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When a standard 5-seater car is simply insufficient, you can rent minibuses and people carriers from SDVH.

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Our Minibuses

SDVH’s vast fleet includes a diverse range of MPVs and minibuses in various sizes. The vehicles are crafted to easily accommodate between 7 and 17 passengers, offering ample luggage storage as well. Uncover the perfect vehicle for your journey by checking out our selection of minibuses and MPVs. With competitive rates and stellar service, it’s no wonder that we have a significant amount of repeat customers.
To rent a minibus, you need to be 21 or older and possess a full driving licence for a minimum of two years. For our larger 15 and 17-seater minibuses, you should be at least 25 and possess a D1 class on your driving licence.

Vauxhall Zafira 5+2

Vauxhall Zafira 5 + 2

or similar

Galaxy 7 Seater Manual

Galaxy 7 Seater Manual

or similar

Galaxy 7 Seater Automatic

Galaxy 7 Seater Automatic

or similar

9 Seater Manual

9 Seater - Manual

or similar

9 Seater Automatic

9 Seater - Automatic

or similar

Ford Minibus 12 Seater

Ford Minibus 12 Seater

or similar

Ford Minibus 15 Seater

Ford Minibus 15 Seater

or similar

Ford Minibus 17 Seater

Ford Minibus 17 Seater

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

At SDVH, we’ve built our name as one of the most trusted minibus rental firms in the UK. Our aim is to deliver high-quality, air-conditioned, self-drive minibuses and coach vehicles for hire at cost-effective rates. Whether you’re a small group in requirement of a cosy ride or a larger team demanding more space, we can cater to your demands quickly, everywhere in Billingshurst.
Our wide network of suppliers allows us to ensure a seamless, stress-free journey. Thanks to our expertise in the transportation industry, we’re equipped to understand and meet a variety of hirer anticipations.

Free Delivery & Collection

Here at SDVH, we go the extra mile to guarantee your convenience when renting a minibus. Our cost-free delivery service enables us to bring the minibus to any location in the UK, covering airports. Once your booking duration is over, we also offer a free pickup service.
For a hassle-free experience, make sure to confirm that both you and any additional driver are present with your driving licence, a valid credit or debit card, and ID during drop-off. Don’t forget to tell our agents about your preference for free delivery and collection when reserving.

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Unlimited Rental Mileage

SDVH’s minibus hire service offers you the freedom of unrestricted travel. We offer unlimited mileage on all our rentals, barring those used for courier services. No matter if you’re driving 10 or 100 miles in a day, you won’t have to think about extra charges.
This policy is especially beneficial for long-distance travellers. Speak with our agents to confirm your picked minibus is eligible for the unlimited mileage perk.

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Entire United Kingdom Coverage

Travelling through the UK is simple with SDVH! Our expansive network of suppliers across mainland Britain ensures a minibus or MPV is always accessible. Kick off planning your relaxed expedition today. Having trouble organising transport for your corporate or personal travel wishes? We present personalised transport solutions to meet all your preferences.
Our dedicated customer service crew is available 24/7 to address any inquiries about selecting the most appropriate minibus. Contact us immediately for a seamless hiring process.

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European Cover Option

With SDVH, you can hire a minibus for your adventures in Europe. We authorise our clients to drive our booked minibuses to each of the European Union-listed countries. Whether it’s a family outing or business travel, we’ve got your travel needs sorted. Our European service extends to countries like Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, as well as many others.
Enjoy the advantage of limitless mileage when you secure a vehicle rental for cross-border journeys via our company. Always keep in mind to inform your representative of your intentions, as it comes with an additional yet fairly-priced fee. No matter your travel destination, remember to return before your hire period concludes.

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One Way Vehicle Rental

In a self-drive minibus hire situation, the rigid structure of collecting and dropping off at the same location can be a barrier. Occasionally, the trip is a one-off to another city, and the idea of heading back for vehicle return is far from appealing. SDVH offers a service where one can rent a minibus in one UK region and return at a different rental station near the endpoint.
The one-way rental option trims down the rental expense by reducing the rental span and it is only available for minibus rentals on the UK mainland. Note that an additional one-way rental fee is attached to the booking amount following vehicle selection.

