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Family Favourite – Focus Estate

Ford’s Focus Estate is an impeccable car model that offers enough space, comfort, utility, and reliability to impress anyone. It’s a variation of the UK-favourite hatchback and offers additional boot space alongside surprisingly good handling and fuel economy.

One of the most popular car models in the world, the Ford Focus is a top choice in its class in today’s car market. With the benefits it provides, that’s not likely to change any time soon.

Ford Focus Estate

Things That Make Ford Focus Estate Stand Out

Ford Estate models have plenty of benefits that will suit any driver.

  • Attractive design: More stylish than previous generations, the new versions from Ford offer an eye-catching and distinct look.
  • Driving performance: Solid power and great handling make the Estate a favourite in its class.
  • Comfort & spaciousness: There’s plenty of space available in the car, both for passengers and luggage. The boot has 1,650 litres of space when you fold the bench flat.
  • Fuel efficiency: The popular Ford model goes above and beyond when it comes to fuel efficiency. The entry-level engine returns around 50 mpg with the manual gearbox. It can even go as high as 67 mpg with the 1.5l Ecoblue diesel engine.
  • Well-rounded overall design: From comfort, cargo space, and fog lights to entertainment and fuel efficiency, there’s nothing that this model doesn’t offer.

The Mondeo is another Ford estate model in our fleet that is notable for its great handling and excellent mileage.

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is one of Britain’s leading companies for vehicle hire. Our goal is to find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. We can provide you with reliable estate car hire throughout the UK. If you prefer to rent an SUV instead of an estate, you can choose from our numerous models in this class. Contact our team to enquire about our vehicles for hire.

When booking a vehicle from SDVH, you don’t have to make your way to our lot to pick it up. We want to make the process as convenient as possible for our customers, so we deliver vehicles free of charge. Once you’re done with the rental, you don’t have to drive it back, either. We’ll come and collect it to take it back to the lot.

We like to provide our clients with as much freedom of movement as possible. That’s why we don’t put any rental mileage limits on our vehicles. Whether you want to drive five or 50 miles per day, the price of the hire stays the same. Talk to one of our agents to enquire about our unlimited mileage policy and which cars it applies to.

The UK is a big place with thousands of locations to hire a vehicle. No matter where you’re located, we can send Ford Focus Estate. We have hire coverage for the entirety of the UK mainland, so you never have to feel stranded while travelling. Whether you need a Ford Focus in Leicester or Belfast, we’ll ensure you get one.

Sometimes you need to hire a vehicle to travel outside of the UK, and SDVH lets you do just that. If you’re going on holiday in Europe, you can enjoy our unlimited mileage perk. We cover travel to every EU country (and beyond in some cases). Keep in mind that a small fee is required if you intend to take one of our hire vehicles outside of the UK.

You won’t have to worry about returning the car to the original rental depot or delivery destination. We allow you to choose another depot closer to your destination or even have us collect your vehicle at your endpoint. Notify our agents if you intend to use the one-way rental perk, and mention your preferred pick-up and collection dates. This benefit includes a fee.

Accidents can happen on the road, and you can’t always see them coming. SDVH offers protection in these cases. When you hire a vehicle from our company, you also get insurance. It covers minor damages to the car as well as any passengers. You aren’t subject to any additional fees, as the insurance is factored into the total cost of the booking.

We understand that you might not need additional insurance when you rent a vehicle from our fleet. It wouldn’t be fair for you to pay the same rate as someone who doesn’t have insurance. Instead of having you pay for unnecessary protection, we provide a 10% discount to clients who already have insurance. This way, you can even save some money.

Our fleet offers a wide variety of transport options for hire. From compact and economy class to SUVs and trucks, we can get you anything you need on short notice. Plus, we can deliver it for free. If a Focus is on your wishlist, we’ll have it delivered to you anywhere in the UK. To enquire about the availability of certain vehicles like the Ford Focus, call our agents.

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About The Ford Focus Estate

The Focus showcases Ford’s ability to produce a practical, efficient car with a sleek design. Since its inception, the Estate body style has been a popular choice for families and drivers who want extra legroom and headroom in their cars.

History And Changes

The Ford Focus is one of Ford’s most popular cars, selling millions since the start of its manufacture in 1998. The compact car design was launched with a sedan, estate, and hatchback model.

  1. First generation: The Ford Focus was introduced as a replacement for the Ford Escort. A notable change was an engine improvement for power and mileage.
  2. Second generation: The second generation of the Focus was released as a three- and five-door hatchback and an estate. The design would continue the Focus design trend but borrow details from the Mondeo and Fiesta.
  3. Third generation: The third generation was introduced in 2010 and featured a five-door hatchback and estate. The new generation reunited international and North American models.
  4.  Fourth generation: The current generation of Ford Focus vehicles, released in 2018, hit the market with a sportier and more stylish design.

Check out this page if you want to hire a Ford Focus hatchback.

Fun Facts

  • The fourth generation of the Ford Focus was showcased in 2018, on the 20th anniversary of the original release.
  • The Focus ST made its debut in the 2009 British Touring Car Championship while running on liquefied petroleum gas.
  • The Euro NCAP awarded the Ford Focus an overall rating of five stars.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Ford Focus Estate is a better choice than a Hatchback for those who want extra room for cargo and passengers. A large family with multiple children would certainly select an estate over a hatchback, as that extra legroom and larger boot can mean a difference. They would have to pay a bit more for the vehicle, but it’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

A Ford Focus Estate is suitable for long family trips for multiple reasons. It is spacious enough for luggage and has great fuel efficiency. It’s considered a reliable car that isn’t at high risk of a breakdown during long trips, so you don’t have to worry about needing roadside assistance during your journey. Because of safety features such as fog lights, brake assist and child safety locks, these machines continue to be popular choices to rent for families.

The Ford Focus Estate has good fuel efficiency compared to its competitors. It strongly depends on the model of the car in question. The standard model is roughly on par with its competitors with between 34.9 and 61.4 mpg for petrol engines and between 44.1 and 67.3 mpg for diesel. A select few vehicles can compete with the most efficient Focus Estate, but it’s hard to compare all the different engine choices. If you want to rent a car for fuel efficiency, the Estate is a great option.

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