18-Tonne Box Truck Hire

Enjoy unmatched cargo capacity with SDVH’s 18-tonne box trucks.

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Excel Your Business With Our 18t Box Lorry

Meet one of the biggest heavyweight champions of cargo transportation.

 The 18-tonne box truck boasts ample space, versatility and modern amenities that make it the go-to choice for any company that needs a hire vehicle to move substantial amounts of cargo.

It can handle a wide range of items while ensuring their safety, even during long trips.

*Available for business hire only*

18-Tonne Box Truck

Internal LWH: 7.31m x 2.43m x 2.43m
Payload: 9000

External LWH: 9.88m x 2.51m x 3.65m

Things That Make 18-Tonne Box Truck Stand Out

Here are some of the top-tier qualities the 18-t box truck possesses:

  • Impressive payload capacity – One of the key attributes of this vehicle is its ability to carry a substantial amount of cargo. With a payload capacity of up to 8,000 kg, you can carry bulky items without worry.
  • Versatile cargo space – The box truck’s cargo area can handle a wide range of items, which makes it a good choice for businesses across various industries.
  • Reliability – 18-tonne box trucks are also known for their reliability, as they’re able to withstand the rigours of everyday transportation.
  • Cost-effective transportation – Hiring this vehicle might seem like a huge investment, but it proves to be quite wallet-friendly in the long run as it moves a lot of cargo in a shorter time.

Why Choose SDVH?

If you’re in need of heavy-duty vehicles for hire, look no further than SDVH’s service! You can choose from our variety of vehicles, with suppliers in different parts of the country. Our goal is to make the whole process easy for you, and that’s why we have agents ready to assist you in finding a pair of wheels that will suit your needs. Contact us today to make inquiries about our vehicles and complimentary services.

While our free delivery and collection service doesn’t extend to 18-tonne vehicle hire, we can still absolutely bring this vehicle to you. You’ll just need to pay a small fee. Simply let our team know all the details when booking, and we’ll do our magic. We can also collect it for a small price at the end of your rental.

With SDVH, you’re guaranteed the privilege of unlimited mileage at an affordable price. You won’t need to keep your eyes glued to the odometer since we charge our customers by day rather than by distance covered. This perk applies to both short and long-term hire services.

SDVH’s giant 18-tonne truck is ready to assist you, no matter your location. Our extensive fleet is spread across the UK, allowing you to hire from various corners of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Just note that the specification mentioned on our site are approximate. Models may differ in size.

You’ll be pleased to know that SDVH can provide these 18-tonne trucks for cross-border travel to Spain, France and other countries. When business requirements take you out of the UK, you can hire a truck from SDVH to deliver. This rental service comes with an additional charge, but don’t worry, prices are budget-friendly.

Returning the vehicle to the original rental station after a rental can be time-consuming. Luckily, if you activate our one-way vehicle hire service for a small fee, you won’t have to. Instead, you can just drop it off at our office that is nearest to your location. Alternatively, you could reach out and have our agents pick it up.

You’ll be content to know that our company doesn’t just offer some vehicles for display purposes. We want you to rent them to be useful, no matter the industry you’re working in. SDVH offers a wide range of premium vehicles such as cars, vans, mini buses and trucks. Most vehicles also come with insurance to ensure confidence.

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About The 18-Tonne Box Truck

The 18-tonne truck has the quality to upgrade your business. A lot of companies all over the world rely on its robust and dependable features. DAF, Mercedes-Benz and Atego are some of the few manufacturers that produce high-quality and useful versions of the 18-tonne trucks.

Licence Requirements

When it comes to the licence for this kind of vehicle, things get demanding but not too complicated. You’ll need a category C licence as well as a valid operator’s licence to drive it for commercial purposes.

Our 18-tonne lorry hire selection is quite impressive, but we understand that not every business needs that much space for their items, so we made sure to offer some great 7.5-tonne box truck hire deals to suit these customers as well. And if your company demands even more space than an 18-tonne truck, SDVH offers an amazing solution in the form of the 26-tonne curtain-sider and 44-tonne tractor unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accidents can happen if you overload an 18-tonne box truck beyond its specified limit. Overloading may affect the vehicle’s stability and overall capabilities, compromising the safety of its occupants and content. Overloading also has severe legal implications. You may be fined, lose your licence or even get jailed.

You can hire an 18-tonne box truck for as long as you want. Our reliable and efficient hire service allows you to rent trucks both for a short spin and long-term. We understand that each customer has different needs, and our fleet caters to various demands. If you’re interested, you can check out all of the box trucks we offer for hire.

Industries that might prefer hiring box trucks over curtain-side lorries are moving businesses and furniture delivery services. The reason for this is that while they both move payloads with ease, box trucks can protect items from damage and weather conditions a bit better. They can, however, both be used in the construction business. If you’re interested in 18-tonne curtain-side lorry hire deals, you can click here.

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