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6 Best Places To Live In Norfolk

Best Places To Live In Norfolk

Norfolk, a county prized for its outstanding natural beauty, has grown reputation-wise in recent years. If you’ve seen any remarkable towns, villages and sights in Norfolk, you probably thought, ‘What if I just sold everything I have, packed my bags and moved there?’ Moving to Norfolk is an even greater idea if you’re doing remote work. That said, before you pick everything up and run to Norfolk, you should inform yourself to ensure you choose a part of this county that would suit your needs and wishes best. To help you with that, here are the best places to live in Norfolk.

Best Norfolk Villages & Towns

These are the six best places in Norfolk.

1. Holt

Near the north Norfolk coast is the market town of Holt.

Holt has a lot of beauty, both architectural and natural. There are many great parks, including Holt Country Park and Holt Natural Springs.

There are many independent shops and eateries in Holt, many offering great bed and breakfast. Places such as Byfords, Kings Head, Horatio’s, Holt Cafe and Eric’s Fish and Chips are some of them.

Holt used to have a lot of beautiful Tudor buildings, which tragically got burned down in the early 18th century.

If you have children, you can rest assured they’ll get a good education in Holt. Gresham’s school, prep school and even pre-prep school are excellent schools, and Gresham school is in the top twenty IB schools in Britain.

The crime rate is extremely low. What happens most is a pub brawl.

Like most places in Norfolk, there is a tight and pleasant community feel, making this place a welcoming home for you and your family.

If you want to move into this quaint market town, it will cost you more than the average home in Norfolk, but it’s well worth it.

2. Norwich


A great majority of the Norfolk population lives in Norwich, which is by far the largest place in the county, making it a city rather than a town.

Norwich is for those who want city life mixed with the outstanding natural beauty of Norfolk itself.

The centre of Norwich has interesting historical buildings and locations. So after walking down the Norwich Riverside Walk, you can visit places such as the Norwich Cathedral, one of the biggest cathedrals in England, after which you could check out the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Norwich Guildhall and The Forum, a modern venue.

There are many more awesome locations in Norwich. If you’re a food lover, St Benedict’s Street is a good choice, hosting an array of local and international restaurants.

The vibrant city of Norwich also has alluring nightlife, with the popular Tombland, a location filled with bars, pubs and clubs.

For your children, Norwich has great parks and excellent primary and secondary schools. Norwich is also close to the Norfolk Broads, a sprawling national park.

If you’re one of the young professionals wanting to move in, you’ll be glad to know that the busy city of Norwich also has credible universities and plenty of job opportunities.

3. Blakeney

Once a commercial seaport, Blakeney is a beautiful and charming village on the North Norfolk Coastal Path.

Blakeney may not be as picturesque as the colourful beach huts of Wells-next-the-Sea, but the area’s outstanding natural beauty is unmatched by anything in Norfolk, and for a small village, it has charm and architectural features just as excellent.

This is the perfect little village for retirement, quiet, with just the right amenities to live with ease.

Nature is its biggest attraction. You can go to the Blakeney Duck Pond and play around with ducks, go and see local seals on a Bishops Boat Seal Trip down the River Glaven or go and explore the local nature reserve of Blakeney and the creeks of Norfolk.

If you’re hungry in Blakeney, there are a few spots and all top-of-the-line. We’d recommend you check the Blakeney Delicatessen for deli food and the Two Magpies Bakery for something sweet.

The only thing setting Blakeney back is that it only has a primary school, which is across from the glorious St Nicholas church.

If you’re falling in love, you should know that Blakeney is one of the most expensive locations in not just Norfolk but the whole UK, going well beyond the national average house price.

4. Cromer


Cromer is a mainly Victorian town, located in beautiful North Norfolk, staring at the North Sea.

The coastal town of Cromer is lovely, just like every other place on this list, but we find it the perfect balance between a pretty coastal village and a large city.

This traditional seaside town is not only known for its scenic beauty but also offers delicious cuisine. Visitors can indulge in the freshest seafood caught off the shore as well as enjoy a cup of tea at any one of its charming tea rooms.

Locals celebrate an annual Cromer Carnival and the Crab & Lobster Festival.

