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When a standard 5-seater car is simply insufficient, you can rent minibuses and people carriers from SDVH.

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Our Minibuses

SDVH’s fleet consists of a diverse range of MPVs and minibuses in varying sizes. The vehicles are engineered to comfortably seat between seven and 17 passengers, with sufficient space for luggage. Feel free to browse our range of minibuses and MPVs to locate the most ideal vehicle for your trip. We present competitive rates and outstanding service, which is why we enjoy a high rate of return customers.
To rent a minibus, you need to be at least 21 years old and have owned a full driving licence for a minimum of two years. For our 15 and 17-seater minibuses, you must be at least 25 and possess a D1 class on your driving licence.

Vauxhall Zafira 5+2

Vauxhall Zafira 5 + 2

or similar

Galaxy 7 Seater Manual

Galaxy 7 Seater Manual

or similar

Galaxy 7 Seater Automatic

Galaxy 7 Seater Automatic

or similar

9 Seater Manual

9 Seater - Manual

or similar

9 Seater Automatic

9 Seater - Automatic

or similar

Ford Minibus 12 Seater

Ford Minibus 12 Seater

or similar

Ford Minibus 15 Seater

Ford Minibus 15 Seater

or similar

Ford Minibus 17 Seater

Ford Minibus 17 Seater

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

At SDVH, we’ve built our name as one of the most trusted minibus rental companies in the UK. Our promise is to offer high-quality, air-conditioned, self-drive minibuses and coach vehicles for hire at affordable rates. Whether you’re a small team in need of a comfortable ride or a more extensive team demanding more space, we can cater to your demands swiftly, anywhere in Shoreham.
Our vast network of suppliers enables us to ensure a seamless, stress-free journey. Thanks to our experience in the transportation industry, we’re equipped to understand and fulfil a diversity of hirer expectations.

Free Delivery & Collection

SDVH is dedicated to maximising the simplicity of minibus hire for you. We provide complimentary delivery to any place in the UK, including airports, removing the need for you to come to our rental station. We also offer free of charge pickup from any spot in the city you’ve mentioned after your rental period ends.
Please remember to have your driving licence, a valid credit or debit card, and identification ready, and confirm any additional driver is present during handover. Simply notify our agents about your choice for free delivery and collection when making a reservation.

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Unlimited Rental Mileage

SDVH presents a unique perk when you book a minibus from us – unlimited mileage. We allow unrestricted travel for all our rentals, barring those used for courier services. No matter if you drive 10 or 100 miles a day, you won’t have to worry about additional costs.
This benefit is most beneficial to those journeying long distances to other cities. Speak with our representatives to ensure your selected minibus is eligible for the unlimited mileage advantage.

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Entire United Kingdom Coverage

Discover the ease of travelling across the UK with SDVH! Our comprehensive supplier network guarantees a minibus or MPV is always available, no matter your location in mainland UK. Begin planning your peaceful cross-country journey today. If you’re in need of a smooth transportation solution for personal or business travel, we’ve got it sorted.
Our customer service professionals are ready 24/7 to address all your questions about picking the most suitable minibus. Contact us today for a smooth hire experience.

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European Cover Option

At SDVH, you can rent a minibus for journeys to various European destinations. We allow our clients to drive our rented minibuses into all European Union-listed countries. Regardless if it’s a family visit or a business venture to Europe, we’re here to help. Our European service covers popular countries such as Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, and other EU countries.
You also get to experience the convenience of unlimited mileage when you book our minibus for European journeys. If you aim to venture outside the UK mainland, please let our representatives be aware, as this comes with an extra fee. Also, make sure to arrive back before your hire period ends, regardless of where your adventures lead you!

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One Way Vehicle Rental

The charm of a self-drive minibus rental often lies in the flexibility of vehicle drop-off locations. From time to time, one may need to embark on a one-way trip to another city, without the intention to drive back for vehicle drop-off. SDVH facilitates this by allowing a minibus rental in one UK location and a return at a different rental station near the trip’s end.
This one-way rental provision cuts down on the rental expense by reducing the rental time, a benefit exclusive to minibus rentals on the UK mainland. An extra one-way rental fee is added to the booking cost after vehicle selection.

