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Comfortable and dependable Ford Transit minibus 12-seater for hire at SDVH.

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Twelve Seats of Elegance: Ford Minibus Designed For All Gatherings

Ford’s standout minibus gives you everything you need for a trip. 

With a smooth and dependable drive that comes with a high passenger capacity, the Transit 12-seater proves itself to be a top-tier minibus. 

It’s the ideal choice when you need transportation for a gathering of any sort, whether it’s for a camp in the great outdoors or a large business meeting in another city.

Ford Transit Minibus

Things That Make Ford Minibus 12-Seater Stand Out

The Ford Transit 12-seater minibus isn’t just your standard, everyday people carrier. There are some benefits that make it stand out.

  • Comfort: This 12-seater minibus is built with comfort in mind. The spacious seats ensure passengers are comfortable even during long journeys. It also features decent luggage space for personal items.
  • Reliability: Who needs roadside assistance when you’re in a Ford Transit 12-seater? It’s considered an incredibly dependable minibus, reducing the likelihood of breakdown.
  • Safety: The Euro NCAP awarded the Ford Transit a gold medal for commercial van safety. It’s one of the safer vehicles you can hire for transporting small groups.

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is a top UK vehicle hire company that offers vanminivanminibus and people carrier hire alongside various other car models. We guarantee our clients extremely reliable, quality vehicles, as well as delivery and collection service with no hidden costs. We offer a wide range of Ford Transit models, from 7-seater minibuses to 9-seaters and even up to 17-seaters. So, give us a call today to rent your preferred vehicle.

We provide our users with a free delivery and collection service that makes renting a Ford Transit 12-seater minibus a breeze. You don’t have to go to the rental depot to pick up or drop off a minibus. We’ll do it for you free of charge, no matter where you are in the UK.

Want to take a Ford Transit 12-seater minibus on a long trip through the United Kingdom or abroad? Whether you decide to drive 10 or 200 miles per day, it’s going to cost the same. We don’t impose mileage caps on our vehicles, and there are no hidden costs for long trips.

SDVH offers Ford Transit 12-seater minibus hire throughout the UK mainland. Our extensive fleet of vehicles is available for rent anywhere in Wales, England, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Hire a minibus or minivan anywhere on the mainland with ease with SDVH.

There are times when you need to take a minibus outside the UK. That’s where our Europe cover option comes in. You can take an SDVH vehicle abroad to various European countries for a small fee. This Europe cover perk also comes with the unlimited mileage.

We offer a one-way minibus hire option that allows you to return a vehicle to a depot closer to your final destination. This service incurs a small fee but saves you the stress of driving back to our depot. Alternatively, you can contact us and have our agents pick up the vehicle.

We include insurance with our rentals to offer accident protection. It covers small damages to the vehicle and any passengers inside. You can also get an optional collision damage waiver for additional protection. The cost of insurance is included in the price of the rentals.

There’s no need to pay extra for insurance if your company offers it from the start. We don’t want our customers to pay for insurance if they don’t need it. That’s why we offer a 10% discount for every minibus hire for drivers that already have comprehensive coverage.

SDVH offers a wide variety of extremely reliable minibus vehicles for hire. You can rent a Ford Transit 12-seater minibus or opt for models with more or less capacity. We offer passenger vans, 7-seater and 17-seater minibuses, among many other vehicle models.

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About The Ford Transit Minibus 12-Seater

The Ford Transit 12-seater minibus displays Ford’s ability to make an elegant and practical vehicle for transporting multiple passengers. There’s a long history of development for the Ford Transit and its various body and chassis types.

Ford Transit History

  • First generation: The broad track of the Transit gave it an advantage in carrying capacity compared to the standard van, minivan and minibus models at the time.
  • Second generation: The second generation was released with six body styles: van, bus, pickup, minibus, Luton van, chassis cab and crew cab.
  • Third generation: The third generation of the Transit featured new, powerful engines like the Puma-type Duratorq diesel and High-Pressure Common Rail engine.
  • Fourth generation: The fourth and current generation of the Transit presented the E-transit with 25 combinations of height, wheelbase length, and gross vehicle weight rating.

You can find Ford Transits with 15 seats in our fleet, along with 17-seater options. We also offer van and minivan hire for your delivery and cargo carry needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The version with 12 seats is the most wanted Ford Transit minibus. It has enough space to carry 12 passengers comfortably and even store items in the back. The Ford Transit 12-seater is the ideal choice for most small groups. Whether you’re going camping or on music tours, it’s a great minibus hire option. You can have a look at some SDVH 12-seater minibus hire deals on our page.

The Ford Transit minibus with 12 seats is the most popular one because it provides the perfect balance between accommodating larger groups and maintaining flexibility. It’s suitable for various purposes, such as group travel, transportation services and community organisations. All these require more passenger and luggage space but still don’t need a vehicle that accommodates a huge group of people.

Ford minibus 12-seaters are most used for transport needs such as airport transfers, camping trips and business travel. A minibus hire is a good idea when you need to go on a short or long group trip. Their reliability means you don’t have to worry about seeking roadside assistance when travelling.

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