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Find the perfect balance between cargo space and driving ease with a Ford Transit MWB van hire from SDVH.

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The Sweet Spot In Transit Vans Family

If a Ford Transit SWB is too small and an LWB is too cumbersome, an MWB will prove just right. 

Its floor space of 3.5 metres is more than enough for most business and personal transit requirements, but it’s still easy enough to manoeuvre around narrow city streets.

The MWB Transit has the same payload capacity as the LWB one while being the more affordable option.

From courier services to moving house, solve any transport problem with one call and a normal driving licence.


Ford Transit MWB

Internal LWH: 2.70m x 1.70m x 1.75m
External LWH: 5.10m x 2.00m x 2.55m
Payload: 1200- 1500
Towing cap: 1500

MPG: 28-35
Volume Cubic (m): 8.00
Volume Cubic (ft): 300

Things That Make Ford Transit MWB Stand Out

The Ford Transit MWB is consistently one of the best-selling vans in the UK market – here’s why people keep coming back.

  • It feels much smaller than its true size on the road, making it a lot less intimidating to inexperienced van drivers.
  • It has excellent fuel economy thanks to its 2.0-litre EcoBlue engines, cutting-edge turbochargers, pistons and on-demand oil pumps.
  • It features a 6-speed gearbox, which is easy to control via the dashboard-mounted gear lever.
  • It offers good visibility thanks to the high seating position and relatively low dashboard.
  • It boasts a range of smart features like MyKey, which helps control your speed and lane-keeping alert, which vibrates your steering wheel if you’re drifting into the wrong lane.

Why Choose SDVH?

Here at SDVH, we guarantee competitive rates for medium van hire as well as all other rentals and a commitment to impeccable customer service, which makes for an easy-breezy booking experience. In addition, our vehicles are regularly maintained and updated, so you can expect a reliable van in tip-top condition. This consistency has built up a large base of loyal customers who enjoy the additional benefits we offer, which you can read about below.

Whether you need it for business or personal use, getting to the depot to fetch your van hire can be a huge inconvenience and eat away at your delivery time. We want to make things easy for you, so we’ll deliver your vehicle to any location in the UK free of charge!

We understand that when you hire a van, you usually need it to cover pretty long distances, so the last thing you want is to be hampered by mileage caps. That’s why we offer unlimited rental mileage so you can feel free to get where you need to go. This doesn’t apply if you use a van for courier services.

With our branched network of suppliers, we have a large fleet of vehicles that are available for hire across the UK. So, no matter where you are in Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland, you’ll be able to rent a van or any other type of vehicle from us.

If you need to transport goods across the UK border, no problem! Simply choose our European travel coverage option for a small extra fee, and you’ll be able to freely visit Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France and a wide range of other EU-member countries in your van.

Cargo transportation is often a one-way trip, so you don’t want to have to return all the way back to where you started. Luckily, SDVH allows you to return your vehicle to a completely different location for a small fee, or make use of our free collection service once you choose this option!

At SDVH, your safety is our priority, so all our vehicles come with basic insurance. That means, in case of an accident, you’ll be protected from any minor damages to the vehicle and its contents. Plus, there are no hidden costs as it’s included in the hire price.

On the other hand, if you are already covered via your company’s travel or business insurance, we don’t think it’s fair to make you pay for something you don’t need. So instead, you’ll get a sweet 10% discount on all vehicles you hire from us, no matter if it’s a car, van, truck or minibus!

The Ford Transit MWB van is one of many vans we offer that are suitable for a wide range of commercial and personal requirements. We also have top-quality vehicles for hire in all categories, so whether you need a large tail lift truck or a compact car, we’ve got you covered!

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About The Ford Transit MWB

The Ford Transit is the third best-selling van of all time and one of the most popular vehicles to rent. Its MWB option offers the perfect balance between load capacity and ease of driving. With a payload of 1200-1500 kg and a volume of 8 cubic metres, the MWB’s cargo capacity is only a little smaller than that of a Transit LWB hire.

How It Feels To Drive

For a medium-sized van, the Ford Transit MWB feels surprisingly agile. Its Euro 6 engine is extremely powerful while still being impressively fuel-efficient. Even inexperienced van drivers won’t find it too difficult to handle, and it’s small and responsive enough to use in tight spaces. This is a wonderfully comfortable van to drive, but if you’d like to browse more rentals, SVDH has a wide range of Transit vans you can check out.

Who Should Hire The Ford Transit MWB?

You should go for a Ford Transit MWB van hire if you need to carry a lot of cargo or bulky items but also want a vehicle that’s suitable for city driving. This van can fit four Euro Pallets as well as several pieces of moderately sized furniture. It’s a popular choice among delivery companies, tradesmen and other small business owners who need a versatile van to transport goods or equipment. However, if you want something really zippy, perhaps a Ford Transit SWB hire is the one for you.

If this sounds like the van for you, give our office a call on 020 8168 8158 to make a booking! Make sure to have your valid driving licence and a credit or debit card on hand. Or, check out our other 3.5-tonne van hire options.

Frequently Asked Questions

The wheelbase in the Ford Transit MWB is 3.75 metres long, providing a cargo floor space of 3.5 metres. The MWB is significantly longer than the SWB at 3.3m, so it offers a lot more cargo space. The LWB actually uses the same wheelbase as the MWB but has an extended rear overhang, which increases its load length to 4.2m.

Medium size is the most popular in Transit vans because it offers a good balance of space and driving and price convenience. Medium-wheelbase vans are suitable for a variety of small businesses as well as tradespeople who need to carry equipment. Note that this is a very general way of looking at vans and that all sizes have their niches.

The advantages of Transit MWB hire over LWB are convenience and ease of driving. With its long wheelbase, the LWB van is more cumbersome and has a larger turning circle, which makes it trickier to manoeuvre around cramped city streets. In contrast, the MWB is a lot easier to handle while still providing much more cargo space than the SWB.

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