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The Most Cargo Space In Our Vans + Easy Loading

SDVH offers you an incredibly convenient cargo transport experience with the Ford Transit Luton van. This is the biggest van we offer.

Not only does this model have a ton of space in the back, but it makes loading and unloading cargo a breeze with its tail lift. This equipment can carry the load up to 500 kg.

With its great volume and loading assisntace, the Ford Transit Luton is the obvious choice when you need to transport big cargo with just a B licence.

Ford Luton Tail Lift

Internal LWH: 3.65m x 2.00m x 2.00m
External LWH: 6.50m x 2.10m x 3.15m
Payload: 1000
Tail lift
: 500  

MPG: 25-30
Volume Cubic (m): 15
Volume Cubic (ft)
: 600

Why Ford Transit Luton Box With A Tail Lift Stands Out?

The Ford Transit Luton van is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to hire a vehicle to transport goods. It has a variety of benefits that make it stand out in the van market.
  • Lots of cargo space: The Ford Transit Luton is the most spacious van in our fleet, with a whopping 600 cubic feet of space. On top of the space you usually find in a Transit, you can enjoy the extra space in the Luton on top of the cab.
  • Convenient loading and unloading: The tail lift of this model makes loading and unloading heavy cargo a piece of cake. You won’t have trouble filling the van up to its payload limit of 1000 kg with the tail lift.
  • Easy, comfortable driving: This van offers a comfortable drive and feels a lot smaller than it is on the road. Even inexperienced large van drivers will find it easy to manoeuvre.

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is the ideal choice for anyone looking to hire a Ford Transit Luton van with a tail lift. We’re a premier UK vehicle hire company that offers a large number of diverse vehicles to suit your every transportation need.

Whether you require a box van, tipper van, 12-seater minibus or Ford Transit Luton body hire, we can provide you with the ideal vehicle for a low price. The Transit Luton is our biggest van, but you can check out our other 3.5-tonne vans to see what we have to offer for transporting various cargo.

SDVH makes vehicle hire as simple as possible. Do you really want to make the long trip to the depot to pick up a Luton van after booking? You don’t have to, since we offer free delivery and collection. Just contact our agent and inform them of the dates and locations for the pickup and delivery.

We don’t believe in mileage caps when it comes to renting out our vans. We give our customers complete control over how much distance they want to cover. The price stays the same whether you cover a mile or a hundred miles per day. No additional fees are required for driving at length if you don’t do courier services.

Need a Luton van hire in Norwich or Dundee? We can cater to van booking demands anywhere in the UK. If you’re on the mainland, we’ve got you covered. You never have to feel stranded again with SDVH. Send us an enquiry, and enjoy our free delivery to any location within the United Kingdom.

Van drivers will be happy to know that they don’t need to switch rental companies when going overseas. We offer a European cover option for when you need to drive to any EU country (and even beyond). You must pay a small fee for this, but you can still enjoy benefits like unlimited mileage abroad.

Sometimes your trip only takes you in one direction, and getting the Ford Luton van back to the original depot would be a hassle. This is why we offer a one-way vehicle rental service for a small fee. We’ll let you pick a closer depot to drop off the van, or you can make use of our free collection services.

We include insurance with your Ford Transit Luton van hire. Our comprehensive plan covers small damages to the van and any passengers, and the cost is included in the hire prices. You can request more protection through a CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), which we provide for a low cost.

We understand professional drivers might not need insurance protection when renting a Ford Transit Luton van. That’s why we provide a 10% discount if you already have company insurance. No convoluted logic required – we just don’t want our customers to pay more through no fault of their own.

We’re equipped to provide customers with more than just Luton van Ford Transit models. Our network of UK suppliers gives you the option to hire anything from a luxury sedan to very large trucks. Contact us with an enquiry, and we guarantee that we can find you a vehicle that suits your needs.

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About The Ford Transit Luton Van

The Ford Transit is one of the most popular vans in the world, with over 8 million units sold worldwide since its release. It is commonly used as a base vehicle for Luton van conversions due to its versatility and reliability. In 2022, Ford sold 42,762 Transits in the UK alone.


There is a fascinating history behind one of Ford’s most iconic vans. It has seen numerous changes throughout the years before becoming the recognisable van we know today.

  • First generation: The Ford Transit Mk1 was introduced in October 1965 as a three and four-door van with American-inspired styling. It had a longer wheelbase length than its predecessor, the Ford Thames.
  • Second generation: The Mk2 introduced the pickup, minibus, and Transit Luton van body types. The engine range of the original model was largely left unchanged, but later facelifts included improvements.
  • Third generation: The Mk3 borrowed style elements from other Ford brand models, such as the Focus and Ka.
  • Fourth generation: Launched in 2013, the fourth generation of the Ford Transit featured changes to the power train and body configuration. A battery electric cargo van model was available from 2022 onwards.

For those who need a bigger transport vehicle than a Ford Transit Luton van that also has a tail lift – SDVH offers tail lift truck hire as well.

Fun Facts

  • The Ford Transit was described as ‘Britain’s most wanted van’ in 1972 due to its prevalence in bank raids.
  • The Transit County four-wheel drive conversion is used by the UK Ministry of Defence and mountain rescue teams due to its capabilities both on and off-road.

The Ford Transit Luton van is a popular tail lift van hire option for families looking to move furniture. If you need this particular van or any type of box van for your move, give us a phone call, and we’ll find the perfect vehicle for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our Luton vans come with a tail lift. You can find a Luton van without a tail lift elsewhere, but this feature is incredibly helpful when moving furniture or other large cargo. The reason some people purchase vans without a tail lift is that it may act as excess weight alongside heavy cargo and put the van over the maximum authorised mass.

A tail lift is usually used for loading and unloading heavy cargo that would otherwise require a forklift. The tail lift of a Luton van Ford Transit can handle up to 500 kg, which is more than enough for most cargo carried in vans. Vehicles above 3.5T often have stronger tail lifts, though they require at least a C1 licence to drive them.

Yes, having a tail lift reduces the payload of a Ford Transit Luton van. The excess weight of the tail lift (about 140 kg) contributes to the maximum authorised mass of the vehicle, meaning you can’t carry as much in the cargo space. You can choose to exchange convenience for some extra payload by getting a van without a tail lift, but this would make loading and unloading more challenging.

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