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When a standard 5-seater car is simply insufficient, you can rent minibuses and people carriers from SDVH.

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Our Minibuses

We have a variety of multi-purpose vehicles and minibuses of varying capacities, ideal for accommodating between 7 to 17 passengers. Our options prioritize passenger comfort and offer generous luggage space. We invite you to explore our assortment of people carriers and minivans to find the perfect fit for your travel needs. Our commitment to affordable rates and excellent customer service has earned us a devoted customer base.
To hire one of small buses, you must be a minimum of 21 years old and hold a full driving licence for at least two years. For customers considering our 15 and 17-seater options, you need to be 25 or older and have a D1 class on your driving licence.

Vauxhall Zafira 5+2

Vauxhall Zafira 5 + 2

or similar

Galaxy 7 Seater Manual

Galaxy 7 Seater Manual

or similar

Galaxy 7 Seater Automatic

Galaxy 7 Seater Automatic

or similar

9 Seater Manual

9 Seater - Manual

or similar

9 Seater Automatic

9 Seater - Automatic

or similar

Ford Minibus 12 Seater

Ford Minibus 12 Seater

or similar

Ford Minibus 15 Seater

Ford Minibus 15 Seater

or similar

Ford Minibus 17 Seater

Ford Minibus 17 Seater

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH is the name to trust for minibus hire in the UK. We deliver top-tier, air-conditioned, self-drive minibuses and coaches at affordable rates. Catering to both small scale and large groups, we can tend to your needs at a moment’s notice, anywhere in Hound.
Our extensive network of suppliers around the country ensures you have a seamless, stress-free journey. With our wealth of expertise in the transportation industry, we understand and meet diverse hirer expectations easily.

Free Delivery & Collection

SDVH prides itself on your convenience. Thus, each time you decide to book a minibus from us, we promise to offer free delivery right to any location in the UK, including airports and train stations. Also, as soon as your rental session ends, we guarantee pickup without extra cost.
Please confirm that both you and any other drivers are available with your driving licence, a credit or debit card, and an appropriate ID at the time of delivery. Furthermore, do notify our agents regarding your wish to take advantage of our complimentary delivery and collection services when booking.

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Unlimited Rental Mileage

We at SDVH believe in unrestricted travel for our customers. Hence, when you hire a minibus, we extend unlimited mileage on all rentals, bar those designated for courier services. Journey 10 or 100 miles in a day without concern for extra charges.
This offer is particularly helpful for long-distance explorers. Do consult with one of our representatives to confirm the minibus you’re booking qualifies for the unlimited mileage benefit.

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Entire United Kingdom Coverage

Make journeying around the UK a piece of cake with SDVH! Our extensive network of suppliers spread throughout the UK ensures the availability of a minibus or MPV wherever you are. Start planning for a hassle-free road trip across the country. If you’re exploring solutions for your business or personal travel, we provide personalised transport options to fulfil all your needs.
Our experienced customer service team are on hand 24/7 to guide you in selecting the perfect minibus. Connect with us today for a smooth hiring experience.

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European Cover Option

SDVH provides the option to hire a minibus for travel to neighbouring nations. Patrons of ours are permitted to drive our minibuses to any country listed in the European Union. Whether you are travelling to see family members or professional commitments requires overseas travel, we’ve got you sorted. The European service offering extends to countries such as Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and several more.
Furthermore, our minibus rental offers the advantage of unlimited mileage. Kindly notify our booking agent about your intentions to venture beyond UK borders, as doing so comes with an added charge – but it’s fairly priced. Also, remember to return prior to when your hire period expires.

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One Way Vehicle Rental

In a self-drive minibus rental situation, the strict system of collecting and dropping off at the same location can be a barrier. At times, the journey is a one-off to a different city, and the idea of driving back for vehicle return is far from appealing. SDVH provides a service where one can rent a minibus in one UK zone and give it back at a different rental station near the endpoint.
The one-way rental option cuts back on the rental cost by reducing the rental time and it is exclusively available for minibus rentals on the UK mainland. Note that an extra one-way rental fee is affixed to the booking cost following vehicle selection.

