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Our LWB Vans

LWB (long-wheelbase) vans refer to vans that have a larger gap between their front and rear wheels. When regular vans are not quite large enough, a LWB van is the solution. These vehicles are perfect for transportation tasks where you need to move plenty of people or things around.

SDVH’s LWB vans are incredibly versatile, with generous loading space for bigger loads. They come equipped with comfortable seating for passengers and storage areas to accommodate luggage and other items.

As expected, you want the premium model in the perfect condition for your transportation venture. In any of our LWB vans, you will get the impression you are the first to sit behind the wheel.

Ford Transit LWB

or similar

LWB 6-Seater Crew Van

LWB 6-Seater Crew Van

or similar

Mercedes Sprinter 4 MTR Auto

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH’s reputation in the van rental industry is unrivalled. We are one of the UK’s leading van rental companies, offering services to customers all over the country. Our fleet contains a wide range of long-wheelbase vans for different occasions, with every vehicle maintained to ensure optimal performance. Reach out to us today to reserve a quality LWB van for personal or business use.

Free Delivery & Collection

SDVH offers bespoke delivery and collection services for all long-wheelbase van rentals. Instead of coming down to our rental station to pick up the vehicle, state your location, and we’ll get it to you. Also, when your rental time elapses, you can give us a call and we’ll arrange a pick-up for free.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

Enjoy unlimited mileage with every rental from SDVH. We believe that our clients deserve to use rental vehicles without restriction, so you don’t incur additional charges for travelling long distances in our LWB vans. This unlimited mileage perk applies to all vehicles except those used for courier services.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

SDVH’s long-wheelbase rental service is available to customers on every part of the UK mainland. We have suppliers spread around the country, making it easy to get your preferred vehicle to you even in the most hidden corners of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

European Cover Option

You’re not restricted to just the UK when you hire a LWB from SDVH. We offer a European cover option that allows you to travel to EU-listed countries such as France, Portugal, Spain and many others in our rental vehicles. Just be sure to inform our agent of your plans as this comes at a small charge.

One Way Vehicle Rental

As part of our plans to make our rental process seamless, we offer a one-way rental service. You can hire an LWB from our office in one city and drop it off at another depot in a different location or have us collect it. Please inform our representatives when booking to avail of this service as it involves a fee.

Insurance Is Included

Every LWB rental package includes comprehensive insurance coverage. We prioritise the safety of our clients, and this insurance policy is our way of ensuring that you’re not solely liable when accidents occur. The insurance cover comes with the hire cost, so there are no added fees.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

Not all customers need our comprehensive insurance coverage. Some drivers are already insured under a company policy, and we believe that it’s not fair for them to pay the same fee as those without insurance. If you belong to this category, you’re entitled to a 10% discount on our hire prices.

Wide Range Available

SDVH’s fleet contains a diverse range of long-wheelbase vans for hire. Whether you’re looking to transport people or cargo, you’re sure to find a vehicle that satisfies your needs. What’s more, our LWB van rental services are available to both businesses and individuals. We also have many other van types at our disposal.

Book Your LWB Van Rental Today!

Hire an LWB van from SDVH at very competitive rates. We are among the most trusted rental companies in the UK, with a diverse fleet that caters to various hire needs. Our vehicle collection includes premium vehicles like the Ford Transit LWB and similar. Call us today on 020 8168 8158 for bookings or enquiries about the availability of any LWB van model.

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Benefits Of LWB Van Hire

LWB vans are highly sought after because they offer many benefits. LWB van rental allows you to enjoy these benefits without actually buying the vehicle.

Extra Space

Space is undoubtedly the most critical benefit of hiring an LWB van model. These vans boast plenty of space for cargo and passengers due to their longer bodies. LWB vans can handle a substantial volume of goods or luggage, making them a great choice when you need to transport a lot of cargo in one go.

Increased Comfort

Long-wheelbase vans offer a smooth and comfortable driving experience despite their size. Because of the large distance between the front and rear wheelbases, there is more time between the front and rear wheels hitting bumps while driving.

Also, premium LWB van models, such as the Ford Transit and Mercedes Benz Sprinter, have incredible suspension and handling. This makes long journeys more pleasant for both the driver and passengers.


A longer wheelbase enhances the stability of the van when driving. This is particularly important for safety reasons, as it helps prevent the van from tipping or swaying when transporting heavy or unevenly distributed cargo.

Also, in the event of an accident, the longer wheelbase ensures there’s more time for the vehicle’s crumple zones to absorb the force of the crash, reducing the risk of injuries to the passengers.

Maximum Transportation Efficiency With SDVH’s LWB Van

Enjoy special rates when you book LWB van hire services from SDVH. As one of the leading rental companies in the country, we guarantee customer satisfaction with every rental. We supply LWB to both businesses and individuals for different purposes.

Get in touch with our expert team on the phone at 020 8168 8158 to book our LWB vans. All you need to secure a rental agreement is a driving licence and a payment card. Also, make sure that additional drivers are present at the time of vehicle delivery for registration, if there are any.

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