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 Your trust fuels our drive. Our dedication enables your adventure. So let’s embark on a trust-building journey.

Trust is the key component of a successful provider-customer relationship, while the key to trust building is transparency. Customers want to know what are their possibilities and benefits – which we couldn’t have emphasised more on our website – but also who is behind all that – who is the staff responsible for making their wishes and needs come to life.

Here are the people in charge of your flawless rental experience:

James McNally

James McNally

Managing Director

Passionate about making all things run smoothly within the company.

Expertise: Management, Moving and Transporting Industry: Vans, Trucks, Minibuses

Leisure: Hitting the road according to Natalie’s and Alyssia’s ‘James, you must see that place’ detailed list.

To know me better, see my full bio.

“At SDVH, we don’t just market vehicles – we deliver experiences.

Natalie Cooke

Natalie Cooke

Rental Agent

Passionate about meeting all your rental requirements and desires.

Expertise: Hiring Process, Customer Service, Geography Info

Leisure: When not spending time with my family or reading fiction, I’m learning about geographical fun facts and planning my next trip.

More me talking about myself here.

“Finding the perfect vehicle for our clients is like solving a thrilling mystery.

Ewan Burton

Ewan Burton

Vehicle Technician

Passionate about ensuring all our vehicles are in top-notch condition.

Expertise: All Things Vehicles (especially vans and cars)

Leisure: Tinkering with engines and nurturing my modest old car fleet. Yea, I’m a fanatic.

If somehow this doesn’t sound boring, check out this.

“You can find me either under the bonnet, behind the wheel or writing about them.

Alyssia Jenkins​

Alyssia Jenkins


Passionate about securing good coordination between all the teammates and the company and customers.

Expertise: Administration, Staff Coordination, Data Analysis, Travelling Info

Leisure: Either on a trip or planning it. Must fill that ‘James, you must see that place’ list.

Wanna hear more about me? Feel free!

Every booking is a story waiting to be told. I love being part of that process.”

The Engine Of The Company


From the friendliest agents and customer support to crafty mechanics and drivers, as well as suppliers, many more people work diligently to ensure you have the best service.

This is a homage to all of them. Thank you for being a part of our story!

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