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Insurance Is Included

At SDVH, you can expect secure minibus hires with insurance part of the package, ensuring coverage for the minibus and also its passengers.
The insurance cost has been seamlessly factored into the hire price, and furthermore, we have an optional Collision Damage Waiver for further financial protection. Our representatives will break down all payments at the point of booking, helping you avoid hidden costs.

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Company Own Insurance - 10%

SDVH introduces various insurance coverage options to reduce your liability in the event of slight vehicle damage. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that not all customers need this insurance. Some businesses provide liability protection for their drivers through their own insurance policies, making our supplementary insurance unnecessary.
Professional drivers get to enjoy a 10% discount when renting a multi-purpose vehicle or minibus from us, along with similar perks as our other customers, including unlimited mileage and free delivery, all contributing to a magnificent rental experience.

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Wide Range Available

Uncover the broad range of minibus choices on offer at SDVH. Whether you’re setting off on a family trip or require transportation for your company needs, we have the ideal solution for you. Choose from our modern fleet of 7, 9, 12, 15, and 17-seaters to easily accommodate your group.

With the choice between stick-shift and automatic transmissions, we guarantee a seamless driving experience. You can also count on our expert agents to assist you in selecting the best-suited minibus that meets all your requirements. Enjoy the comfort and joy of travelling together in style!

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Book Your Minibus Hire Today!

At SDVH, we supply dependable minibus rentals in the UK at affordable rates. Our collection, valued reasonably, includes a broad selection of vehicles. Contact us at 020 8168 8158, and our prompt service team will help you with your reservation.

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What To Do in Shoreham

Explore the beautiful coastal town of Shoreham, West Sussex and find something new to do with friends or family. Enjoy a day out at one of its many attractions – take in some culture while touring the galleries, gain insight into maritime history on a boat trip around Brighton Marina, have an outdoor adventure by visiting iconic sites like Seven Sisters Country Park or just relax beachside for the afternoon. Hiring a minibus is also an easy way to get around when you’re travelling together as part of a larger group – it’s cost-effective too!

Here are some of the top things to do in Shoreham with a minibus for a group of people.

Visit the Beach

Shoreham Beach is an idyllic spot to spend a day in the sun. With its golden sand, sparkling water and plenty of space for swimming or building sandcastles – it’s ideal if you’re looking for fun with family and friends! And don’t forget your picnic basket, too – watching the boats come into port from this picturesque beach view really adds a special touch.

Take a Boat Trip

If you’re looking for a unique adventure, why not take one of the fantastic boat trips from Shoreham harbour? You can explore Brighton’s bustling coastline or enjoy stunning views along Sussex’s picturesque shores. And if that isn’t enough – there is plenty more to be discovered beyond!

Explore the South Downs National Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life with a quick trip to South Downs National Park. This stunning spot in Sussex offers something for everyone – take an invigorating walk or cycle along its trails, admire the breathtaking views, or simply soak up some fresh air while you relax. Get ready to enjoy your own natural adventure!

Visit the RSPB Reserve atAdur Estuary

Explore the wonders of nature at this idyllic reserve, perfect for bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts alike! Hundreds of species flock to its estuary, from stately wading birds and majestic waterfowl to playful shorebirds. What’s more – take a guided tour around the area and gain insight into the fascinating wildlife that inhabits it. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in natural serenity!

Take a Trip to Brighton

Looking for a fun day out with your loved ones? Head to the fantastic city of Brighton! Within driving distance from Shoreham, you’ll find plenty of exciting activities. Take in some retail therapy at one or more shops, savour delicious cuisine, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures on the iconic Brighton Pier!

