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Crew Van: From Leisure To Commercial Use

From spontaneous road trips to business ventures, this crew van does it all.

If you jump behind its wheels, you’ll experience a unique combination of comfort and style.

With its compact size, it has just enough space to fit 5 people but is still small enough so you can move seamlessly through urban areas. 

Overall, it’s a great vehicle to use, whether you’re chasing sunsets or chasing money.

Internal LWH : 1.57m x 1.77m x 1.40m
External LWH : 5.18m x 2.20m x 1.96m

Things That Make VW Transporter Stand Out

VW Transporter is a true icon in the world of vans, and its unmatched quality and style design are some of the main things that set it apart. Other features include:

  • Generous seating and cargo capacity – The van will help you comfortably transport five people, including all their luggage.
  • Fuel efficiency – This crew van boasts efficient engine options that won’t break the bank.
  • Driving Ease – It’s a small van, and its size will make driving through urban areas easier. If you want to check out our small van hire deals, click here.
  • Advanced technology – You’ll get to enjoy air-conditioning, an advanced safety system and other tech perks.

Why Choose SDVH?

If you opt for a passenger van hire deal at SDVH, you’ll get a service specifically tailored to your desires at affordable prices. Being in the van rental industry for years, SDVH understands all the pain points van rental can provide, and we managed to fine-tune our offerings to address common hire concerns. And our service doesn’t just stop at vans. Whether you need an economical car, a panel van, or a spacious minibus and truck, our fleet has the capacity to satisfy all your needs.

We’re here to make your life easier, so when you opt to book your VW Transporter vans with SDVH, you’ll also get to have a free delivery service. Life can become hectic at times, and having the option to get your rented vehicle delivered to your preferred location can make things so much simpler. We can come and pick it up as well.

SDVH wants you to experience the joy of driving a Volkswagen Transporter with no limits on your travel quest. Our van rental deals will provide you with unlimited mileage. You’ll have the freedom to explore your desired destination without worrying about crossing any limits. We offer this perk for both short and long-term rentals.

You can hire a crew van no matter where you are in the UK. SDVH has built a wide-reaching network of suppliers over the years, which allows us to offer van rental deals across the UK. You can explore all the stunning locations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our vehicles are of the highest quality for long journeys.

Want to add some European flair to your journey? You can rent a Transporter van or Transporter shuttle and roam around other EU countries for just a reasonable additional fee. No matter if you want to take your family on holiday or have business abroad, we’ll provide you with an ideal vehicle. Just clue us in on your plans when booking, and we’ll take over.

Having to drive all the way back to the rental station can ruin your travel plans. We already decided to offer our customers a one-way rental service. For a small fee, you can drop your rented vehicle at the nearest depot. If you decide to go with this perk, you also have the option of having us pick up your vehicle at your final destination.

We’re adamant about not risking our customers’ safety. SDVH wants you to have peace of mind when you hop into our crew vans, and that’s why every rent deal comes with comprehensive insurance coverage. It will be your shield in case of minor damages, and it will protect passengers as well. We also offer a Collision Damage Waiver.

Some of you might come already prepared with your own insurance coverage. We thought about that too. We won’t force you to pay for something you already have. Instead, to make things fair, we decided to dish out a 10% discount on your hire cost. That way you’ll get to enjoy a comfortable ride with extra savings on the side!

SDVH has an extensive fleet of premium vehicles ready to be delivered to you at any moment. Our wide range of vans can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Minivans, Luton vans, panel vans, campervans for road trips, whatever van you need, we can rent it to you, no matter if it’s a business or pleasure occasion.

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About The Model

If you’re looking for a vehicle in which versatility meets style and practicality is combined with comfort, a crew van brings all that to the table.

History and Evolution

Let’s see a brief breakdown of how this multipurpose van developed over the years:

  1. First generation (1950-1967): Also known as the legendary ‘Splitty’, this van boasted a split windshield.
  2. Second Generation (1967- 1979): This generation brought a single-piece curved windshield and an interior with more space.
  3. Third Generation (1979- 1992): Nicknamed ‘Vanagon’, this vehicle generation introduced its customers to water-cooled engines.
  4. Fourth Generation (1990- 2003): T4 was a game changer for this brand. It introduced vans with automatic transmissions. Learn more about our automatic van hire deals.
  5. Fifth Generation (2003-2015): This generation had vehicles with a sleek, car-like interior. It added more safety features.
  6. Sixth Generation (2015- onwards): Building on the T5’s success, this generation improved in efficiency, safety and tech upgrades. It added electric and hybrid van versions.

If you’re on the hunt for the best possible crew van hire offer, we have some awesome options to make your journey a seamless experience.

Fun Facts

  • To this day, more than 13 million VW Transporter vans have been produced all over the world.
  • This popular van was featured in the TV show Lost.
  • It’s nicknamed ‘Bulli’ in Germany.

Speaking of multipurpose vans, our fleet of SWB vans can have the right vehicle for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, five people can sit comfortably in a VW Transporter. It’s a five-seater van, which means that it is designed for five people to sit. Of course, having only four people will result in more space, which might be more comfortable, but overall, there is enough room for five people to have an enjoyable ride.

Yes, there is a bigger version of the VW Transporter for hire. The Volkswagen Transporter van comes in various models and sizes. One of them is the VW Transporter MWB van we offer for rent. It’s an automatic version of the VW Transporter, medium-sized, and it can provide you with more space in case you need to fit more people or more objects. In that context, see our 6-seaters for hire.

Yes, there is a noticeable difference in the price between a manual and automatic VW Transporter. These differences, however, don’t depend solely on the type of transmission. They can be based on many optional extras, such as additional insurance, EU location cover, and one-way rental price. It’s better to call us directly so we can discuss your specific requirements, and then you can get an accurate van rental price.

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