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Tipper’s versatility and SDVH’s flexibility give you the maximum business capability.

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Leave Your Shovel At Home

With its strength to tackle any job and overall practicality, the Ford Transit Tipper has your back – and your load. 

It’s one of the construction industry’s favourites, and it can turn heavy lifting into a breeze. The modern hydraulic mechanism will tip any cargo in a second.

You’ll see that this truck is super easy to drive and still can do the complicated and hard work, which is a superb combination. 

Moreover, you need only a B licence to drive it, and the mechanism is simple and effortless to operate.

Ford Transit Tipper

Internal LWH: 2.7m x 1.8
Payload: 900

Things That Make Ford Transit Tipper Stand Out

Beloved by many, the powerful Ford Transit Tipper boasts many standout features. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • Versatility – It’s the ultimate multitasker! No matter if you’re in the construction business or need to transport irregularly shaped items, this vehicle has got your back.
  • Seamless unloading – A simple button tilts the load to the desired angle, making unloading a breeze.
  • Durable build – Transit tipper is designed to withstand the rigours of daily work. This reliability is highly appreciated in every kind of industry.
  • Safety and driving ease – Its clever design cuts down the chances of accidents during loading and unloading. It also boasts modern safety features for drivers. Compared to trucks, it’s significantly easier to manoeuvre it.

Why Choose SDVH?

We’ve been serving drivers with stellar hire deals for a while now, and we’ve managed to build a reputation for high-quality service. We take the lead when it comes to affordability and providing drivers and passengers with a wide range of vehicles. We pay special attention when maintaining all our vehicles, both for safety and aesthetic purposes. If you’re ready to hit the road, all you have to do is reach out to our friendly agents, and we can arrange whatever vehicle hire deal you need.

When you hire vehicles at SDVH, you’ll experience the breeze of flexible hire service as you’ll be spared from going to the rental station. Our free delivery service ensures that your tipper van is just a call away from you, anywhere in the UK. When your rental period finishes, we can also whisk away the vehicle at no extra cost to you.

If you need to transport something for your business in the tipper van, the last thing you want to think about is surpassing some arbitrary limits. SDVH can supply you with a solution for this problem. When you roll with us, you also have the privilege of unlimited mileage, so you can conduct your business without restrictions.

Fretting you might not be able to hire tipper vans in another UK location? SDVH has got your back with flexible hire deals and premium vehicles all across the mainland. We managed to build a fantastic supply network, all so that you can snag the keys to your vehicle anywhere in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Are you planning to visit and do business in some European gems? For a small fee, you can hire tipper vans of the highest quality for that endeavour. SDVH knows jobs and other tasks can take you to EU countries, so we offer rental vehicles for trips there. You just need to contact our agents and tell them all the details when booking.

Maybe you want to hire a tipper van for your business, but you find all the hassle of returning it back to the rental station a nightmare. SDVH understands you, and we’ve come up with a solution. For a small charge, you can leave your rented vehicle at one of our other depots close to your location. You have the option of us picking it up as well.

Tipper vans are known to be reliable, and we believe our customers are excellent drivers. However, some accidents are inevitable, and it’s always good to be prepared. That’s why SDVH offers fully comprehensive insurance with every vehicle hire deal. It protects from any minor damages, but we also offer a CDW.

If you’re already protected with your own insurance policy and aren’t in need of ours, we won’t make you go through double payment when booking our tipper trucks. In fact, we want to sweeten the deal for you. So we offer you a 10% discount on your vehicle hire price. This way, you’ll save some extra pounds to splash on whatever you want.

Drivers will get to choose from a wide range of different vehicles with different dimensions. All of them are pampered with top-notch care and are ready to conquer the road together with you. Whether you need them for a quick ride or long-term, just flash your valid driving licence and credit/debit card, and voila- you’re all set for the ride!

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About The Ford Transit Tipper

Designed to thrive in rugged terrain and bustling job sites, the Ford Transit Tipper is a perfect example of resilience and durability. It can stand the toughest of tasks without breaking a sweat. And behind this technological marvel are years of evolution to make it such a notable part of Ford Transit’s legacy.

History and Evolution

When the Ford Transit first hit the scene in 1965, people couldn’t get enough of this spacious and broad-bodied commercial vehicle. It had its first significant makeover in 1978 and has continued to develop ever since. Today, it boasts four successful generations.

Tipper as a type of vehicle first appeared in the late 19th century and became popular during the First World War. It was a genius invention that made unloading goods as easy as baking a pie. Now, it’s not surprising that the fusion of the Ford Transit and the tipper mechanism created a commercial vehicle that’s still rocking the roads and helping industries all around the world.

If you’re considering opting for dropside van hire deals, we have fantastic and affordable Ford Transit dropside offers.

And if you want to bring your construction business to an elite level and reach new heights, there is no better choice than a cherry picker, and our cherry picker model is the top-tier option.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Transit tipper can carry a weight of up to 1500 kg. This is a 3.5-tonne van, and what’s convenient about it is that it requires a normal driving licence even though it can transport heavy loads. It’s an ideal solution for transporting aggregate materials. To find out more about our 3.5-tonne van hire offerings, click here.

To operate a tipper, you need to follow a few steps. Since it’s a bit of a complicated vehicle, you need to be careful. Always begin with a pre-start check to ensure everything is in order. Keep an eye on the possible obstacles in your environment that could potentially block your way. Ease up on the gas, move slowly and keep a safe berth from other vehicles.

The Ford Transit Tipper is generally considered a light commercial truck, even though it’s often put together with vans because it’s built on the van platform. Together with tail lift vehicles, it’s one of the best options to load and dump heavy loads, such as construction materials. See more of our tail lift hire deals.

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