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Insurance Is Included

Every minibus at SDVH features comprehensive insurance, protecting both the vehicle as well as its passengers. The insurance cost is seamlessly integrated into the hire rate, guaranteeing no additional charges.
Furthermore, we offer the option of a Collision Damage Waiver for increased security. Our staff will detail your full payment throughout the booking procedure, making sure you’re free from hidden costs.

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Company Own Insurance - 10%

At SDVH, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage to reduce your liability in case of slight vehicle damage. However, we acknowledge that not all clients need this insurance plan. Some companies already provide liability protection to their drivers under their own insurance policies, ruling out the necessity for our additional insurance protection.
Professional drivers protected by their company’s insurance receive a 10% discount when hiring an MPV or a minibus from us. Moreover, we ensure that these drivers enjoy the same advantages as other clients, including unlimited mileage and free delivery, guaranteeing a fulfilling rental journey.

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Wide Range Available

When it comes to choosing the right minibus, SDVH has you covered. Our extensive range of vehicles caters to all your needs, whether a family vacation or a company function. Pick from our array of 7, 9, 12, 15, and 17-seaters to accommodate your group comfortably.
We also feature both manual and automatic transmissions for your comfort. Our seasoned agents are on hand to assist you in picking the ideal minibus that satisfies all your requirements. Rely on us to deliver a smooth and delightful ride for any occasion!

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Whenever you require a dependable and affordable minibus hire in the UK, consider SDVH. We feature a plethora of choices from our fairly priced fleet. Contact us at 020 8168 8158, and our responsive service team will handle your booking.

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What To Do in Billingshurst

Escape to the picture-perfect getaway of Billingshurst! Nestled in rolling hills, this charming village is a gem of West Sussex. Its beautiful old-world architecture blends with its stunning natural surroundings, making it an ideal break for any group looking to unwind and regain their sense of calm. Visit ancient monuments or take scenic walks – there’s something unique around every corner when exploring on your minibus trip!

Visit the beautiful Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

If you’re in the Billingshurst area, be sure to check out The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum! You’ll find over 50 historic buildings from two of England’s most extraordinary regions on display here. From a grand medieval castle to an authentic Elizabethan house, as well as a Victorian schoolroom – all carefully preserved for visitors’ enjoyment. There’s plenty of space across 40 acres where you can roam around and soak up some great local history at this incredible museum. Don’t miss it while you are there!

Take a stroll through the beautiful Bax Castle Country Park

Head to Bax Castle Country Park for a perfect day out with family or friends! Montages of majestic views, serene picnic areas and mesmerizing walking paths await – there’s truly something here for every kind of explorer. From casual strolls along the rolling hills to more challenging hikes across lush green land, your experience at this natural wonderland will be an unforgettable one!

Explore the historic town of Arundel

Step back in time and visit Arundel, a beautiful old town just a stone’s throw away from Billingshurst. From exploring the grandiose castle which has stood for centuries to meandering through the quaint streets and picturesque park full of wildlife – you can find something intriguing around every corner!

Enjoy a day of shopping and dining in Horsham

Horsham is the ideal destination for a day out with friends or family! Located within easy reach of Billingshurst, this bustling market town has something to offer everyone. Shopaholics can explore its unique independent boutiques and larger chain stores while foodies will be spoilt for choice – there’s an endless selection of restaurants and cafes offering delicious local cuisine. Why not take some time out from your busy schedule to enjoy a scenic stroll through Horsham’s quaint streets, then end your visit with one final treat – a cup of coffee in any one of their lovely cafés?

Visit the iconic South Downs National Park

For a truly breathtaking experience, take some time to explore the South Downs National Park near Billingshurst. With its immense valleys and hills contrasted against miles of scenic coastline, it’s like stepping into another world! There are plenty of trails and routes perfect for an outdoor adventure – from leisurely strolls with family or friends, picnics in awe-inspiring surroundings, or simply taking your car out for a picturesque drive – whatever you choose to do will make this nature retreat one to remember.

Take a scenic drive through the picturesque Sussex countryside

Take in the beauty of Sussex on a picturesque drive! Whether you’re touring with pals, family or workmates, there are plenty of routes to explore and discover. From leisurely jaunts through rolling hills to more challenging drives along lush valleys – Billingshurst has something for everyone. So get ready for an unforgettable journey into this gorgeous area’s natural wonders!

