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Secure comfortable and reliable Ford Transit 15-seater minibus hire options with SDVH.

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15-Seater: Where Space Meets Comfort For Larger Crews

Taking your crew on a trip to Glasgow or Madrid? There’s no better option than the Ford Transit minibus. It’s the perfect combo of space and comfort. This versatile and spacious vehicle has everything you need for a long voyage.

Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip halfway across Europe, the Transit is the ideal choice. The reliable Transit 15-seater can handle just about any journey without the need for roadside assistance.

Ford Minibus

       External LWH: 6.50m x 2.00m x 2.50m

Things That Make Ford Minibus 15-Seater Stand Out

The Ford Transit 15-seater minibus is an excellent example of an all-around dependable and practical minibus hire option. But what makes it so good, exactly?

  • Spaciousness: The Ford Transit is pretty spacious for a 15-passenger van. Every passenger can fit comfortably and store items.
  • Dependability: Worried about a self-drive minibus hire breaking down and needing roadside assistance? Don’t sweat it. The Ford Transit is considered an incredibly dependable minibus for short and long trips.
  • Extensive safety features: Anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, as well as driver and side airbags, are just some of the safety features of this 15-passenger van. It’s one of the safest options if you’re looking for minibus hire.

Why Choose SDVH?

At SDVH, we provide our clients with the ideal 15-seater minibus hire experience. We have extremely reliable and well-maintained vehicles in our extensive UK fleet for all occasions. Wherever or however you want to drive, hiring a minibus at SDVH is a smooth and streamlined experience. Contact us to learn about the many benefits that you’ll get from our well-packaged deals for daily self-drive minibus hire and monthly rentals.

Taking the trip to the depot to pick up or drop off a minibus is quite an inconvenience, so why bother? Use our free delivery and collection service instead! No matter where you are in the UK, we will get you the vehicle you need and also collect it at the end of your rental period without any charge.

Don’t worry about any mileage caps when hiring a vehicle from SDVH. The price is the same whether you need a 15-passenger minibus hire for a 10 or 100-mile trip. We offer unlimited rental mileage for our minibus, car, truck and van hire, so you can hit the road without worrying about hidden costs.

The UK is a pretty big place, but you won’t ever feel stranded on the mainland with SDVH. We let you hire a vehicle anywhere in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland without issue. Just contact us with your desired pick-up location, and we’ll send a vehicle your way.

Don’t sweat it if you need to rent a minibus to go outside the UK for a while. With our Europe cover option, you can take a vehicle abroad to any EU country (and some places outside the EU) for a small fee. If you want to hit the Azure coast or visit Berlin, SDVH van hire is the way to go.

Why waste time taking the vehicle back to the same depot when going on a one-way trip? Activate our one-way rental option for a small fee and drop it off at a depot closer to your destination. Once you pay, you can also make use of our collection service and have us pick it up.

No matter how safe you think you are on the road, accidents can happen. You can rest easy knowing you have insurance coverage with every minibus and van hire with SDVH. This extra protective cover is already factored into the price of the hire, but you can opt for a Collision Damage Waiver

Many drivers already have third-party liability insurance from their companies, and it wouldn’t be fair for them to pay as much as other valued clients who don’t. That’s why we give them a flat 10% discount on our vehicles, from the Transit 15-seater minibus to other options.

At SDVH, you’ll find a wide variety of extremely reliable minibus hire vehicles to suit your driving needs. We offer bespoke deals for 7-seaters, 9-seater shuttles and 17-seater minibuses. Our fleet also contains a wide variety of commercial vans for different tasks.

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About The Ford Transit Minibus 15-Seater

The Ford Transit 15-passenger is a great example of Ford’s ability to create a dependable, spacious and comfortable minibus.

History of the Ford Transit Minibus

The development of the Ford Transit has a fascinating history behind it. The vehicle dates back to 1953, when it was known as the FK 1000, which was a cargo van. The 4-door minibus version of the Ford Transit was released in the first generation’s 1977 facelift. It featured petrol and diesel engine versions and a revamped front look with a longer nose section.

Later generations introduced massive updates to the chassis and engines. The Transit was available in automatic and manual transmission options, with a large variation in body types. Ford continues to introduce major updates for this van to ensure maximum performance and dependability.

If you’re not interested in our 15-passenger van, SDVH also offers Ford Transits with 12 seats and even versions with 17 seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are other differences between Ford Transit minibuses besides the number of seats, such as the amount of space available. For example, the 15-seater version of the minibus has more luggage space than the 12-seater minibus. Additionally, these buses vary by size to accommodate different numbers of passengers.

Yes, each passenger will have enough room if the Ford Minibus is carrying all 15 passengers. The seats offer enough space for a large group to sit comfortably while bringing a small amount of luggage. Reclining seats and armrests are also standard features, allowing passengers to relax during their travels.

No, you can’t drive a Ford Minibus 15-seater with a normal car licence. You must be 21 or older and have a D1 class on your driving licence to drive a Ford Transit 15-seater minibus. This also applies to bigger commercial self-drive vans. Those without the D1 certification have to secure a PCV licence to hire and drive this vehicle.

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