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When a standard 5-seater car is simply insufficient, you can rent minibuses and people carriers from SDVH.

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Our Minibuses

SDVH’s selection of vehicles comprises a range of MPVs and various sizes of minibuses. These vehicles can comfortably seat between 7 and 17 passengers and also offer significant luggage capacity. We invite you to explore our selection of minibuses and MPVs to locate the perfect vehicle for your travel needs. Our affordable prices and top-tier service are the reasons behind our strong customer retention.
To hire a minibus, you should be at least 21 years old and have held a full driving licence for at least two years. For the larger 15 and 17-seater minibuses, you need to be at least 25 and have a D1 class on your driving licence.

Vauxhall Zafira 5+2

Vauxhall Zafira 5 + 2

or similar

Galaxy 7 Seater Manual

Galaxy 7 Seater Manual

or similar

Galaxy 7 Seater Automatic

Galaxy 7 Seater Automatic

or similar

9 Seater Manual

9 Seater - Manual

or similar

9 Seater Automatic

9 Seater - Automatic

or similar

Ford Minibus 12 Seater

Ford Minibus 12 Seater

or similar

Ford Minibus 15 Seater

Ford Minibus 15 Seater

or similar

Ford Minibus 17 Seater

Ford Minibus 17 Seater

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

For reliable minibus hire in the UK, think about SDVH. We pride ourselves on providing premium, air-conditioned, self-drive minibuses and coach vehicles at reasonable rates. We are well-equipped to accommodate both small and larger groups swiftly, anywhere in Balcombe. With our extensive network of suppliers and lengthy experience in the transportation industry, we’re well-equipped to understand and meet diverse hirer needs.

Free Delivery & Collection

SDVH places your comfort as our highest priority. For this reason, we extend complimentary delivery of the minibus you hire to any spot in the UK, even airports. After your rental period, we additionally offer free of charge collection from any place.
We request that both you and any additional driver be available with your driving licence, a valid credit or debit card, and an ID at the time of delivery. Kindly notify our agents of your desire for free delivery and collection services during the reservation process.

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Unlimited Rental Mileage

Book a minibus from SDVH and delve into unrestricted travel. We provide unlimited mileage on all our rentals, except for those used for courier services. Whether you’re driving 10 miles or 100 miles a day, you won’t be billed extra.
This is especially advantageous for those who plan to travel long distances to other cities. Contact to one of our representatives to check if your selected minibus or MPV is eligible for the unlimited mileage offer.

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Entire United Kingdom Coverage

At SDVH, we make easy UK travel! With our broad network of suppliers, we can send a minibus and MPV to you, no matter where you’re situated in mainland UK. Begin planning your relaxed cross-country trip immediately.
If organising transport for business or personal travel is challenging, we supply bespoke solutions to meet your particular needs. Our 24/7 customer service crew can help you pick the ideal minibus. Contact us now for a effortless hiring experience.

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European Cover Option

With SDVH, you can book a minibus for adventures across European borders. We permit our clients to drive our hired minibuses to all European Union-listed countries. Whether it’s a family trip or a business trip across the border, we’ll take care of your transportation. Our European service cover includes popular destinations like France, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and many more.
You also have the benefit of unlimited mileage for your journeys outside the country. Ensure to inform your agent about your plans to take the vehicle beyond the UK borders, as there are additional but fair costs involved. And bear in mind, always return before your rental duration concludes, regardless of where your travels take you!

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One Way Vehicle Rental

The benefit of varied pick-up and drop-off locations in a self-drive minibus hire is a notable advantage. When the journey is one-way to a different city, travelling back merely for vehicle return isn’t appealing. SDVH tackles this by allowing a minibus booking in one part of the UK and a return at a different rental station proximate to the journey’s end.
The one-way rental option significantly cuts down on the rental cost by shortening the rental time, a perk solely for minibus rentals on the UK mainland. An extra one-way rental cost is incorporated into the booking cost after a vehicle is chosen.

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Insurance Is Included

At SDVH, we’re dedicated to ensuring safety and delivering customer satisfaction. It’s for this purpose that every minibus hire comes with insurance, protecting against damages to the minibus and also its riders.
The insurance fee is already embedded in the hire cost, and our agents will clearly outline the complete payment during the minibus booking to guarantee there are no surprise costs.

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Company Own Insurance - 10%

SDVH provides comprehensive insurance protection to minimise your responsibility in case of minor damage to the vehicle. However, we admit that not everyone needs this insurance plan. Certain companies offer liability coverage for their drivers under their own insurance policies. These drivers don’t require the additional insurance coverage that we extend.
Professional drivers under a corporate insurance will receive a 10% discount when renting an MPV or a minibus from us. We also guarantee that these drivers enjoy identical benefits as other clients, including limitless mileage and free delivery.

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Wide Range Available

At SDVH, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect vehicle for your group trips. Therefore, we offer a diverse range of minibus choices, including 7, 9, 12, 15, and 17-seaters.
You also get to pick between manual and automatic transmissions to suit your driving style. We have trained agents prepared to help you in picking the right minibus that satisfies all your needs. Rely on us to offer you with an outstanding ride for any occasion!

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In search of an affordable and dependable minibus in the UK? Turn to SDVH. Our comprehensive fleet is competitively priced, and features a variety of choices. Dial at 020 8168 8158, and our prompt team will take care of your booking.

