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From making a stunning appearance at any event to conquering forests and mountains – all possible with our Range Rover rental fleet.

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The King Of Our Car Fleet – Range Rover

Step into a world of classiness as you cruise around town behind the wheel of our Range Rover 4×4. The Range Rover combines comfort with luxury in a way that few cars can rival. With stylish design and super performance, you can make a statement at any special occasion.

The Range Rover stands out for its ability to perform on any terrain. Its four-wheel drive and advanced terrain response systems allow you to cruise through unfamiliar roads without worry. An adventure awaits you as you book this luxurious, powerful ride.

Range Rover

Things That Make The Range Rover Stand Out

The Range Rover is not your average luxury vehicle. This vehicle offers a range of features that make it a leader in the luxury segment.
  • Iconic Design: When most people think of the Range Rover, what comes to mind is the classic design. The Range blends the aesthetics of modern luxury cars with the ruggedness of an off-road vehicle.
  • Luxury and Comfort: The Range Rover features plush leather seats and ultra-comforting materials, which provide the softest feel to everyone onboard. It’s also equipped with advanced suspension systems that ensure smooth rides when tackling rough terrain.
  • Off-roading: In addition to the luxury they offer, Range Rovers are amazing offroaders. The legendary four-wheel drive system and amazing ground clearance allow this car to navigate any terrain.
  • Cutting-Edge Tech: Range Rovers offer state-of-the-art technology, with features like smartphone integration, driver assistance, infotainment system and stability control.
  • Power Engine: With powerful engines, this luxury car provides exceptional performance in any condition. The Range Rover’s towing capabilities are also impressive, making it suitable for carrying caravans during road trips.
  • Heritage: The Range Rover brand stands out in the luxury market, with a long history of excellence and prestige.

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH holds a reputation as a leading car rental company in the UK. With an extensive fleet that features various reliable and well-maintained vehicles, we’re available to cater to hire demands from different parts of the country. You’ll also get journey essentials and enhanced cleaning included in this amazing rental deal. Reach out today to book our Range Rover hire cars and other luxury vehicles.

SDVH makes every rental seamless and convenient by offering free delivery services. You don’t have to visit our office to pick up a Range Rover; just state your preferred location after booking and we’ll deliver it to you. We’ll also pick it up at the end of your rental for free.

Hiring a luxury car should come with unrestricted travel freedom. That’s why we offer unlimited mileage with our Range Rover car rental, allowing you to go on long journeys without incurring extra charges. This perk applies to both long and short-term rentals.

You can enjoy SDVH’s Range Rover rental services in every part of the UK. Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to cater to rental demands from England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. You’re also welcome to drive our vehicles freely across these regions.

You can rely on our Range Rover rental service for trips beyond the UK. Whether you have a business meeting or another special occasion in France, Spain or any other EU-listed country, our vehicle is available to you. Inform us when booking, as this service comes at a charge.

SDVH’s Range Rover hire comes with a one-way rental option that you can activate for a small fee. Instead of travelling back to the original rental location to return the car, you can drop it off at one of our other locations close to your final destination or have us collect it.

At SDVH, our Range Rover hire service comes with comprehensive insurance coverage, which ensures that you’re not solely liable when accidents occur. This insurance policy covers minor damages to the vehicle and everyone in it, allowing you to drive with more confidence.

We understand that not all customers need our insurance coverage. Many drivers are already covered under a company insurance policy and shouldn’t have to pay the same fee as those without insurance. SDVH offers a 10% discount on the hire cost if you fall into this category.

SDVH’s diverse fleet gives you access to various luxury vehicles. In addition to Range Rover car hire, our network of suppliers allows us to supply other premium vehicles, including the Mercedes C-Class and E-Class. We also offer flexible rental options to cater to different needs.

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About The Range Rover 4x4

The Range Rover is in a class of its own, with some of the highest specifications. This premium 4×4 SUV, produced by Land Rover, stands ahead of vehicles from most other mainstream rivals.

Range Rover Concept

The Range Rover wasn’t always like this. The initial concept of this car was a slightly more civilised Series Land Rover for farmers. It featured cheaper parts, such as a hose-able floor and vinyl seats. The origin of the Range Rover series dates back to the 1950s, when Land Rover decided to craft new vehicles to broaden the appeal of the brand.

The first Rover prototype was built in 1967 after many trials. Tagged the ‘Velar’, this car was designed as a 100-inch station wagon. After three years of testing, the Range Rover was officially released.

The early Range Rover was a hit, so much so that many first owners sold them for profit. Soon enough, Land Rover added more luxurious touches to the vehicle and improved its design, making it the choice of upmarket families.

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Evolution Of Range Rover

The Range Rover has gone through many stages of evolution, from the first generation in 1970 to the latest iteration released in 2022.

  • First Generation: The first generation of the Range Rover was only available in a two-door body until Land Rover released a four-door model in 1981. This original Range Rover wasn’t a luxury vehicle and it was fitted with basic features.
  • Second Generation: More luxurious than its predecessor, the second generation came with other grand features such as the iconic silhouette and rectangular lamps.
  • Third Generation: The third generation of the Range Rover was built with a monocoque, single-shell body, which saw the vehicle move further upmarket. The car shared many similarities with the BMW 7 Series, as it was created under BMW ownership.
  • Fourth Generation: The fourth generation of the Range Rover was the first to feature a lightweight all-aluminium body. The vehicle was also popular due to its floating roof and long wheelbase. The car also featured an upgraded Land Rover Terrain Response system, which automatically selected the best setting for any terrain.
  • Fifth Generation: The fifth generation of Range Rovers came with futuristic designs, featuring flushed lights and large glass roofs. Land Rover also introduced all-electric variants.

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Other Range Rover Models

In addition to the classic Rover model, Rover has released different iterations of this luxury car over the years, including the Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Vogue and the Range Rover Velar.

  • Range Rover Evoque: This is a compact luxury version of the SUV with a stylish design.
  • Range Rover Sport: A sportier version of the classic Range Rover.
  • Range Rover Vogue: This is a flagship model offering more top-tier features.
  • Range Rover Velar: The Velar is positioned between the Evoque and Sport, offering a sleek and modern design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jaguar Land Rover owns the Range Rover and the Land Rover brand in its entirety. Jaguar Land Rover is a British multinational automobile manufacturer known for producing luxury cars and sport utility vehicles. In addition to the Land Rover marques, the company owns the rights to the Lanchester and Rover marques.

The Range Rover is made in Solihull Plant, United Kingdom, which is the company’s main factory. However, some production also takes place at an old Ford factory in Halewood, England. Land Rover has also started manufacturing vehicles in other countries, such as Slovakia, Brazil, China and India.

The Range Rover costs between £41,000 and £173,000 for the latest models. The particular price varies across models and trim levels, with the classic Range Rover being the most expensive and the Range Rover Evoque being the most affordable. There are even pricier special editions of that series. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to experience the magic of this car. You can save money with Range Rover hire.

The iconic design sets Range Rovers apart from other luxury SUVs. These vehicles offer a blend of elegance and ruggedness, which helps them stand out from other cars with similar features. You’ll also be impressed with the exceptional off-roading capability of the Range. The train response and four-wheel-drive systems allow this car to tackle any road.

The Range Rover’s off-road capabilities surpass those of most competitors. For one, Range Rovers come with an advanced terrain response system that helps the vehicle’s settings adapt to different terrain conditions. Many models also come with adjustable air suspensions, allowing you to raise your vehicle’s height when navigating challenging roads.

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