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Discover the joy of large group travelling with our 15-seater minibus rental service.

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Our 15-Seater Minibuses

Do you carry a large group of people with you and need an efficient solution for transporting them? Look no further than a 15-seater minibus for your trip.

Offering plenty of seating space, these vehicles allow you to travel in a big group, ensuring no one is left behind. They also have more than sufficient space to store items. Quality group travel doesn’t have to break the bank, so we provide a range of reliable vehicles for hire at competitive rates. 

Our 15-seater minibuses are perfect for all sorts of engagements, from family vacations and corporate events to sports team travel. Whether it’s a long or short journey, you’re guaranteed to enjoy maximum comfort.

And don’t forget, SDVH’s 15-seater minibus hire services are available to customers all around the UK.

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Why Choose SDVH?

At SDVH, we understand that each group has unique travel requirements, and we offer a range of flexible minibus options to cater to the needs of various hirers. As one of the leading rental companies in the UK, you can trust us for extremely reliable and affordable minibus hire. Contact us today to book one of our well-maintained vehicles and get ready for a remarkable travel experience.

Free Delivery & Collection

Enjoy free delivery and collection service with every 15-seater minibus hired from SDVH. You don’t have to visit our rental station to pick up the vehicle. Just state your location, and our agents will get it to you. We’ll also collect the minibus at no extra charge when your rental period elapses.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

We believe that you deserve the freedom to travel without restriction. That’s why we offer unlimited mileage with every rental, allowing you to go long distances without worrying about a hike in your rental fee. This unlimited mileage policy applies to short and long-term minibus rentals.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

SDVH’s 15-seater minibus rentals are available to customers in all parts of the country. From England and Scotland to Wales and Northern Ireland, we have suppliers all across the UK, allowing us to meet demands from anywhere. What’s more, you get to ride our minibus freely around these regions.

European Cover Option

When business or leisure takes you beyond the UK’s borders, you can rent a minibus from SDVH for your journey. Our rental services extend to European countries like France, Spain, Ireland and other EU-listed countries. Be sure to inform us when booking to activate the European cover option for a small fee.

One Way Vehicle Rental

We understand that not every journey is a round trip. Instead of driving down to the original rental location, take advantage of our one-way rental option and drop the vehicle off at a depot closer to your destination or have us collect it. Just inform us when booking as it comes with a charge.

Insurance Is Included

Accidents can occur no matter how careful you are when driving, and it’s best to prepare for these situations. To show our commitment to your safety, every 15-seater minibus rental comes with comprehensive insurance, covering damages to the vehicle and everyone travelling in it.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

You get comprehensive insurance coverage with every minibus rental, but not everyone needs it. People covered under a company insurance policy shouldn’t have to pay the same rental fee as those without insurance. That’s why we offer a 10% discount on hiring costs to these clients.

Wide Range Available

With SDVH, your minibus hire options are unlimited. We have an extensive fleet that contains various vehicles available for immediate hire, so rest assured that we have the perfect minibus for you. Our hire vehicles are also available for business and leisure use, so no one’s left out.

Book Your 15-Seater Minibus Rental Today!

Rent a 15-seater minibus from SDVH and turn your journey into an unforgettable experience. As one of the UK’s foremost rental companies, we have a reputation for providing extremely reliable hire services at affordable prices. Our fleet contains a wide range of well-maintained vehicles to cater to the high demand from clients all over the UK. Call us via phone at 020 8168 8158 for bookings and other inquiries today.

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Benefits Of 15-Seater Minibus Hire

Check out three of the major benefits of 15-seater minibus hire.


With a 15-seater minibus, you can stay connected with the rest of the group when travelling. These vehicles are amazing people carriers, with enough space for large groups of up to 15 people. Say goodbye to the stress of coordinating multiple vehicles or the risk of getting separated on the road, and enjoy a more convenient travel experience.

Ample Space

15-seater minibuses are designed with passenger comfort in mind. They offer spacious seating and plenty of legroom to keep everyone comfortable. It doesn’t end there. These vehicles also have spacious cargo compartments where you can store items.

Cost Savings

Minibus hire is a more budget-friendly way to travel than hiring multiple cars. For one, you can pool resources and split the travel costs among the group, which is cheaper than each person travelling alone. You also get to save more on other expenses like tolls, fuel and parking fees.

Solve Any Group Journey Puzzle With A 15-Seater Minibus

Whether you’re attending a corporate event or a family getaway, SDVH’s minibus hire is at your service, ensuring a comfortable journey from start to finish. We believe that quality group travel doesn’t have to be expensive, so we offer the most amazing deals to help you save money.

Contact our professional helpdesk today at 020 8168 8158 to hire a minibus or any other vehicle, and our agents will guide you through the rental process. No hassle, no hidden costs, and you also enjoy free delivery and collection service with every rental.

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