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Perfect For City Transport

If you’re in the market for a nimble and cost-effective cargo vehicle – the Ford Transit with a short wheelbase should be your go-to choice! 

Designed to offer easy manoeuvrability in urban cities, this compact van will make parking a piece of cake. 

Its practicality makes it perfect for various tasks. 

Opting for a SWB van hire will definitely make whatever job you need to be done in the city easier and is great for courier services.

Ford Transit SWB

Internal LWH: 2.30m x 1.70m x 1.38m
External LWH: 4.58m x 2.40m x 2.00m
Payload: 900-1200

MPG: 30-40
Volume Cubic (m): 6
Volume Cubic (ft): 300

Things That Make Ford Transit SWB Stand Out

SDVH’s small van hire brings along many different benefits for its drivers and passengers. Ford Transit is particularly famous for its:

  • Compact size – Parking in big cities can be a nightmare, but the Transit van and its size make this task and overall driving in crowded areas a breeze.
  • Practicality – It’s a magical solution for all your cargo needs. You can effortlessly put a small load or equipment in it. Whether it’s for moving, city deliveries or your personal business, this Ford Transit Custom will serve its purpose.
  • Fuel and cost-efficiency – If you want to keep costs in check, there is no better van than a Ford Transit van. With its smaller size and lighter weight, it’s extremely fuel efficient, and its short wheelbase is available for hire at affordable prices.

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH isn’t just an average rental company – we’re a reliable hire service whose quality speaks for itself. Our vehicles offered a smooth and safe ride to people all over the UK, all while being extremely wallet-friendly. Our cars, vans, minibuses and trucks are all meticulously inspected to ensure you have a piece of mind during your ride. Whether you’re eyeing a luxury vehicle or an economic option, we’ve got the right deal just for you.

In today’s fast world, no one has time or energy to waste. That’s why SWB transit van hire comes with a unique perk that will make your life easier and spare you from stressing about vehicle pick-ups. You can get all our vehicles delivered to your doorstep. And you’ll get them for free! When your travel endeavour finishes, we can also whisk it away without costing you a dime!

No matter if you’re in the mood for a quick spin or extended road trip, everybody likes to feel free while roaming around different locations. We understand our customer’s need to feel free. Ford Transit van hire at SDVH will grant you that privilege. We offer unlimited mileage for almost all hired vehicles. You’ll conquer the road without mileage worries and all that without any extra charges.

You can drive this highly reliable and popular van from every corner of the UK! Thanks to our widespread network of suppliers, SDVH is able to offer SWB van rental in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. No matter if you’re doing business or simply need a van for domestic uses, SDVH will always do its best to provide you with a premium and convenient hire solution.

If you thought that you couldn’t get a SWB transit van hire deal for European adventures – think again! For a tiny fee, you’ll be able to drive to fancy business meetings in France or have a vacation in sunny Spain. SDVH can provide you with an appropriate vehicle in any EU-listed hotspot you can think of. Just give us all the necessary details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you had fun travelling with your family or enjoyed your newfound business successes, the last thing you want to worry about is returning the vehicle to the rental station. With the one-way rental perk, hire your van and return it to another one of our offices closer to your location. This comes with an additional charge but if you pay it, we can also pick it up from your final destination.

Our SWB van hire deals aren’t just about providing you with a stylish vehicle, we care about your safety too. That’s why all our van hire deals come with insurance cover included. It protects the van and everyone inside it, so you can zoom around without a worry. This perk is already added to the cost of rental, no additional fees required. For more protection, opt for Collision Damage Waiver.

If you are one of the lucky ones who is already covered with an insurance plan, it is your lucky day! SDVH likes to play fair, and we don’t want to make you spend more money than is necessary. That’s why we’re giving a generous 10% discount on your Transit van hire. Hiring a highly reliable vehicle coupled with a money-saving opportunity is a dream come true for every driver out there.

No matter what your travel plans are, SDVH will find a perfect set of wheels for the job! Our fleet boasts a lot of different options, all ready to tackle your transportation task. From modern cars to highly reliable vans, minibuses and trucks – you name it. Plus, we offer vans for both business and domestic needs. You also have the freedom to choose from short and long-term rentals.

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About The Ford Transit SWB

This popular van is one of the best-selling ones in the UK. And with numerous benefits, it’s not hard to guess why so many people choose it.

History and Evolution

The Ford Transit has undergone significant changes throughout each of its generations until it evolved into the convenient and versatile van that it is today. Here is the breakdown of the most important details:

  • First generation: The First Ford Transit was truly a game changer back in the old days. When it first rolled onto UK streets, it boasted significantly more cargo space than its competitors. It had versatile choices as well. Some of them are panel vans, pick-ups, minibuses and crew-cab versions. In 1978, it had its first major changes, which included a new front end and updated interior.
  • Second generation: This generation brought a sleek windscreen to match the bonnet’s angle and a boxy design that owned the road in the UK. Customers enjoyed a more comfortable ride with an independent front suspension system for short-wheelbase models.
  • Third Generation: This generation was marked by an important option it offered. Drivers could choose between the front or rear-wheel drive. Ford Transit also had a new look that was inspired by Ford’s stylish cars of the era.
  • Fourth Generation: Here, a double cab Transit model was introduced. It was designed to carry up to seven people, and it flaunted 10.6 cubic metres of adaptable cargo space. There was a choice between medium, long and super-extended wheelbase options as well.

If a SWB van is not the right one for you and you want to explore what different sizes of Ford Transit vehicles are available, check out our Ford Transit MWB and Ford Transit LWB offers. Moreover, see our complete list of 3.5-tonne van hire deals that can make that job more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

The wheelbase in the Ford Transit SWB is 3,300 mm long. This wheelbase length can offer you a good balance between manoeuvrability and cargo space. You can use it for both business and personal purposes, making it very practical. The short wheelbase is also useful since it provides a more compact footprint, which can make parking or driving in packed areas easier.

Yes, a Ford Transit SWB is more affordable to hire than the MWB and LWB versions. Short-wheelbase vehicles usually cost less to hire, and that is the case with Ford Transit vans as well. This is due to various factors, such as fuel consumption, vehicle capacity and specific features.

You should hire a Ford Transit SWB even if there are longer versions of the same van because of its versatility and overall cost-effectiveness. SWB vans might be smaller than their counterparts, but that’s exactly their superpower, especially in crowded cities. And SWB van hire deals are generally cheaper, so you’ll save money and get a high-quality vehicle all at once.

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