Visit the Shoreham Fort

Step back in time and explore the fascinating history of Shoreham Fort! This coastal fort was built in the 1800s to defend Britain from foreign invasion, serving a vital role during both World Wars. Today visitors can experience it for themselves with guided tours that offer insight into its storied past. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – pay a visit today!

Enjoy a round of Golf

Golf-lovers rejoice! The Shoreham area is the perfect destination for a round of golf, whatever your skill level and budget. From seasoned pros to beginner players – there’s something for everyone looking to enjoy this classic sport in stunning surroundings!

Visit the Adur Art Collective

Opportunities to explore and express creativity abound at the Adur Art Collective! Here, artists come together in unity — hosting exhibitions, workshops and events with one goal: promoting art throughout the local area. So if you are looking for an artistic outlet or just some way to immerse yourself in your creative side, consider checking out what this passionate collective has on offer!

Explore the hidden gems of Shoreham with your friends and family! From days spent lounging on sandy beaches to cultural experiences and outdoor adventures – you’re sure to have an unforgettable time. With minibus hire being both affordable and convenient, lesser-known England is just a few clicks away. So head over there now for unique memories that will last a lifetime!

Getting Around in Shoreham

Getting to Shoreham has never been easier! This article provides all the information you need to journey to this charming seaside town. Take your pick from several modes of transportation, including driving. We’ve got you covered from arrival to exploration!

Getting to Shoreham

By Train: Get to Shoreham quickly and easily by train! Shoreham-by-Sea railway station is conveniently located in the heart of the town and offers direct services to London Victoria, Gatwick Airport, and Brighton. London Victoria to Shoreham trains takes just 1 hour and 30 minutes, while trains from Gatwick Airport take only 30 minutes. Don’t waste time driving – hop on the train and arrive in style.

By Bus:

If you’re travelling from Brighton or Worthing, hop on the local 700 bus service to reach Shoreham in just 30 minutes.

By Car:

Located just off the A27, a major road along England’s south coast, Shoreham is an attractive destination for both Londoners and Brightonians. If you’re coming from London, it only takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Shoreham by car. Alternatively, if you’re driving from Brighton, the trip is only around 20 minutes away. Come experience all that Shoreham has to offer!

Driving in Shoreham

If you’re planning on driving in Shoreham, there are a few things you should know before hitting the road. To make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible, we’ve compiled some helpful driving tips to keep in mind. Read on to learn more!


To avoid any parking restrictions in Shoreham, it’s best to park in one of the several designated car parks around the city. Though there’s on-street parking available, too, it can be limited and challenging to find a spot during peak times. Save time and frustration by parking in a designated car park.

Speed Limits:

The speed limit in Shoreham is 30 mph, except on the main roads, which have a limit of 40 mph. Make sure to follow these limits to keep all road users safe.

One-Way Streets:

To avoid navigating the one-way streets in Shoreham in the wrong direction, it’s crucial to be mindful of the road signs. Don’t let a small mistake result in a big inconvenience or even danger on the road. Stay safe and aware by paying close attention to the signs.

Pedestrian Areas:

As a driver, it’s crucial to stay alert when driving in Shoreham. With numerous designated pedestrian areas, it’s essential to give pedestrians the right of way and be cautious of their presence. Keep yourself and others safe by remaining vigilant on the road.

About Shoreham

Discover the charm and beauty of Shoreham, a small town set amidst the breathtaking South Downs and the English Channel. Located in Sussex County, this town boasts a rich and fascinating history dating back to Roman times and played a vital role as a port in the Middle Ages. Visitors can explore the 12th-century St. Mary de Haura Church, take a stroll along the picturesque Shoreham-by-Sea Beach, and immerse themselves in the thriving arts and culture scene that the town has to offer.

Explore Shoreham and experience its unique blend of history and contemporary culture. Book your trip now and discover what makes this town a popular tourist destination.

From day trips to longer stays, our driving tips will enhance your journey and make it more enjoyable. Follow our expert advice to navigate the town’s roads with ease and discover all the wonders of Shoreham and beyond.

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