Cromer is home to sandy beaches, which are great for surfing. Residents also get easy access to museums, Amazona Zoo and the Cromer Pier & Pavilion Theatre. Food lovers living in the town centre would want to check out its world-class eateries such as The Garden Street Grill, Hot Rocks and Lily Mai’s.

From the quaint village green to large open areas of natural beauty beyond the town’s limits, there are lots of excellent locations to explore with your children.

Cromer also presents children of all ages with a decent number of schooling opportunities. If you’re interested, the price for a piece of seaside heaven in Cromer is surprisingly pretty good and absolutely worth it.

5. Cley


One of the surrounding villages in the Holt area is regarded as the most picturesque village surpassing many Norfolk villages – Cley. Just for its beauty, it is considered one of the best places to live in Norfolk.

Cley or Cley-next-the-Sea is situated on the North Norfolk Coast. It is located within the Norfolk Coast AONB and Nature Reserve, eighteen kilometres northeast of Holt and thirty-two kilometres northwest of Great Yarmouth.

This is a very sought-after village due to its unspoilt beauty, traditional and pretty flint cottages, quaint windmill and church perched on a hill.

The village is tranquil, with historic architecture such as the Cley Windmill and one of the most beautiful churches in Norfolk, St Margaret Of Antioch’s Church.

The village green of Cley and its surrounding lanes offer a smokehouse, tea rooms, stoneware pottery made on-site, book and antique shops, gift shops and Picnic Fayre deli. You can find something for everyone here.

Even small villages in Norfolk like Cley have multiple art galleries. Cley’s galleries are the Pinkfoot Gallery and Rowntree Gallery.

Property values here are pretty high, but it’s well worth the investment.

6. Aylsham

Aylsham is a wonderful market town sitting next to the river Bure, between Norwich city and the northern coastline. It is home to some of the most stunning architecture in the area.

Aylsham is known for its many churches and the St Bennet’s Abbey ruins, a popular tourist attraction. It is also home to a number of historic buildings, including the Aylsham Town Hall, which was built in the early 18th century.

This town also has many independent eateries, bars and shops, and the friendly community is intoxicating.

Cittaslow quoted Aylsham on its top ten list of best places to live in the east of England. One of the biggest reasons was partaking in the Slow Food Movement.

Aylsham town is a great place for children because there are many activities for them. There are a lot of parks, playgrounds, and museums children can visit. Plenty of excellent schools also make Aylsham an excellent town for families of all kinds.

While harbouring house prices above the national average, the difference isn’t that big, and because of Aylsham’s undisputed beauty and splendour, it is a town worth the hype.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Norfolk is a good place to live. This county has a lot of beauty and fresh-air amenities it is hard to find anywhere else in England. It is becoming a rural place to be, and with the progress of remote working, chances of the Norfolk population continuing to increase noticeably are very likely.

Norwich is a good place to live. This city is loaded with frills, beauty and amazing locations. While quaint, Norwich also has great nightlife. Because it’s the largest city in Norfolk, Norwich is not the safest area in the county, but it is safer than most cities in the UK.

The best places to live in Norwich are:

  • Golden Triangle
  • Norwich city centre
  • Old Catton
  • Earlham Road
  • College Road
  • Thorpe St Andrew North

Golden Triangle and the city centre are some of the best places to live if you’re a student or businessperson looking for an active lifestyle. The rest are great if you’re a family man looking for safe and friendly neighbourhoods.

Some of the best schools in Norfolk are:

  • Alpington and Bergh Apton Primary School
  • Ashleigh Primary School and Nursery
  • Coltishall Primary School
  • Wreningham VC Primary School
  • Cringleford CE VA Primary School
  • Little Melton Primary School
  • St Martin at Shouldham CE Primary Academy
  • Dickleburgh CE Primary School
  • Heartsease Primary Academy
  • Trowse Primary School

Some of the best places to live in Norfolk with children are:

  • Holt
  • Norwich
  • Cromer
  • Aylsham
  • Burnham Market
  • Breckland

All of these places in Norfolk offer plenty of benefits for children and young families. These places provide great schooling opportunities, plenty of green spaces and an overall healthy surrounding for raising children.


Norfolk county is one of the best counties in England, with unparalleled natural beauty, great and friendly communities and fantastic seafood. Norfolk has all this beauty for the taking, and now that you know what the best places to live in Norfolk are, you’re sure to see it for yourself.

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