Visit the historic village of Petworth

Escape to the picturesque village of Petworth and take in its 17th-century grandeur. Admire gorgeous parklands, formal gardens and spectacular countryside as you explore this charming town! Take a stroll past traditional shops lining quaint streets before wandering through tranquil woodlands teeming with wildlife. Spend an afternoon visiting the stunning Petworth House or discover hidden history around every corner – there’s something for everyone at beautiful Petworth.

Make the most of your visit to stunning Billingshurst, Sussex, with a convenient and stylish minibus. Enjoy travelling without having to worry about parking or directions sit back, relax and soak in all that this picturesque area has to offer! Bring family, friends or colleagues for an unforgettable experience – explore beautiful Billingshurst together using one comfortable ride.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and head to Billingshurst—a quaint, historic village nestled in West Sussex. With lush landscapes, stately buildings, and idyllic towns all around you at every turn, an organized minibus tour could be just what your following getaway needs! Make lasting memories with family or friends while discovering this picturesque part of England – book your minibus today for an unforgettable trip experience.

Getting Around in Billingshurst

If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway in the countryside, Billingshurst is an enticing option! A small town in West Sussex – England’s most southerly county – boasts stunning views of rolling hills and gorgeous scenery. Plus, it’s conveniently located close to some must-see attractions: from South Downs National Park and Horsham’s historical charm to bustling cities like Brighton & Chichester. Plan your trip there now – here’s everything you need to know about getting around this delightful destination!

Getting to Billingshurst

Nestled in the countryside around 30 miles from bustling London, Billingshurst offers a quiet and peaceful escape – easily accessed by bus, car or train.

By Train: For those looking to explore the enchanting village of Billingshurst, an adventure awaits! A mere 6 miles away lies Pulborough train station – a convenient gateway that regularly serves London Victoria. In around one and a quarter hours, you can be transported from bustling city streets into rural bliss with taxi or bus routes readily available for your continuing journey.

By Bus: The 93 bus line connects locals of the Horsham and Pulborough area with a convenient service passing through many stops in Billingshurst along its route.

By Car: Take a scenic journey from London to Billingshurst on the A29, and soak up some of England’s finest countryside as you drive for an hour and a half. Enjoy views stretching from Bognor Regis to Horsham before arriving in this charming village near Sussex’s South Downs National Park.

Driving in Billingshurst

Make sure to take the scenic route if you’re travelling to Billingshurst despite being a small town, it has plenty of wonders tucked away just within arm’s reach! From medieval ruins and lush green parks for relaxing afternoons – all easily accessible from the same place – this quaint village will have something special waiting in store for everyone.

Parking: Billingshurst has plenty of parking spots, from the convenient town centre location to a spot near the train station. If you’re looking for somewhere to park your car, remember: always read those signs! You don’t want a surprise when it comes time to leave.

Narrow roads: Driving in Billingshurst can be a bit tricky, as some of the roads are rather slender. Exercise caution when manoeuvring around town to ensure safe travels!

Pedestrian areas: When you’re in Billingshurst, navigating the streets has a twist! Several areas are designated for pedestrians only, so keep your eyes peeled and obey any signage – it’s paramount to ensuring everyone’s safety.

Country roads: If you want to explore beyond the city limits, be cautious! The roads out there can twist and turn like a meandering river. Pay attention when driving and watch for other drivers or cyclists who may also be navigating these exciting pathways.

About Billingshurst

Billingshurst is a quaint town in the rolling hills of West Sussex, England. This charming destination boasts sweeping views from its doorstep at South Downs National Park and has plenty to offer visitors eager to experience its unique culture. Lace-up your boots or hop on a bike for beautiful walks and cycling routes that wind through glorious countryside vistas – you won’t want to miss out! Explore historical buildings like 13th-century St Mary’s Church or browse independent shops offering an authentic taste of local life – no visit would be complete without it!

Billingshurst offers an enchanting vacation experience for novices and experienced travellers alike. From its easy accessibility to plentiful attractions, this delightful town guarantees a memorable stay!

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