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What To Do in Balcombe

Are you looking to escape the busy streets of city life? Look no further than Balcombe, Sussex! Nestled in the heart of South East England and brimming with lush greenery, this charming town is a haven for groups or families seeking restful getaways. From exploring its rich heritage to taking leisurely strolls amidst picturesque landscapes – Balcombe has something special waiting around every corner! It’s definitely an ideal spot if you’re after some peaceful quality time spent with friends and loved ones.

If you’re planning a visit to beautiful Balcombe with friends or family, why not rent a minibus and get the most out of your time there? There’s plenty to enjoy in this quaint town – from mesmerizing wildlife spotting opportunities at local reserves to historical attractions such as Balakerley House. Of course, if it’s retail therapy that you’re after, then look no further than High Street, where boutique shops line every corner!

Visit the Balcombe Estate

Balcombe is a paradise waiting to be explored, and this remarkable estate should not go amiss! Treat your senses to breathtaking views of rolling hills draped in golden sunlight while discovering the timeless history that comes alive through its historic buildings. Or why not recline on stunning gardens as you partake in an afternoon picnic? There’s plenty to do here – join one of their guided tours so every feast for the eyes can also become a treat for knowledge.

Take a stroll through the countryside

Looking for a stunning scenic escape? Balcombe offers plenty of outdoor routes and trails to explore – from casual strolls to more daring hikes. Enjoy everything Nature has in store while discovering what this quaint village has!

Visit the Balcombe Heritage Centre

Immerse yourself in the history of this town and its connections to Sussex with an array of interactive exhibits at this centre dedicated to preserving and showcasing local heritage. Get a glimpse into the past right here!

Take a day trip to the coast

Escape to the English Channel and enjoy beautiful views of the Sussex coast, a short drive from Balcombe. From classic seaside towns to maritime history – make your way down for an unforgettable experience surrounded by wonders of nature!

Visit the Balcombe Brewery

Looking for a real ale experience? Head to Balcombe Brewery! Learn about their brewing process, taste some delicious beers from the local area and take home a souvenir of your visit. Whether you are an aficionado or just interested in trying something new – there’s no better place than this brewery.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Balcombe, there’s something to suit everyone! From budget-friendly hotels and B&Bs to self-catering options – no matter your needs or preferences, it won’t be hard to find a place that fits the bill.

Balcombe should be on the top of your list if you and a group are looking to escape city life! Enjoy gorgeous views, and discover unique sights and history, all while meeting some friendly locals. Great for minibus tours or leisurely walks alike–with so much to explore in this picturesque countryside town, there’s no reason why not to book that trip today!

Thinking about a day out with friends and family but not sure where to go? Look no further than Balcombe, Sussex! With its stunning landscape of rolling hills and countryside walks, as well as many historical sites to explore, it’s the perfect destination for a fun-filled group outing. You’ll find yourself spoilt for choice between discovering their proud heritage or simply enjoying some quality time together – there really is something here that everyone will enjoy!

Getting Around in Balcombe

Nestled in the Mid Sussex District of England lies Balcombe, Sussex; a beautiful village renowned for its picturesque landscapes and tranquil atmosphere – an ideal place to relax. Visitors looking for some time away from the hustle & bustle can conveniently reach this idyllic destination by car or public transportation. Enjoy exploring quaint cobbled streets or simply bask in natural wonders that await you!

By Train

Balcombe is a convenient destination, easily reachable by train from London and Brighton or any other nearby city. With its own station on the well-traveled Brighton to London line, travelers can make their way directly into this historic village in no time!

If you’re looking for a quick escape from London, Brighton is the perfect destination. With just 50 minutes on a train – or 25 if coming directly from Brighton! -you can be transported to England’s glorious seaside city and all its attractions in no time at all.

By Car

Take a scenic journey to Balcombe and enjoy the picturesque views of rural England! From London, take 1 hour and 15 minutes on M23 then A23 towards Brighton. After 30 miles turn onto the A272 at East Grinstead – follow signs for your destination treat, Balcombe!

Take a scenic 25-minute drive along the A23 and through East Grinstead to get from Brighton to Balcombe. Keep an eye out for signs pointing you towards your destination, where exciting adventures await!

Driving in Balcombe

For those who wish to visit Balcombe, there’s no need to worry about the tricky task of finding a parking spot. This quaint village offers abundant options for motorists – with several car parks scattered throughout its streets and one conveniently located by the train station!

When journeying through Balcombe, it’s wise to keep an eye out for winding roads that may require extra caution. Drive with alertness and consideration towards fellow motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike; go slow when needed so that everyone can stay safe on their travels!

About Balcombe

Balcombe is a stunning rural hamlet set in the Mid Sussex district of West Sussex, England. Nestled amongst luscious green meadows alongside the River Ouse, this quaint village has captured many hearts with its picturesque beauty and unique history stretching back to ancient times – including evidence of Bronze Age activity! Through centuries’ past it was an important junction for railways and today visitors remain entranced by such landmarks as St Mary’s 13th Century Church or the old station building which now acts as both pub and restaurant. Locals benefit from delightful local amenities like shops, post offices plus primary schools – making Balcome a cherished haven indeed!

Head off to Balcombe and explore its picturesque scenery, tranquil atmosphere, and easy access by train or car. Whether you’re looking for a short getaway or an extended vacation, this charming destination is sure to be the perfect spot! Go forth on your journey with peace of mind knowing that it’s not just convenient – but joyful too. Enjoy your travels!

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