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Insurance Is Included

SDVH guarantees that all minibus hire features insurance, safeguarding against damages to both the minibus and also its passengers. The insurance fee is seamlessly integrated into the rental fee, eliminating the burden of multiple payments. Furthermore, we provide a Collision Damage Waiver as an additional option for those in search of more insurance coverage. Trust our agents will outline all costs when you’re booking to guarantee transparency.

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Company Own Insurance - 10%

SDVH provides extensive insurance protection to lessen your liability in the event of minor vehicle damage. Nevertheless, we recognise that not everyone needs this insurance scheme. A few companies already offer coverage for their drivers as a part of their insurance policies, rendering our extra coverage superfluous.
We offer a 10% discount to professional drivers covered under their company’s insurance policy when they book an MPV or a minibus from us. Additionally, we guarantee that these drivers receive similar benefits as regular clients, including limitless mileage and complimentary delivery, for a rewarding rental {experience}.

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Wide Range Available

At SDVH, we offer a diverse range of minibus choices to match your particular requirements. Whether it’s a family trip or a business trip, we have the right vehicle for you. Pick from our array of 7, 9, 12, 15, and 17-seaters, which allow you to easily accommodate your group.
Offering the possibility of a manual or automatic transmission, we ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. Our experienced agents are ready to assist you in identifying the perfect minibus for your forthcoming adventure. Contact us to enjoy the benefit and versatility of our modern minibus fleet!

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When in need of dependable and cost-effective minibus hire in the UK, consider SDVH. We boast a wide-ranging fleet available at great rates. Get in touch with our efficient service team at 020 8168 8158 to book now.

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What To Do in Hound

Immerse yourself in the medieval charm and history of Hound! Located on England’s picturesque south coast, this Hampshire village is filled with plenty for you to explore. Enjoy stunning scenery as well as its rich cultural heritage – perfect for friends or minibus loads of tourists seeking an exciting day trip or weekend getaway destination. Don’t miss out – come to visit Hound today!

Here are some of the top things to do in Hound with a minibus for a group of people

Visit the Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

If you’re looking for a picturesque and relaxing way to get acquainted with Hound’s culture, then this historic church is the perfect destination. With its breathtaking architecture, awe-inspiring stained glass windows, and tranquillity that can be felt throughout – it guarantees an unforgettable experience!

Explore the Hound Heritage Trail

Looking for a way to explore the colourful history of the Hound? Look no further than the Hound Heritage Trail – an exciting walking trail that will take you through centuries-old sites and landmarks in this charming village. From avid historians to casual strollers, anyone can appreciate all there is to learn about its past along this unique path!

Take a stroll along the beach

Visit Hound beach for the ultimate seaside experience. The stunning views, crystal clear waters, and tranquil atmosphere make it the perfect spot to take a refreshing swim or go for a leisurely stroll in nature’s beauty. Soak up some sun on its sandy shores and enjoy all that Solent’s south coast has to offer!

Visit the Old Fort

Step back in time at the Old Fort! This historic fortification was once a formidable force against invading armies. Today, it stands as an incredible reminder of bygone days and tales of courage – offering visitors an immersive experience of Medieval military defence. Stroll along its underground tunnels or peek through defensive walls to explore eras past right here in this modern-day village destination!

Take a boat tour of the Solent

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, a boat tour of the Solent is sure to deliver. Home to picture-perfect views and tranquil waters, this stunning stretch of water between mainland England and the Isle of Wight will have you revelling in its beauty all day long! Whether it’s fishing or sailing that interests you most – or simply soaking up those postcard-perfect scenes from afar – let your adventure begin on one incredible trip through some truly breathtaking scenery near Hound.

Visit the local pubs and restaurants

If you’re looking for a cosy spot with loads of charm, Hound is the place to explore! From local pubs tucked away in historic buildings, offering up tasty dishes and chilled pints – there’s something here that everyone can enjoy. Catch up with pals over dinner or drinks. Whatever your style may be, this vibrant community has plenty to offer.

Take a walk in the surrounding countryside

At Hound, you’ll find yourself surrounded by serene beauty. Enjoy the rolling hills and tranquil farmland amidst nature’s bounty – perfect for a peaceful walk or an exciting birdwatching adventure! Experience the invigorating fresh air of Hampshire’s countryside each time you step outside your door.

