a tractor unit anywhere in the UK mainland! Our vehicles are available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can cruise across all these amazing regions and make money for your business, all without worrying about mileage. Just give us a call to our friendly team, and we will arrange everything you need.

You can take your business beyond the UK by hiring from SDVH. We allow customers to rent this vehicle for trips to all EU-listed countries. While we don’t offer private hire for this truck, this option is perfect for businesses that have jobs beyond the UK. Just make sure to confirm details from our agents, as this contract hire option comes at a charge.

To ensure you enjoy maximum convenience, our contract hire deals also give you the option of one-way rental. For a small fee, you can hire a tractor unit in one location and return the vehicle to another depot closer to you. Businesses that hire vehicles from our fleet can save a significant amount of time and effort and devote that time to making money.

SDVH’s fleet has a wide range of vehicles for contract hire, both for personal and commercial purposes. Our tractor unit offer, however, is limited to business hires only. Our fleet has got your back, no matter what your task is. You can rent our commercial vehicles for any job or hire smaller ones to travel with your family on a vacation of a lifetime.

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About The 44-Tonne Tractor Unit With Sleeper Cab

Many businesses love and appreciate tractor units because of their large payload and carrying capacity. Mercedes-Benz Actros and the DAF Model XF are the most well-known models of this vehicle.

History and Evolution

Heavy-duty vehicles were first introduced without a comfy cabin, which forced drivers to seek refuge in hotels or motels. Things started to change in the early 1900s when the first versions of sleeper cabins were introduced. By the 1950s, the classic sleeper cabin had become a standard feature to accompany these types of vehicles.

Licence Requirements

To get behind the wheels of these commercial tractors, you must have a valid driver’s and operator’s licence. Since we are talking about tractor units, a vehicle that can do a lot in carrying capacity and convenience, those standard requirements do not seem too demanding compared to the benefits you will receive.

If you’re running a business that still doesn’t need that much payload capacity, you can check out our 18-tonne box trucks and 18-tonne curtain-sider lorry hire deals. And if you’re interested in the benefits a 26-tonne curtain sider hire deal can offer, you can click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Various types of trailers can be mounted on a 44-tonne tractor unit. It will all depend on the type of cargo you’re carrying and your specific transportation requirements. Common trailers mounted on this vehicle include semi-trailers, dry van trailers, flatbed trailers, refrigerated trailers, tanker trailers, curtain-side trailers, etc. One thing that’s important is to not go over the specified tractor unit weight carrying number.

The payload capacity of a 44-tonne truck is generally around 24 to 26 tonnes (24,000 to 26,000 kg), while its GVW is 44 metric tonnes. The Gross Vehicle Weight’ (GVW) refers to the maximum legally allowed carrying and towing weight. It takes into account both the tractor unit weight and the trailer weight.

You should hire a tractor unit instead of a truck because of its high capacity. Tractors are more powerful than straight trucks, and they often have a high payload capacity, making them suitable for any demanding job. Some models of this commercial vehicle also have sleeper cabs where drivers can rest during long journeys. If you want to check out our 44-tonne tractor units, you can click here.

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