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Group Bonding During Long Trips In VW Shuttles

Embarking on a long journey in a VW Transporter Shuttle feel like a breeze with its numerous advanced features. 

You can share stories while enjoying the most comfortable ride with family or a large group of friends. 

There is plenty of space to stretch your legs and bring all the necessities. On top of that, its fuel efficiency makes your travel very affordable.

Volkswagen Shuttle - Manual

External LWH: 5.30m x 1.90m x 1.90m
Payload: 850

Volume cubic (m): 6.5
: 30-45

Things That Make VW Shuttle Stand Out

The VW Transporter Shuttle is a popular and versatile vehicle known for its numerous standout features. Some of the most famous ones are:

  • Convenience and comfort – The sliding doors will give you easy access to the seats and luggage space. It’s perfect for group travel, with more seats and cargo space than popular 7-seaters. There is also a CD player and touchscreen displays to keep you entertained.
  • Fuel efficiency – This vehicle comes with an efficient engine, which helps you save some of your hard-earned money on long trips.
  • Safety options – The shuttle is packed with modern safety features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist and parking assistance systems.

Why Choose SDVH?

Looking to experience comfortable and reliable travel all across the UK? You’re in the right place. SDVH is the ultimate choice for budget-friendly vehicle rentals. We meticulously pamper all our vans to make sure you have a smooth journey. All you need is a valid driving licence and payment card to secure a rental with us. We will tailor your rental deal according to your needs to ensure a top-notch experience.

When you hire a Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle from SDVH, you’ll get free delivery. All you have to do is tell us your location when booking, and we’ll bring the vehicle right to you. We’re saving you both time and money. When your rental period is done, we offer the convenience of our agents picking up your vehicle.

SDVH wants its customers to experience limitless adventures. Who can enjoy family holidays when all you can think about is not crossing a mileage limit? That’s why our VW rental deal also comes with unlimited mileage, so you can have total freedom. This unlimited mileage policy applies to both short and long-term rentals.

You can rent our VW Transporter shuttle, no matter your location in the UK. Our wide network of suppliers makes sure there is availability of our vehicles in the mainland territory. You can hire this vehicle for business trips all over the country or bond with your friends in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Our European cover option allows you to take your VW Transporter Shuttle on an adventure beyond the UK border, experiencing the magic of open roads in any of the EU countries. You can spend your holiday sipping sangria in Spain or admiring the French Riviera. Do note that this perk comes with an additional charge.

Worried about the hassle of retracing your steps to return the vehicle to the rental station? You don’t have to. You can easily drop off your vehicle at one of our depots near your final stop. This comes with a small fee, but once you pay it, you also have the option of us coming and picking up the vehicle at your final destination.

Our services aren’t just about the high-quality wheels; it’s also about creating an easygoing journey. That’s why you also have guaranteed insurance coverage with every hire deal. This policy could come in handy in cases of accidents and minor vehicle damage. There is no fee for this, but you can opt for a CDW for more protection.

Some companies already stepped out for their employees and covered them with their own insurance policy. SDVH thinks it’s only fair that you don’t have to pay for additional insurance you don’t even need. So if your insurance is already sorted out, SDVH offers you a sweet 10% discount on your rental fee.

SDVH doesn’t only offer VW transporter shuttle vehicles. Our rent service covers diverse needs, from personal to commercial ones. You can explore the UK’s open road and beyond with our range of high-quality vans, including campers and Sprinter vans. Our car, minibus and truck options are top-tier as well. All in all, your dream ride is one booking away.

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About The VW Shuttle

With its state-of-the-art safety system and plenty of room for passengers and luggage, it’s not so hard to see why this VW Shuttle is a trusted choice for group travel around the world. It has a long history of evolution since the development of the first set of vehicles in 1950. The first generation is labelled T1, and the following ones extend through to T7.

History and Evolution

It took years for the Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle to develop the specifications mentioned above. Here is a brief breakdown of its journey:

  1. First Generation: The first generation of this vehicle was derived from the Volkswagen Beetle, and it features a split front windshield.
  2. Second Generation: Here, vehicles got a bit heavier and larger. They were nicknamed “the Baywindom” and “the Breadloaf”.
  3. Third Generation: This era spiced things up with some design changes. It brought chrome-plated steel bumpers and round headlights to the scene.
  4. Fourth Generation: This generation introduced automatic transmission models in its lineup. SDVH offers the automatic version of the VW Transporter Shuttle for an effortless driving experience.
  5. Fifth Generation: T5 zoomed onto the scene with a slick, aerodynamic makeover.
  6. Sixth Generation: The sixth generation boasted a new dashboard layout and a cleaner six-cylinder diesel engine.
  7. Seventh Generation: Starting in 2021, it features petrol, diesel and PHEV variants. The star of the show was the minivan, while the panel vans are reserved for release in 2024.

Fun Facts

  • Brazil’s factories produced T2 models until 2013, when they had to stop because of safety regulations.
  • Celebrities like Robbie Williams, Jamie Oliver and Roger Daltrey have all owned the Transporter.
  • The TV show Lost featured multiple VW Shuttles on the island.

Frequently Asked Questions

Different versions of the VW Shuttle have different seat numbers. The nine-seater version offers the highest number of seats, and it’s perfect for most people looking to rent a VW Shuttle. If you opt for the 9-seater minibus hire deal, you’ll have enough space for a driver and up to eight passengers. But there are other options on the market, such as 5-seaters, 6-seaters, 7-seaters and 8-seaters.

Camper, Kombi, Passenger and Panel vans are other models of the VW Transporter family besides the Shuttle. The Volkswagen Transporter family includes different models that cater to diverse needs and different kinds of people. They can usually be used for both personal travel and commercial tasks like business trips and cargo transportation.

In case you need more seats than nine seats, you should opt for a minibus, a vehicle that offers more seating. SDVH is happy to help you solve this problem. Our extensive fleet offers high-quality minibuses. The choice consists of 12-seaters, 15-seaters, and 17-seaters. You’ll get a comfortable vehicle at an affordable price.

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