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Experience luxury and premium performance with a Mercedes C-Class hire at SDVH.

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Luxury + Performance =

SDVH’s Mercedes C-Class is the epitome of automotive excellence. Crafted from premium materials and with impeccable attention to detail, this car is designed for you to make a statement with every mile.

Whether you’re driving city streets or cruising the open road, the seamless blend of power, style and efficiency gives you maximum confidence. With so many comfort features, every journey in this saloon car promises to be a great experience.

Mercedes C-Class

Things That Make C-Class Stand Out

The Mercedes C-Class isn’t just any car model. It offers a range of features and characteristics that make it stand out as a luxury car.

  • Beautiful Design: The attractive design of the Mercedes C-Class makes it alluring to onlookers.
  • Comfortable and Spacious: It has a roomy interior, plush leather seats and chrome finishes for lovers of design. There’s also an air conditioner for temperature regulation.
  • Powerful Engines: The peppy engine ensures a smooth ride and unlimited fun on the road.
  • Features: Think of any feature, and the Mercedes C-class is almost certain to have it. It comes with anti-lock braking and power steering for enhanced control, as well as airbags and fog lights for safety. This premium Mercedes-Benz model also features alloy wheels for improved handling and Sat Nav for seamless navigation when driving.
  • Driving Experience: The Mercedes C-Class features various driving modes, ranging from Comfort, Eco and Individual to Sport and Sport+. The driver also benefits from the perfect positioning of the dashboard and Command touchpad.

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is one of the leading suppliers of premium cars in the UK. When you need to turn up in style or make a statement at an event, you can trust us to deliver the perfect vehicle. Our cars promise pleasure and they are also well-maintained to ensure maximum performance on the road. Speak to our sales team to reserve the C-Class today. We guarantee great service and exceptional prices.

Save yourself the stress of a visit to the rental station when you rent the magnificent Mercedes C-Class from SDVH. We offer free delivery aimed at getting the vehicle to you no matter your location in the UK. When the rental period is over, we’ll also pick up the car for free.

Hiring a premium car like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class should come with unrestricted travel freedom. That’s why we offer unlimited mileage with our rental, allowing you to go on long journeys without incurring extra charges. This perk applies to long and short-term rentals.

You can hire our Mercedes C-Class from any location in the UK. Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to cater to rental demands across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can also drive this premium vehicle freely across all these locations.

You can hire our Mercedes C-Class for journeys to other EU countries for a small charge. Whether you have a business meeting or another occasion in France, Spain or any other EU-listed country, our vehicle is available to you. Just make sure to inform our team of your plans when booking.

Save yourself the stress of returning a hired Mercedes C-Class to the original rental station. SDVH offers a one-way rental service that allows you to hire the car in one location and drop it off at our office in another location. We can also pick it up at your endpoint.

To show our dedication to your safety, our Mercedes-Benz C-Class rental comes with comprehensive insurance coverage pre-added to the hire cost. This insurance policy covers minor damages to the vehicle and everyone in it, giving you more confidence on the road.

Some of our customers are already covered under a company insurance policy, and we believe it’s not fair for drivers with insurance to pay the same hire fee as those without insurance. So, SDVH offers a 10% discount on the hire cost if you already have insurance coverage.

SDVH’s fleet gives you access to a wide range of vehicle options. Our diverse network of suppliers allows us to deliver a Mercedes C-Class to you on short and long-term rental deals. We also offer various other premium vehicles for corporate events and fancy outings.

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About The Mercedes C-Class

The C-Class has been one of Mercedes’ standout models since 1993, when it was introduced as a replacement for the 190 (W201) range. The premium midsize car is one of the most popular in the Mercedes-Benz line, with 59,215 units sold across Europe between January and November 2022.

History And Evolution

Since its initial launch, the Mercedes C-Class has undergone a series of upgrades with modern features, making it the luxurious vehicle you know today.

  1. First Generation: The C-Class introduced Mercedes fans to a smoother design than the boxier 190, which it replaced. It featured design elements from other Merc models, including styling cues like short, high trunk and taller tail lights.
  2. Second Generation: The second generation was the first modern Mercedes C-Class for many. These vehicles featured a range of refined features, including diesel and petrol engines, as well as a curvier, more trendy look. There was also an AMG-tweaked model for anyone who desired more performance.
  3. Third Generation: As the Mercedes C-Class evolved into the third generation, it arrived with a wider track and longer wheelbase, which made for more interior space and enhanced comfort. The Mercedes C-Class received a facelift with a revised dashboard, new LED tail lights and a new front fascia and headlights.
  4. Fourth Generation: Mercedes-Benz prioritised efficiency with the launch of the fourth generation. These cars were compact, lighter and provided quality performance. They also came with modern features like a central touchpad and satellite navigation.
  5. Fifth Generation: So here we are – with the fifth generation. These prestige cars were launched in 2021 with powerful four-cylinder engines for maximum speed. Mercedes also incorporated more technological improvements.

We also offer the E-Class for hire for the ones who want a bit bigger and more elegant version while keeping the well-known level of performance and luxury features.

Fun Facts

  • The Mercedes C-Class has featured in various racing series, including the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters.
  • The main competitors for the C-Class in the car market are the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4.
  • Germany and Great Britain have been the largest sales markets for the Mercedes C-Class saloon and estate models in Europe.
  • The Mercedes C-Class is made up of soft-touch leather on the inside and aluminium on the exterior.

When speaking about luxury car hire, we offer the Range Rover and similar models for the ones who want to mix class with robustness and off-road capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some other models in the same category as the C-Class include the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Lexus IS and Jaguar XE. However, the BMW and Audi cars stand out as the main competitors to this stylish Mercedes vehicle. Both series are available at around the same price as C-Class models. They offer high-performance and modern, comfy interiors.

The average fuel consumption of the C-Class is between 6 and 9 litres per 100 kilometres for the petrol engine. Diesel engines are usually more efficient, offering between 5 and 7 litres per 100 kilometres. However, these figures are only approximate, and the actual fuel consumption can vary depending on the engine and road conditions.

No, the C-Class is not better than the E-Class. Both the Mercedes C-Class and E-Class models are luxurious, offering great perks and amazing levels of comfort. However, the E-Class is larger, more posh and it features a range of advanced technology features. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class remains the perfect choice for anyone who values agility and performance because of its smaller, sportier design.

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