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Hiring a car in Canterbury is simple with SDVH. Check out our extensive selection of low-cost car hire options and call us today to make a reservation.

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Our Cars

On the hunt for a car to relax on a vacation or one that fits your family’s functional requirements? SDVH offers a vast array of cars to meet your particular needs. Our goal is to supply customers with their desired car type, be it for routine meetings or special gatherings. Our standard cars are ready for those who require practicality, while our luxury cars offer elegance and comfort.
Thinking of book your next car rental? Our fleet contains multiple options with the guarantee of budget-friendly deals. Booking a car requires only a credit or debit card and a valid driver’s licence. Upon booking, you can either collect the car from our station or take advantage of our free delivery service.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500

or similar

VW Golf

VW Golf

or similar

focus estate

Focus Estate

or similar

Ford Focus Automatic

Focus Auto

or similar

Ford Mondeo Manual

Mondeo Manual

or similar

Ford Mondeo Automatic

Mondeo Auto

or similar

ford mondeo estate

Mondeo Estate

or similar

Rav 4

RAV4 Auto

or similar

Mercedes C Class

C Class Auto

or similar

Mercedes E Class

E Class Auto

or similar

Range Rover

Range Rover

or similar

Vaxhaul Zafira

Vauxhall Zafira

or similar

Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy

or similar

Ford Galaxy Auto

Ford Galaxy Auto

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

When it comes to trustworthy car hire services in Canterbury, SDVH emerges as a top choice. Our extensive network of reliable suppliers enables us to serve countless customers every month. Our diverse fleet, maintained to a high standard, and updated regularly ensures an outstanding driving experience. Ranging from the compact Fiat 500 to upscale sedans like the Mercedes C Class, we have something for everyone.

Catering to both individual and business needs, our clients include customers, families and enterprises. To reserve your perfect vehicle, just contact us. Our attentive customer service team will guide you smoothly through the hiring process, even at short notice. With SDVH, top-quality car hire deals in Canterbury are guaranteed.

Free Delivery & Collection

SDVH respects your time and understands the inconvenience of picking up a rental car from a depot. We’re among the few car rental agencies in Canterbury that provides free delivery and collection for all rentals. We put emphasis on your convenience, dispatching the vehicles to your preferred location at no extra cost, even to the major train stations throughout the UK.
When you’ve ended your rental period, you can either leave the car at our local depot or request a pickup.
At SDVH, we understand your time is precious. That’s why we eliminate the inconvenience of you going to the depot every time you rent a car. As a unique service in the car rental industry, we offer free delivery and collection for all rentals.
We bring the vehicle to your preferred location, including the major train stations in the UK, free of additional charges. After your rental period concludes, you have the opportunity to bring back the vehicle to our depot or have us pick it up.

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Unlimited Rental Mileage

Capped mileage can often restrict on your travels. That’s why at SDVH, we offer unlimited mileage on the majority of our cars, excluding cars used for courier services.
Thus, whether you’re planning a short trip in Canterbury or a longer journey, our policy promises a fixed rental price, regardless of the miles covered. Be sure to confirm with our customer service staff that the car you’ve selected comes with the unlimited mileage benefit.

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Entire United Kingdom Coverage

Discover over 11 thousand miles of enchanting coastline and innumerable attractions in the UK with SDVH. We guarantee a seamless journey with our broad car rental network across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. You’ll never worry about being stuck without a car.
Our diverse fleet accommodates solo travellers, families, and businesses, and we also offer flexible delivery and collection throughout the mainland. No matter if you’re planning a short trip or a comprehensive exploration of Britain, count on us to supply your wheels!

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European Cover Option

On certain occasions, the allure of travelling across Europe by car overshadows boarding a flight or train. Rent a car from us and embark on a stylish journey across several European countries including France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, and other EU members. We offer our unlimited mileage to car hires for extensive trips within EU nations.
When booking, tell our agent if you aim to travel beyond the UK as this comes with an additional fee. Also alert our reservation team in advance if your journey extends beyond the EU.

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One Way Vehicle Rental

Not all journeys end at the spot they kicked off. At times you may wish to travel from A to B without the intention of making a return to the beginning to return the rented car. This is achievable with SDVH’s one-way car hire service. Rent a car from one specific UK spot and drop it off at your final stop.
Such an option simplifies travel, cutting out unnecessary lengthy rental timespans. Instead of making your way back to the original rental location, economize by dropping off the car at a nearby depot or letting our collection team retrieve it from your ending location. It’s worth noting this one-way car rental service is exclusively available on the UK mainland and carries an extra cost. Ensure to specify your final destination and collection date at the time of your booking.

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Insurance Is Included

It’s not always possible to avoid accidents, irrespective of how careful one might be. These incidents can bring about damage to the car or injuries to its passengers, making it necessary to be ready. That’s why all car rented from SDVH includes comprehensive insurance, covering all passengers and minor damages to the car.
We include the fee for this basic insurance in the car hire price, ensuring there are no hidden costs. For added protection, we extend a Collision Damage Waiver, reducing your liability for significant car damages. Our team members will give the whole car hire cost, inclusive of insurance choices, as you set up a reservation.

