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Our Curtain-Sider Lorries

A curtain side lorry or tautliner truck is a type of mounted lorry whose trailer features canvas curtains on rails that can be drawn back for easy loading and unloading. When closed, these curtains form the side walls of the trailer, protecting the cargo inside from the elements.

A curtain-side lorry is a highly versatile cargo vehicle that can suit a variety of commercial and industrial transport needs. But where curtainsiders really shine is in transporting bulky cargo that doesn’t lend itself to being loaded on pallets but needs protection from things like wind, rain, sun or snow.

At SDVH, we offer curtain side lorries in a range of sizes, including 7.5t, 18t and 26t, as well as options with a double or single curtain or with a sleeper cab. If you want to hire a curtainsider for personal use, please note that only the 7.5t option is available as the larger sizes are reserved for business use.

Have a look below to find all the curtain-side lorries we have available to rent.

7.5t Curtain-Sider (Tail Lift on request)

(Tail Lift on request)

or similar

18t Curtain-Sider (business only)

(business only)

or similar

26t Curtain-Sider (business only)

(business only)

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is a trusted vehicle hire company with a wide base of loyal customers who rely on us for both personal and business vehicle hire. We have a large fleet consisting of a wide variety of vehicles for rent at highly competitive prices. We supply everyone from large companies needing to transport goods in bulk to families looking for a cost-effective vehicle to rent for their next road trip! There are also several extra benefits to hiring with us, which you can learn more about below.

Free Delivery & Collection

When you’re a company transporting large quantities of cargo, time is precious. So having a driver go to the depot to fetch your curtain side truck is simply an extra hassle you don’t need. We offer free delivery and collection for 7t curtainsiders (as with most of our vehicles), while there is a fee for 18t and 26t ones.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

If you’re transporting commercial goods, it goes without saying that you’ll be travelling long distances, so the last thing you need is a mileage cap! Luckily, when you hire with SDVH, you get unlimited rental mileage, meaning you won’t have to pay any extra for driving those extra miles, except if you drive as a courier.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

Our extensive network of providers branches throughout the United Kingdom, which means you can hire from our full fleet of vehicles no matter where in the country you are based. 

Whether starting in London or the Scottish countryside, our rental services are available to you!

European Cover Option

And if you need to move goods across UK borders, that’s also a possibility with our European travel coverage option. 

Simply let us know where you plan to go, and we can provide cover for you to visit Spain, Germany, France, Belgium and many other EU-member countries.

One Way Vehicle Rental

If you require a side-loading truck for a once-off delivery, you may not want to drive it all the way back to your starting point again. 

In that case, simply request a one-way vehicle rental, and you’ll be able to drop off your hired lorry at a depot closer to your destination!

Insurance Is Included

For most of our vehicles, including a 7.5t curtain-side truck, insurance is included and covers minor damages to the vehicle and people in it. For bigger curtainsiders, insurance must be provided by the company hiring the vehicle as those are only for business use.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

On the other hand, it’s possible that you’re already covered by company insurance, and so you don’t require insurance from us as well. 

We don’t want to make you pay for something you don’t need, so instead, you’ll get a 10% discount on any vehicle you hire!

Wide Range Available

Our network of suppliers sources vehicles from only top-quality manufacturers, but we also ensure that we always have a wide range available. Whether you need a side-loading lorry or another type of truck or vehicle, you’ll have your pick of many different options in each category.

Book Your Curtain-Sider Lorry Rental Today!

If you’re in need of an open-side cargo lorry, give us a call today at 020 8168 8158. We’ve got a wide variety of curtainsider trucks to rent in a range of sizes to suit any occasion. We can also guarantee that all our curtain-side trucks are sourced from reliable manufacturers and meticulously maintained to keep them in tip-top condition.

Call us now to hire your lorry or get answers to any potential queries! All we need from you is a valid driving licence and a credit or debit card.

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Benefits Of Curtain-Sider Lorry Hire

Curtainsider trucks offer a range of benefits that make them ideal for a wide range of situations. Learn what those are below.

Load Cumbersome Cargo

If you have cumbersome cargo to load, a sliding curtain vehicle can be immensely helpful. That’s because when the curtain is drawn back, you have unrestricted access to three sides, making them easy to load and unload both manually and with a forklift truck or tail lift. Cumbersome cargo can be tricky to load if you only have access through the back door, so having an open side makes for easy access when loading heavy and bulky items.

Protection From The Weather

At the same time, with the curtain drawn shut, a tautliner lorry provides protection against weather such as wind, rain, sun or snow. Curtain side trucks are thus more versatile than flatbed or dropside trucks as these are not suitable for goods or cargo that can be damaged by the elements.

Fast & Efficient

An open-side cargo truck makes loading and unloading cargo much faster and more efficient. That’s because you can access much more of the cargo at once and, therefore, easily have multiple people unloading goods at the same time. You can even load or unload from both sides of the truck simultaneously, which could potentially cut the loading time in half!

Highly Versatile

Because of all the benefits listed above, curtain trucks are highly versatile vehicles that are suitable for transporting cargo of almost any kind. Whether the goods are bulky or small, sensitive to the elements or not, loaded manually or with a forklift – a lorry with curtain walls can take on the job!

These advantages apply to curtainsiders of every mentioned size – the question is only how big freight you need to transport. And if you want to see more options in those size categories, here are our 7.5-tonne18-tonne and 26-tonne trucks.

Transport Big Loads With Our Curtain-Sider Lorry

With a curtainsider lorry from SDVH, you can transport big loads with ease. No matter your vehicle hire needs, SDVH is a cost-effective and convenient option. In addition, we regularly subject our vehicles to meticulous inspections and upgrades so you’ll have a lorry you can rely on.

Once you’ve made your choice, give us a call on 020 8168 8158 and one of our customer service representatives will take you through the booking process. And if you’re not sure which are the right curtain trucks for you, we’re happy to assist and answer any questions you may have. All you will need is a valid driver’s licence and a credit or debit card to make your booking.

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