18-Tonne Curtain-Sider Lorry Hire

Maximise your cargo capacity with our mammoth 18-tonne curtain-sider lorries.

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Excel Your Business With Our 18t Curtain-Siders

When you need a vehicle for heavy-duty transport tasks, look towards the 18-tonne curtain-sider truck. This vehicle is built with a spacious interior, allowing you to transport large cargo in a single trip.

The robust build of this vehicle makes it perfect for almost any terrain, while the easy-to-use sliding curtains ensure loading and unloading are pretty seamless.

Our 18t vehicle hire service is perfect for various tasks ranging from relocations to bulk goods transportation.

*Available for business hire only*

Curtain-Side Truck

Internal LWH: 7.31m x 2.43m x 2.43m
Payload: 9000

External LWH: 9.88m x 2.51m x 3.65m

Things That Make 18-Tonne Curtain-Sider Lorry Stand Out

The 18t curtain-sider lorry has a range of features that make it a great hire when you’re looking to transport goods efficiently.

  • Loading and Unloading: Curtain-siders feature curtains that you can easily slide to one side for easy access to the load space, making loading and unloading seamless. You can even integrate a tail lift to make your job easier.
  • Spacious Interior: These vehicles offer very generous load space for goods, bulky items and various other cargo.
  • Versatility: These 18t lorries are suitable for an extensive range of applications, including distribution and event logistics.
  • Robust Construction: 18-tonne curtain-side lorries are built to handle rigorous road conditions while protecting your cargo from external elements.

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is a reputable rental company catering to the diverse needs of customers all across the UK. You can count on us for efficient service when you need to rent a lorry on short notice. Our vehicles are well-maintained, and our helpful staff is committed to making every rental seamless.

Reach out to us today for truck hire at great prices while enjoying our excellent service. We offer both commercial and private hire services and vehicles are usually of the specification mentioned on the website.

Avoid the inconvenience of a visit to the rental station when you hire a truck from SDVH. You take advantage of our delivery and collection service, allowing our agents to get it to you and also pick it up. Just remember to notify our agents when booking, as this good service comes at a charge.

Enjoy unlimited rental mileage with every vehicle hire from SDVH. We charge rentals by day rather than distance covered, so you don’t have to worry about incurring additional charges when you travel long distances. This unlimited mileage policy applies to all trucks except those used for courier service.

You can enjoy our friendly service no matter your location in the UK. Our extensive network of suppliers across the country allows us to supply reliable vehicles to customers all over England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You can also drive our vehicles freely across these regions.

Your travels aren’t restricted to only the UK when you rely on SDVH for truck hire. We offer a one-way rental service, allowing you to hire a truck for transportation tasks that extend beyond the UK’s borders. Do remember to inform our friendly staff, as you need to pay ahead for this service.

SDVH goes the extra mile to ensure great service. We offer a one-way rental option for a small fee. This service allows you to secure truck or van hire in one location and drop it off at our office in another location. Alternatively, you can have our agents pick up the vehicle at your endpoint.

When you’re transporting business goods or relocating, SDVH’s fleet has the perfect vehicle for you. Contact us today for any enquiry and easy access to your fleet at a good price. Whether you need a hire van, cars, mini-buses or trucks, we’ve got you covered.

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About The 18-Tonne Curtain-Sider Lorry

The 18-tonne curtain-sider is a large, versatile vehicle commonly used for commercial transportation tasks across various industries. This lorry features flexible curtains on the sides that you can draw back to easily access its cargo area.

Facts About The 18-Tonne Curtain-Sider Lorry

Here’s everything you need to know before hiring this large truck:

  • Load Capacity: This truck provides an average payload of about 9,000 kg, allowing you to transport bulky items. The cargo compartment is also big enough to accommodate all types of large and irregular-shaped items.
  • Licence Requirement: You need a Category C licence to rent the 18-tonne lorry in the UK. Professional drivers must also hold a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).
  • Use Cases: The large capacity and accessibility make the 18t curtain-sider versatile. Companies across distribution, construction and event industries can rent this lorry for their tasks.

Prefer an 18t box truck for hire? We’ve also got you covered.

Popular Models

Many manufacturers offer curtain-siders in the 18-tonne category.

  • DAF: DAF’s LF series is a popular choice for 18-tonne curtain-sider applications.
  • Iveco: Iveco, known for its Luton van, has a Eurocargo series, which works well for curtain-side adaptations.
  • Mercedes-Benz: The Atego range from Mercedes is widely respected for its compactness and durability.

SDVH also offers smaller and larger trucks, with 7.5t curtain-sider and 26t curtain-sider for hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

You open the sides on a curtain-sider lorry by moving the curtains to one side. The curtains are usually held down by buckles or fasteners, so make sure you unlock the straps first. Once all the fasteners are released, grab the curtain’s edge and slide it along the rails from one end of the vehicle to the other.

You can hire an 18-tonne curtain-side truck for as long as you need it. It mostly depends on the rental company and here at SDVH, we offer a flexible rental system. Whether you need the truck for a day, a week or even a month, you can reach out to us, and we’ll work out a plan.

Retail and distribution industries prefer hiring curtain-sider lorries over box trucks. Despite offering proper protection for cargo, the curtain sides on curtain-siders make it easy to access their content. As a result, loading and unloading are much easier and faster. Curtain-siders are also great for companies in the construction, event and agriculture industries.

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