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Our Dropside Trucks

Are you looking for a versatile and efficient vehicle that can transport goods of various shapes and sizes? SDVH’s dropside trucks are just what you need. With an open-roof area and a large flatbed loading platform, our dropside trucks are great for transporting a wide variety of items, ranging from scaffolding and pipes to pallets.

Our fleet contains reliable 7.5-tonne dropside lorries with short-folding sides to facilitate loading and unloading. What’s more, you can drive these vehicles on a regular Category B driving licence if you had passed your test before January 1, 1997. Commercial drivers may, however, require an additional licence.

We also offer 3.5t dropsides for the ones that don’t require that much cargo space or have only a B licence after 1997.

7.5-Tonne Dropside Truck

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Why Choose SDVH?

Join customers all over the UK enjoying SDVH’s reliable and affordable rental services. You’re guaranteed well-maintained vehicles that deliver optimal performance on the road. We offer flexible rental periods, allowing you to hire our dropside trucks for a day, a week or much longer. Contact us and provide your details so our knowledgeable agents can guide you through the booking process.

Free Delivery & Collection

You don’t have to visit our office to collect the dropside truck when you rent from SDVH. We offer free delivery to every area on the UK mainland, so all you have to do is state your location when booking. Also, you can state your destination and have us pick up the truck for free when the rental period passes.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

SDVH offers unlimited mileage with every rental because we believe that you deserve maximum freedom on the road. As a result, drivers can travel long distances without worrying about incurring additional charges. This unlimited mileage policy applies to both long and short-term rentals within the UK.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

Our dropside lorry hire service is available to people all around the UK mainland. Whether you’re in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you can reach out to us to book a dropside lorry. Customers are also welcome to drive our vehicles freely across these regions during their rental periods.

European Cover Option

Use of our dropside lorry is not restricted to the UK alone. We offer a European cover option that allows you to visit many other EU-listed countries, including Spain, France, Ireland and the Netherlands. Just be sure to inform our agents when booking to activate this European cover option.

One Way Vehicle Rental

At SDVH, we understand that not every journey is a round trip. That’s why we offer a one-way rental service that allows you to hire a truck from us in one area and drop it off at our office in a different location (or have us collect it). This service saves you the stress of unnecessary travel and the cost of extended rental.

Insurance Is Included

To show our dedication to your safety, SDVH offers a fully comprehensive insurance policy that covers the vehicle, driver and passengers regarding all minor damages. The best part is that the insurance cost comes together with the rental package, saving you from additional payments or hidden fees.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

SDVH offers a 10% discount on rental costs to clients who have their own insurance coverage. We understand that some drivers are already insured under a company policy and they shouldn’t have to pay the same rental fees as those without insurance. Inform our agents when booking to enjoy this benefit.

Wide Range Available

Whether you’re a landscaper looking to transport plants and equipment or you’re a business owner moving irregular-shaped cargo, SDVH’s rental service has got you covered. Our fleet includes various 7.5-tonne dropside lorries for efficient cargo transportation for business and personal use.

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Book a dropside truck from SDVH today to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of our rental service. We are committed to supporting transportation needs with reliable vehicles and exceptional customer service. Contact us today at 020 8168 8158 with your debit or credit card and a valid driver’s licence to secure a reliable dropside truck for your next project.

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Benefits Of Dropside Truck Hire

Check out three major benefits of dropside truck rental.

Efficient Loading And Unloading

You don’t need to hire a tail lift truck when you have a dropside lorry. The short-folding sides of this truck allow for easy loading and unloading of cargo. This feature can help you save time and effort, particularly in situations where you have to carry items in and out of the truck frequently.

However, for customers who need to transport aggregate materials, we recommend our fleet of trucks with hydraulic mechanisms for tipping for ultimate unloading efficiency.

Versatile Cargo Handling

A dropside lorry is your best bet when you need a versatile vehicle that can transport a wide range of goods. The open sides and flatbed design make this truck great for various types of cargo, ranging from construction and landscaping materials to business equipment.

The only downside is that your cargo is unprotected from bad weather, so maybe you want a lorry with curtain sides if that is your main concern.

Cost Savings

Hiring a dropside truck can help save money when compared to purchasing one. You can eliminate the expenses associated with ownership, such as maintenance and insurance payment, while still having access to the truck when you need it.

Best Dropside Truck Hire Services In The UK

Rent a dropside truck from SDVH for the most seamless cargo transportation. Our affordable prices and reliability make us one of the top choices for truck rentals in the UK. We also have an extensive network of partners, which allows us to supply rental vehicles to various locations across the country.

Call us today at 020 8168 8158 to submit your details, and our agents will guide you through the rental process. All you need is a debit or credit card for payment and an appropriate driving licence for the vehicle class.

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