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Cruise the open road with our Volkswagen Campervan, fully equipped with a bed and kitchen area.

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Open Road Adventure In Comfort & Style

Turn your next adventure into a memorable one with a VW Campervan hire. This compact RV allows you to travel without the restrictions of hotels and campsites, providing a kitchen area and a comfy elevating bed.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a weekend away with friends, the camper has all the essential amenities to make travel smooth and ensure a great experience.


                 External LWH: 4.85m x 2.40m

      MPG: 30-40

Things That Make The VW Campervan Stand Out

Few vehicles can rival the benefits of Volkswagen Campervans when it comes to camping and road trips. These vans come with a range of benefits, which is why VW campervan hire is so popular.

  • Comfort: The VW Camper is built specially for comfort. From modern conveniences to basic amenities like a cosy bed, kitchen area, fridge and stoves, this vehicle has everything you need to feel at home on an open-road adventure.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re planning a coastal drive with your significant other or a weekend adventure without your friends, the camper has everything you need to make it a success. As a plus, it is also built to handle different terrains with ease.
  • Easy to Drive: Despite the numerous features and space it offers, it’s good to remember that the camper van is still built on the chassis of a van, making it easy to manoeuvre compared to large motorhomes. It’s also designed for easy handling, making it accessible to both novice drivers and pros.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen area with a sink and gas hob
  • Pop-top roof & an elevating bed
  • M1 crash-tested rock and roll style bed with an integrated 3-point seat belt
  • Tinted windows with curtains
  • Awning for extra shade when seated outside your campervan
  • 12V compressor fridge that can be powered by the 12V leisure battery or the 240V mains hookup
  • 100W solar panel for additional off-grid power
  • LED lighting
  • One double plug socket

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH holds a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of reliable hire vehicles in the UK. With affordable prices, no hidden charges and a large fleet to cater to diverse needs, it’s easy to see why we’re the number one choice for numerous customers across the UK. Contact us at 020 8168 8158 when you need campervans for hire in any part of the UK or to enquire about live availability.

Stay at home and we’ll get the vehicle to you. SDVH prioritises convenience with every hire and that’s why we offer free delivery with our campervan hire service. Just state your preferred location and the van will be at your doorstep. We’ll also collect it at the end of your hire period.

Travel without having to worry about distance restrictions. SDVH maintains an unlimited mileage policy on rental, which also applies to VW Campers. So whether it’s a short camping trip or a coastal drive where you have to cover plenty of miles, our rental fee remains the same.

You can hire our VW Camper vans from any location in the UK. Whether you’re in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, our large network of vehicle suppliers ensures that we can cater to your rental demands. These vehicles are also available for trips across these regions.

You’re not restricted to trips within the UK if you hire one of our Volkswagen campervans. You can activate SDVH’s European cover option for a small fee when your journey goes beyond the UK. This option covers trips to Ireland, France, Spain and other European countries.

Even if your next trip is one-way, SDVH has got you covered with our one-way rental option. Once you pay for this service, we allow you to drop the vehicle off at another office close to your final destination or have one of our agents collect it at your endpoint.

VW Campervan hire from SDVH comes with comprehensive insurance coverage to guarantee peace of mind. This insurance policy covers the vehicle and its passengers and reduces your liability in an accident. Opt for our optional collision damage excess for further protection.

We understand that not everyone needs our comprehensive insurance coverage. Certain customers are covered under a company policy and we believe they shouldn’t have to pay the same as those without insurance. If this is you, you’re entitled to a 10% discount.

SDVH’s fleet opens you up to a diverse range of vehicles. In addition to VW Campervan hire, we offer different vehicles for hire, ranging from small cars and minibuses to large 44-t trucks. No matter your needs, you’re guaranteed to find a vehicle within our fleet for every occasion.

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About The VW Campervan

The story of Volkswagen’s campers dates back to 1950, around the time when the idea of the VW Transporter was conceived. The company aimed to create a reliable work vehicle that could be an alternative to the VW Beetle. The idea for the design of this van was derived from a sketch by Ben Pon, a Dutch businessman. Over the years, the campervan has become one of the most popular versions of the Transporter.


The VW Transporter and camper designs have evolved gradually to become the campervans we have today.

  • VW T1, 1950- 1967: The Type 2 Transporter was introduced, based greatly on Pon’s sketch. This model was also known as the ‘Splitty’ due to its split windscreen and it included a number of variations. The first campervan version was introduced in 1951 by Westfalia, a German company that specialised in converting VW buses into campers.
  • VW T2, 1967-1979: Following the success of the first generation vans, the T2 Transporter, also known as the ‘Bay Window’ launched. This version got rid of the split windscreen of the T1 and increased the overall size and weight of the vehicle. Volkswagen also added upgrades, such as larger engines and sidebars.
  • VW T3, 1979-1992: Compared to the earlier models with more rounded features, this car had a much squarer design and increased in weight and size again. The T3 was also a favourite among holiday and outdoor enthusiasts because of its increased reliability and the availability of four-wheel drive models.
  • VW T4, 1990-2003: This Transporter iteration was the first to adopt a shape resembling that of the vehicle today. It also featured a water-cooled engine, which made it very popular in the United States. T4 was available in various configurations, including campervan conversions by companies like Westfalia.
  • VW T5, 2003-2016: The T5 was available in short and long-wheelbase variants, with options for low, medium and high rooflines.
  • VW T6, 2015-Present: The sixth and current version of the van is so highly modernised that it feels like a car. On the outside, it had a large rear window for more visibility, while the engine was optimised to be 15% more economical, making it perfect for any long road trip.

The camper might be impressive and comfortable but it’s not built for large-group travel. That’s why we offer VW Shutter hire with space for nine. This bus is also available in an automatic version to meet different preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

The VW Camper has four seats. In addition to the driver’s seat, there is one other seat on the front side of this vehicle. You also have two rear seats, which can transform into a comfy sleeping area. The best part is that you can swivel the two front seats to face the rear seats with a foldout table in between.

You need only a standard Category B licence for VW Campervans. Despite its numerous amenities and space, this vehicle falls under the 3.5-tonne category of vans and, as a result, requires only the standard licence. The VW Camper is also fairly compact, making it easy to find free secure parking during a road trip.

Yes, you can park the campervan in a car park but it depends on the laws of that area. Certain car parks have rules against campervans and other types of recreational vehicles. To be sure, look for signage at the entrance that specifies allowed vehicle types. Also keep in mind that not all car parks permit overnight parking, so while your campervan may be welcome during the day, you might have to find another to park in the long term.

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