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Company Own Insurance - 10%

We recognize that not all customers require additional car rental insurance. If you’re protected by a business policy, there’s no necessity for extra protection, and we believe it’s not right to charge you the same as other customers. Therefore, if you previously have insurance, we extend a 10% discount on each car rental.
This discount enables you to enjoy cheaper car rentals from SDVH while maintaining the perk of unlimited mileage. Make sure to notify our representatives about your business insurance when reserving a car to claim this discount.

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Wide Range Available

Due to our vast network of car suppliers all over the UK, we are able to provide you outstanding car rental deals. Traveling on a budget? Our economy models are ideal! Looking for a luxury car for a particular occasion? We also boast just the right option. At SDVH, we’re dedicated to providing reliable solutions that satisfy each customer’s specific needs.
Regardless of whether you enjoy manual or automatic transmission, we’ve got the car for you. We understand that journey planning can be daunting, so our expert customer service team is ready to support by recommending the car that matches your needs the most.

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Book Your Car Hire Today!

Regularly serviced and upgraded, SDVH cars are premium. We provide a vast catalogue of dependable car hire avenues for diverse needs. Communicate with our vehicle rental station at 01227 490 031 for details or to determine a pickup hour. To kickstart your adventure with us, ensure you have a driving credential and a credit card for payment.
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What To Do in Canterbury

Take a journey to the time-honoured city of Canterbury and experience its captivating past, colourful culture, and stunningly beautiful landscapes. This comprehensive guide provides invaluable insight into an unforgettable visit with your car – so get ready to discover endless possibilities for fun! From exploring historical sites like St Dunstan’s Church to experiencing awe-inspiring nature hikes atop hills overlooking lush vegetation – there is something here that will make all travellers’ hearts beat just a bit faster.

Visit Canterbury Cathedral

From its historical roots in the 6th century to being a contemporary attraction today, this renowned cathedral stands as an iconic symbol of the city. Tourists can explore its majestic interiors, wander around the crypts and cloisters and have a glimpse into centuries-old stories while admiring stunning stained glass windows. The final resting place of Thomas Becket – Archbishop of Canterbury who was murdered in 1170 – it remains one of England’s most beloved landmarks, both for locals and visitors alike!

Visit St. Augustine’s Abbey

Travel back in time and explore the ruins of one of England’s oldest Christian structures. From its 6th-century beginnings as a major centre for learning and pilgrimage, this ruined abbey is now an inviting tourist destination that lets visitors uncover layers of history while admiring its stunning gardens.

Visit St. Martin’s Church

Visitors can step back in time as they explore this ancient English church, believed to have been founded more than a thousand years ago. Home to many historical monuments, including the tomb of Thomas Becket, the church is full of captivating mysteries waiting for discovery. Its gorgeous stained glass windows and aged architecture transport visitors far away from their daily lives into an enchanting journey through history.

Explore Blean Woods

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a visit to this stunning woodland just outside Canterbury. Whether you’re a keen hiker, birdwatcher or cyclist looking for some peace and quiet, there’s something here for everyone; explore winding trails amidst an abundance of wildlife, such as deer and badgers, while soaking in picturesque views.

Explore Herne Bay

Just a short road trip from Canterbury lies an enchanting coastal town steeped in history. There is plenty to do for visitors, including taking strolls on the stunning beach and pier, and exploring old-world gems such as its iconic Clock Tower and bandstand – all while enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of Whitstable nearby with its celebrated oyster delicacies!

Explore Canterbury Riverside Walk

Take a stroll to remember and explore the beauty of nature along an idyllic riverside adventure. Enjoy picturesque views from one end of town to the other, including historic landmarks and glorious countryside – all while taking two hours or less! Whether you’re young or old, this journey is perfect for everyone’s ability level.

Visit The Old Brewery Tavern

For centuries, this iconic pub in Canterbury has been a favourite haunt of all – locals and visitors alike! Not only is the traditional atmosphere inviting, but their selection of local ales and ciders will transport you back to simpler times.

Visit The Goods Shed

Take a journey to this restaurant located in an old railway good shed and experience the charm of local, seasonal cuisine. With its relaxed atmosphere, it is no wonder that families and couples alike flock here for pleasant dining experiences!

Visit The Olive Grove

With a flair for the Mediterranean, this eatery is your delightful destination for savoury and sumptuous dishes. Enjoy hearty flavours from Greece, Italy, and Spain in an atmosphere that’s as inviting as it is relaxed. All of their ingredients are freshly sourced with love – right here in our own backyard!

Visit The Flying Horse

Nestled in the heart of Canterbury lies a traditional pub, bustling with locals and visitors alike. This cosy spot invites everyone to come to relax and sample some local ales or ciders – an ideal atmosphere for all!

Visit the Shops and Markets

Take a journey through time as you shop in Canterbury – from strolling the cobblestone streets of its historic High Street, lined with high-street retailers, independent boutiques and antique shops for over 800 years, to exploring Whitefriars Shopping Centre full of modern retail stores. Whether it’s sightseeing or shopping that brings you here on holiday or business, this city has something special to offer everyone!


Immerse yourself in charm and splendour with a visit to Canterbury! This vibrant city offers an exciting mix of age-old history, culture, and stunning scenery – easily accessible by car or on foot. Explore its many attractions for an unforgettable experience that caters to all tastes, from monuments harkening back centuries ago to modern parks perfect for picturesque walks – there’s something new around every corner in this captivating destination!

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