From family fun to thrilling sightseeing, Hound has it all! Discover this exciting destination with a rich cultural history and stunning natural beauty. Whether you’re planning an afternoon of exploration or looking for the perfect weekend getaway, Hound offers something special that can be enjoyed by groups large and small.

Make Hound your next group destination to experience a tranquil atmosphere, feast on beautiful views, and indulge in its rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re visiting for the day or weekend, this magical spot makes it easy to turn any gathering into an unforgettable getaway!

Getting Around in Hound

Head to the charming village of Hound, nestled in England’s Hampshire County. Whether you’re arriving by car or train, there are multiple convenient routes for accessing this quaint destination. Why not take some time and discover what makes this idyllic locale so unique?

By Car: Start your journey from London by hitting the M3 motorway and exiting at junction 9 for a scenic drive towards Winchester. Continue along the A31, passing through charming villages until you reach Hedge End after about 14 miles of driving. Then take a detour to Hound down on B3035 – with its rolling hills and lush greenery, it’s an exhilarating ride!

By Train: Travellers visiting Hound can conveniently make the ten-mile journey from Southampton Central train station to their destination. For those who don’t feel like driving, it’s easy to take a quick taxi ride and be at Hound in no time!

By Bus: Hop on board the Blue Star X3 bus service and take a scenic tour between Southampton and Portsmouth, with breathtaking seascape views of Hound. Get ready for an adventure as you explore this stunning stretch of England’s south coast – just remember to check in with your driver for the latest schedule!

Driving instructions for when you arrive in Hound

Hound is a quaint village tucked away in the countryside, and it rewards explorers who take some time to get to know it. A visit begins with one of its designated car parks; parking here allows you access into an enchanting landscape where winding roads lead past rows of artisan shops hidden between tall oaks – perfect for taking a stroll as part of your adventure!

As you journey down the B3035, you will be welcomed to Hound with a car park sign on your left. Follow this road and enter an inviting parking area where you can rest before exploring all that this quaint village has to offer!

As you go down the A334, get ready to discover Hound. Make a right turn onto the B3035 and cruise through its quaint streets until you find yourself at what locals know as their village car park- tucked away on your left!

Looking for an adventure? Take a stroll through the ancient village of Hound and discover centuries-old history. Pay homage to St. John the Baptist Church, which has weathered many changes since being established in the 12th century! Afterwards, stop by The Greyhound Pub – one of Hound’s oldest establishments – where you can relax with some delicious food & drinks (or maybe even a ghost story or two!).


Located in the quaint town of Hound, it is a hub of medical marvels. Highly trained doctors, nurses and technicians work together to provide emergency care, specialized treatments, and surgical procedures, ensuring everyone in the area receives top-notch healthcare services!


Hound is a picturesque paradise, offering visitors the chance to explore its stunning countryside and refresh with an array of water activities on the River Hamble. A stay in one of many cosy hotels or bed & breakfasts scattered around this idyllic village will provide everything from comfortable rooms and suites for restful nights to delicious dining options so your belly never goes empty. With leisure facilities that cater to all types, take some time out here in the gorgeous Hound for a truly revitalizing experience!

About Hound

Located in the picturesque district of Fareham, Hampshire, England, lies Hound, a charming village surrounded by lush countryside and nature reserves. History buffs have plenty to explore here with its ancient sights, such as the 13th-century St. John The Baptist Church. At the same time, those seeking relaxation can take full advantage of peaceful walks or time spent on the nearby Hamble River, which offers an array of water sports fun! Not far away, you’ll find all your creature comforts – loads of pubs & restaurants to choose from, plus local shops for any amenities required. For proximity to tranquil English greenery and traditional country vibes, head on over (or stay) in the beautiful Hound!

Nestled in the heart of Hampshire, England, lies Hound: a picturesque village full of charm and life. Spend your days discovering its rich history or resting peacefully amidst lush green fields – whichever you choose. There are endless possibilities to make it an unforgettable trip. Whether by car, train or bus – get ready for sunshine-filled afternoons exploring this quaint English town!

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