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Our Crew Vans

Nothing beats the efficiency of a crew van if you’re looking for a vehicle that can transport many people and cargo simultaneously. SDVH’s crew vans have extra seating behind the driver’s cabin, giving room for more passengers in the vehicle. Whether you’re going on a business or leisure trip, you can hire a crew van to travel in a group with a big luggage and equipment.

SDVH’s crew vans are available for hire in any part of the UK. Our fleet contains five, six and seven-seater options, ensuring that you get just the perfect vehicle for your trip.

We understand that it’s not just about hiring any vehicle but finding one that seamlessly combines comfort and efficiency. That’s what our crew vans offer. Also, our crew van rental prices are very competitive, and you get excellent service to boot.

VW SWB 5 Seater Crew Van

or similar

LWB 6-Seater Crew Van

LWB 6-Seater Crew Van

or similar

Toyota Hilux

or similar


or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

At SDVH, our dedication to ensuring reliable and affordable services for all our customers has made us one of the leading rental companies in the UK. Having been in the van rental industry for several years, we understand the pain points of many hirers and have been able to fine-tune our services for better satisfaction. Reach out to us today for short and long-term bookings of our dependable crew vans.

Free Delivery & Collection

You can save yourself the stress of pickup with SDVH’s crew van hire service. We offer free delivery with every rental, so our agents can drop the vehicle off at your preferred location for free. When your rental period is over, just reach out, and we’ll pick up the van at the specified location.

Unlimited Rental Mileage

SDVH believes that your travel should be unrestricted when you hire a vehicle. That’s why our rental service comes with unlimited mileage, ensuring that the rental fee remains the same regardless of the distance covered. Our unlimited mileage policy applies to all crew vans aside from those used for courier services.

Entire United Kingdom Coverage

You have access to SDVH’s reliable rental services regardless of your location in the United Kingdom. We have an extensive group of suppliers spread across the country, which allows us to get a crew van to you anywhere you are. What’s more, you can drive our vehicles freely across the country.

European Cover Option

Take your trip beyond the UK with our rental service. SDVH offers a European cover option that you can activate to travel to European countries. So whether you need to travel to Spain, Ireland, France or Belgium, you can rent our self-drive van. Just be sure to inform our agents of your travel plans when booking.

One Way Vehicle Rental

As part of our commitment to providing the most stress-free hire service, we go the extra mile to offer one-way crew van rentals, allowing you to drop off the hired vehicle at a different location or have us collect it. Instead of driving back to the original local branch, use this service for ultimte convenience.

Insurance Is Included

At SDVH, your safety will always be our priority. That’s why we provide insurance coverage in addition to supplying reliable vehicles. Our comprehensive insurance policy covers damages to the vehicle and everyone in it. You don’t have to worry about paying for this insurance excess, as it’s included in the hire cost.

Company Own Insurance - 10%

SDVH understands that some people are already covered under a company insurance policy. We believe that it isn’t fair for these customers to pay the same rental fee as those without insurance. So, you’re eligible for a 10% discount on the van hire price if you already have insurance coverage.

Wide Range Available

You have a wide range of crew vans, as well as other vehicle types, to choose from when you rent from SDVH. Our van fleet includes five and six-seater options, equipped with facilities for business and leisure trips. Just provide details of your preferred vehicle when booking, and we’ll make something available to you.

Book Your Crew Van Rental Today!

Book a crew van for any kind of occasion from SDVH. As one of the leading rental companies in the UK, we have a reputation for providing reliable van hire services at very competitive rates. Our versatile vehicle fleet contains a range of crew vans available for both short and long-term hire. Contact our team today on 020 8168 8158 for further enquiries and bookings.

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Benefits Of Crew Van Hire

Let’s delve into some of the major benefits of hiring a crew van.

Ample Seating and Cargo Space

Crew vans provide plenty of space for both people and loads. They typically have seats for between five and six passengers or even more. The seating and luggage capacity make them ideal for trips that require you to transport people and cargo together.

Cost Savings

Hiring a crew van can help save costs when travelling, especially when compared to using multiple small vehicles to transport people. For one, the cost of hiring a crew van is much cheaper than renting two or more cars. By travelling as a group, you also get to save on fuel, tolls and parking costs.


A crew van is great for all kinds of transportation tasks. Its versatility makes it ideal for use as a personal or commercial vehicle. Whether it’s a business trip, family vacation, sports event or school outing, these vehicles provide enough space for the passengers and their belongings. The roomy cargo compartment allows them to accommodate irregular-shaped items like furniture and sports equipment.

Group Travel Around The UK With SDVH’s Crew Van

Hire a crew van from SDVH for seamless group travel within and beyond the UK. Whether you’re going on an adventure with your friends and family or need to transport your crew and carry materials to a job site, our crew van hire service is perfect.

Call us today on 020 8168 8158 to arrange a rental, and one of our agents will guide you through the process. All we need to complete the paperwork is a valid licence and your debit or credit card for payment. Also, make sure that additional drivers are present at the time of rental for proper registration.

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