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Boost your unload efficiency and workload capacity with efficient 7.5-tonne tipper rental services.

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Superb Hauling – Perfect Unloading

Power meets capacity in the form of the 7.5-tonne tipper truck. 

These lorries are designed for robust tasks across various industries, ranging from construction and landscaping to waste management.

Equipped with hydraulic bodies, tipper trucks facilitate the loading and unloading of loose materials. 

They still can manoeuvre congested cities and tight spaces in spite of being a 7.5t lorry. However, you need a C1 licence.

Tipper Lorry

External LWH: 6m x 2.50m x 2.26m
Payload : 3500

Internal LWH: 3.80m x 2.10m

Things That Make 7.5-Tonne Tipper Truck Stand Out

Our 7.5t tipper truck hire is a popular choice across various industries due to the unique blend of features of this vehicle.

  • Loading and Unloading Efficiency: Tipper trucks feature a hydraulic tipping mechanism that ensures quick and hassle-free unloading.
  • Heavy-Duty Capability: With a gross capacity of 7.5 tonnes, these trucks are built to handle substantial loads with ease.
  • Versatility: These 7.5t lorries also transport diverse loads, ranging from landscaping waste and agricultural products to construction materials.

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of rental vehicles. With a fleet that caters to diverse needs and a reputation for offering fair prices, we are the prime choice for rentals all around the UK mainland. We guarantee flexible rental options, catering to short and long-term hire demands while offering an additional driver option. Contact us today for tipper truck bookings or further information about other options. All you need is your driving licence and your credit or debit card.

Skip a visit to the office whenever you need to hire a 7.5t tipper truck. We offer free delivery services, so trust us to get the vehicle to you no matter your location. All you have to do is state your location when booking. You can also secure a free collection by requesting it upon booking.

SDVH’s rental service comes with unlimited mileage, allowing you to travel without restriction. This unlimited mileage policy allows you to drive long distances without incurring any additional charges. Our unlimited hire mileage perk applies to both short and long-term rentals, business or personal.

SDVH caters to rental demands from all across the United Kingdom. Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to deliver tipper trucks to customers across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. What’s more, you’re welcome to drive our vehicles freely around these regions.

You can even hire our vehicles for journeys beyond the UK border. You’re welcome to take our 7.5t trucks to EU-listed countries such as Ireland, France, Italy and Spain. However, make sure to inform our agents of your travel plans when booking, as this service comes at a small charge.

You don’t have to worry about returning to the starting point after completing a task. SDVH offers a paid one-way rental service that allows you to hire a vehicle in one UK location and drop it off at another office close to your final destination. Alternatively, we can collect the vehicle at your endpoint.

While accidents are rare, SDVH prefers to stay ahead of these unfortunate events. That’s why we present an insurance coverage plan for every vehicle rental. The insurance, pre-added to the booking cost, covers the vehicle and the people in it, allowing you to drive with more confidence.

We understand that not all customers need our insurance protection. Some drivers are already covered under a company insurance policy and shouldn’t have to pay the same as drivers without insurance. Therefore, these customers are entitled to a 10% discount on the hire price.

SDVH’s fleet contains an array of vehicles for different occasions. Our wide network of suppliers allows us to deliver the perfect 7.5t tipper truck for companies across various industries. Our collection also features a diverse array of other trucks for short and long-term hire, as well as other vehicle types.

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About The 7.5-Tonne Tipper Truck

The 7.5t tipper truck is a medium-sized lorry for transporting and unloading bulk materials. This vehicle features a hydraulic rear side that tilts to facilitate the unloading of items.

These 7.5t lorries are great for a wide range of projects, including construction, waste management and landscaping. The actual amount of material you can fit inside these trucks varies, but the gross weight of the vehicle cannot exceed 7.5 tonnes.

Facts About The 7.5-Tonne Tipper Truck

Here are some key points to note about the 7.5-t tipper truck:

  • Payload: The actual payload of this vehicle depends on its weight and particular model. But on average, expect about 2,500 kg (2.5 tonnes).
  • Driving Licence Requirements: You need a C1 entitlement on your driving licence to hire and operate a 7.5t tipper truck. Anyone hoping to drive this vehicle commercially must also hold a CPC card.
  • Use Cases: Companies across various industries see the tipper truck as a perfect vehicle for cargo transport. Landscapers and agriculture companies use these vehicles to transport materials like soil, gravel and waste.

See our other 7.5-lorry types for hire here.

Popular Tipper Truck Models

Many vehicle makers offer tipper trucks in the 7.5-tonne category.

  • Mercedes-Benz Atego: This series from Mercedes is versatile, with various body styles for 7.5-t tippers.
  • Iveco Eurocargo: The Eurocargo series from Iveco is another popular truck model commonly adapted as a tipper truck.
  • DAF Trucks: This Dutch truck manufacturing company also has 7.5t models suitable for tipper conversions.

Various tasks require different vehicle types. We have a 7.5t box truck7.5t dropside and 7.5 curtain-side lorry for hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between a 7.5t tipper and a dropside truck is the presence of a hydraulic lifting mechanism. The rear side of a tipper truck is equipped with a hydraulic system to facilitate the unloading of materials by tipping them out. On the other hand, a dropside truck has flatbed sides that you can lower to access the cargo area easily.

A 7.5-tonne tipper usually can carry about 2,500 kg (2.5 tonnes), but some models carry up to 3,500 kg. The exact payload varies across makes and models. To determine the payload of any tipper truck, all you have to do is subtract the gross weight from its actual weight. You can also check the manufacturer’s specifications or the vehicle plate for details about its payload.

A 7.5-tonne tipper is between 6 and 7 metres long, 2.5 to 3.5 metres tall and around 2.5 metres wide. The exact size of the vehicle depends on its makers and its design. For the load bed, length ranges between 3 and 4 metres, height: 2 and 2.5 metres and width: 0.4 to 0.6 metres.

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