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Mid-Size Favourite In Focus

The Ford Focus is your gateway to a remarkable driving experience on a budget. This compact car combines a sleek design with an efficient engine, helping you turn heads while making the most of every fuel gallon.

Step inside the Focus and you’ll also discover a world of technology. Advanced infotainment systems and intuitive controls promise a seamless driving experience. Whether it’s corporate travel or weekend getaways with family, the Focus ensures a smooth and comfortable journey with its refined automatic gearbox.

Ford Focus

Things That Make Ford Focus Stand Out

Although the Ford Focus has a much more recent history when compared to cars of similar status, it possesses a range of special characteristics.

  • High Performance: The Ford Focus is a pleasure to drive. It has excellent power steering and offers magnificent grip in all driving conditions, giving a smooth handling feel. It also features cruise control to make driving more convenient.
  • Safety: You’ll have no worries about driving the Focus if safety is a concern for you. This car received a full five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash safety tests thanks to safety features like airbags, lane-departure warning and a fatigue monitor.
  • Efficiency: The Focus promises maximum efficiency, with fuel consumption of around 70 miles per gallon. It’s also environmentally friendly, emitting less than 140g/km of CO2.
  • Ease of Use: Automatic transmission ensures a hassle-free driving experience. This is especially great when you’re driving through roads with stop-and-go traffic.

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is a reliable car hire company that caters to the needs of thousands of customers across the UK. Thanks to our network of dependable suppliers, we have a large selection of cars available for hire at all times. What’s more, every one of our vehicles is well-maintained and serviced regularly to ensure smooth performance. Contact us today for booking details and other enquiries. All you need is your driving licence and a debit card.

Avoid the hassle of a visit to the rental station when you rent a Ford Focus from SDVH. We offer free delivery service with every rental, aimed at getting the car to your preferred location. When your rental period is over,  our team will collect the vehicle for free if you inform us in advance.

You don’t have to worry about mileage restrictions when you hire a car from SDVH. We believe that everyone deserves freedom on the road, so we offer unlimited mileage with every rental. This policy allows you to travel long distances without incurring additional charges.

No matter where your journey takes you, you can rent a car from SDVH for the trip. Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to offer rental services to clients in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You’re also welcome to drive our cars freely across these areas.

What if your journey takes you beyond the UK? We’ve still got you covered. SDVH offers a European cover option that you can activate when you need to travel to Ireland, Spain, France and other EU-listed countries. Be sure to inform our agents, as this service comes at a charge.

To show our dedication to customer convenience, we offer one-way rental services. If you’re travelling across the country, you don’t have to double back just to drop off your rental car. You can return it to a depot close to your final destination for a sensible fee or have us fetch it at your endpoint.

While accidents are rare, they can occur when you least expect them. Thankfully, our rental cars come with basic insurance to give you more confidence on the road. This insurance policy covers damages to the car as well as the driver and passengers, ensuring you’re not solely liable.

Despite offering comprehensive insurance coverage, we understand that not all drivers need it. You don’t need additional insurance coverage if you’re already covered under a company insurance policy. As such, you’re entitled to a 10% discount on any car you rent from us.

SDVH’s large fleet across the United Kingdom allows us to provide a wide range of cars for immediate hire. Whether you need a budget car or more prestige options for hire, reach out to us to deliver. We also offer short and long-term rental deals, whether you need a car, van, truck or even a minibus.

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About The Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has been one of the UK’s top-selling cars since its launch in 1998 by Ford Motor Company. When launched, this compact car was available in a range of body types, including hatchback, estate and saloon, to satisfy different needs.

The different iterations of the Focus have come and gone over the years, but the current version retains the practicality and handling that have made it such a hit.

SDVH also offers Ford Focus Estate hire for lovers of the Focus series who want more boot space.

Evolution Of The Ford Focus

Here’s a breakdown of how Ford’s Focus has evolved from the original version.

  • First Generation: The first iteration of the Focus launched in Europe in 1998, replacing the iconic Ford Escort. It was instantly a success, becoming the best-selling car in the UK in 1999. The car was available as a three or five-door hatchback and a four-door saloon. There was also a Ford Focus Estate with five doors.
  • Second Generation: Ford decided to give the Focus a refresh in 2004. The car was restyled with more advanced features like climate control as well as more interior space. The MK2 Focus received the best Euro NCAP ratings for a car in its market class at that time. Looking to meet customer demands, Ford also dropped the saloon design and introduced a coupe.
  • Third Generation: Ford introduced the third generation of the Focus in 2011 with a brand new Focus EcoBoost engine. The design of this version was based on an entirely new philosophy, with major updates to the cabin and handling to keep the car competing with rivals.
  • Current Focus Generation: This brings us to the current model of the Focus. This iteration came with a sportier design than the previous models. The car also features a host of new technologies, including the Sync 3 infotainment system, FordPass Connect and CoPilot360 driver assistance.

See SDVH’s fleet of small cars – the best ones for convenient city driving.

Fun Facts About The Ford Focus

  • The Focus has been featured in the SCCA Speed World Challenge Touring Car Series.
  • Ford plans to end production of the Focus series in 2025.
  • Ford initially wanted to keep the Escort nameplate for these vehicles but changed its decision.

Our Ford Mondeo, a manual or automatic model, is a great alternative to the Focus if you like cars with plenty of legroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ford Focus is made ​​in Saarlouis, Germany. Ford Motor Company has made the Focus and its other vehicles in this location since it began building cars in 1970. However, Ford has many assembly locations for this vehicle, with facilities in St. Petersburg, Russia; General Pacheco, Argentina and Wayne, Michigan, United States.

The Ford Focus is 4.378 m long for the hatchback, which is the most popular iteration of the car. It is also 1.979 m wide and 1.471 m tall. The Ford Focus Estate is slightly larger, measuring 4.668 m long and 1.979 m wide. It is also 1.494 m tall, like the hatchback version.

The Ford Focus weighs between 1,322 and 1,559 kg, depending on the exact model and engine type. The weight of the Focus hatchback ranges between 1,322 and 1,518 kg, depending on the engine and transmission type. The Focus Estate, on the other hand, weighs between 1,383 and 1,559 kg.

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