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Hire a 4×4 car from SDVH to enjoy maximum torque and traction on slippery roads.

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Our 4x4 Cars

A 4×4 car is a vehicle with a system in which the automobile’s engine simultaneously powers all four wheels equally. These cars are known for their supreme handling and traction, which allow them to navigate unbeaten paths with ease.

A 4×4 SUV vehicle provides enough power when you need to transport people or possessions comfortably over long distances on unfamiliar roads. They perform incredibly well in every terrain and in any weather. The driving experience of these vehicles is one of a kind, and they’re equipped with the facilities for any expedition.

SDVH has if not the largest fleet of 4×4 cars, ranging from the Range Rover to the Toyota Rav4, available for immediate hire in any part of the UK. No matter your budget or size requirement, be assured there’s a perfect vehicle for you here. Our 4×4 cars aren’t just built for off-road terrain; they come with various advanced features to ensure your comfort and convenience.

Toyota RAV4

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Range Rover

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Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is one of the most reliable car rental companies in the UK. Our extensive network of vehicle suppliers allows us to offer 4×4 hire services in any part of the UK. Our fleet contains some of the most desirable cars with amazing off-road capabilities, and we have a team of agents dedicated to providing you with the most seamless rental experience.

Free Delivery & Collection

We know that it’s not always possible to come to pick up or return a hired car, which is why we offer free delivery and collection services. Book your preferred four-wheel-drive vehicle, state your location, and we’ll get it to you. The same applies to collecting the vehicle – all without any extra charge.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

Every 4×4 hire from SDVH comes with unlimited rental mileage, giving you the freedom to travel without incurring extra costs. This policy ensures that the hire cost remains the same whether you travel over short or long distance. Our unlimited mileage benefit applies to all cars except for those used for courier services.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

SDVH’s car hire services are available to customers all over the UK. No matter where you live, you can book a car with us and traverse the country. We have an extensive network of suppliers that allows us to supply various classes of four-wheel-drive vehicles, no matter your location.

European Cover Option

SDVH’s 4×4 hire services can come with a European cover option for anyone looking to travel beyond the borders of the UK. We allow customers to travel to EU-listed countries such as France, Spain, Ireland and many others in our hired vehicle. Just be sure to inform our team when booking as this comes at a charge.

One Way Vehicle Rental

Not every journey is a round trip. So, we understand that not all customers can travel back to the starting point to return a vehicle after hiring. That’s why we offer a one-way rental service that allows you to drop off the hired vehicle at another depot close to you or have us pick it up. Inform us when booking as there is a fee.

Insurance Is Included

Here at SDVH, we prioritise the safety of our customers. That’s why all 4×4 hires are backed by a comprehensive insurance policy. This insurance policy covers damages to the vehicle and everyone in it. Since the insurance cost comes added to the hire fee, you don’t have to worry about paying separately.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

Although all our cars are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, we understand that not everyone needs this coverage. Some drivers are backed by company insurance and don’t need our insurance coverage. These set of drivers get to enjoy a 10% discount on the hire cost when booking.

Wide Range Available

SDVH has an exclusive range of 4×4 SUV cars to suit your needs. Our fleet contains powerful and premium vehicles such as the Range Rover and Toyota RAV 4, which are built to tackle the most awkward terrain. Also, our vehicles range between different price points to suit the needs of each customer.

Book Your 4x4 Car Rental Today!

SDVH has a wide selection of fuel-efficient progressive SUV and 4×4 cars with torque and traction for off-road terrain. Our cars differ in class and size, making it easy to find a suitable one for any occasion. Whether you want a big and powerful sports car or a vehicle for a family holiday that takes you across unfamiliar terrain, we’ve got you covered. Call us at 020 8168 8158 to make inquiries or hire today.

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Benefits Of 4x4 Car Hire

You can take your journey to new heights with a 4×4 rental. Here are four interesting ways in which 4×4 hire services can benefit you:

Amazing Off-Road Capabilities

Cars like 4×4 SUVs are built with various features that allow them to tackle off-road terrain with ease. These vehicles provide improved grip and traction for journeys that take you beyond the city. Since all four wheels of the vehicle receive power, it can still power ahead when only one wheel is touching the ground. This is greatly beneficial when travelling on uneven roads.

Many popular models, such as the Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Defender, also come with large tyres that allow them to drive over soft sand and mud. Basically, these SUVs are safe choices for anyone who needs to navigate unfamiliar terrain.


4×4 rental cars ensure safety on rough terrain and uneven surfaces. Their ability to traverse these rugged areas while providing stability and control reduces the risk of accidents. They also exhibit great handling on slippery surfaces, preventing the car from skidding in challenging weather conditions.

In addition, luxury models like the Jaguar F Pace, Range Rover Vogue, and Range Rover Velar come with extra safety features to keep you safe. There is an anti-lock braking system that prevents the car from losing control, while some have a traction control system that helps prevent wheelspin when accelerating.

Cargo Space

Another major benefit of 4×4 cars is their huge cargo space. These cars usually offer ample cargo space, which makes them ideal for family trips, vacations and other occasions when you need to carry a significant amount of luggage.

Vehicles like the Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover Discovery Sport and other models from the Land Rover stable have spacious rear sides, which provide enough flexibility for moving furniture and equipment. Most modern models even have foldable rear seats that you can bend to increase cargo space.

Comfort & Convenience

The ability of 4×4 cars to tackle rough terrain with ease ensures that you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. In addition, these vehicles are quite spacious, which allows them to accommodate several people without feeling cramped.

A premium SUV and 4×4 car comes with additional features to make our next adventure pleasant. There’s usually a climate control system that regulates temperatures and an entertainment system to keep you from getting bored.

Conquer Any Terrain In The UK With SDVH’s 4x4 Cars

Hire a 4×4 from SDVH and travel around the UK and beyond. We have a range of premium four-wheel drives, ranging from iconic original cars to modern automobiles for hire at affordable prices. All our cars are well-maintained to keep them in immaculate condition before each hire.

Call us today at 020 8168 8168 to book your dream car or make inquiries about our 4×4 rental options. All you need to secure a booking is a debit or credit card and a valid driver’s licence.

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