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When you need way more room than a five-seater offers, SDVH delivers with minibuses and people carriers for hire.

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Our Minibuses In Falkirk

Our fleet of vehicles includes MPVs and minibuses of different sizes and capacities. Whether you want to travel with a small group or a large group, SDVH can provide a suitable and reliable vehicle to meet your needs in Falkirk. Our vehicles allow anywhere between 7 and 17 passengers at one time and have large luggage capacities as well as air conditioning.

With our business, you can obtain vehicles to rent at affordable prices and on short notice. Both manual and automatic transmissions are available, so you can choose the option that suits you best. To rent a minibus, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old and have a valid, full driver’s licence that you’ve held for at least two years. For the largest vehicles in our fleet, you must have a D1 class on your licence and be 25 years old.

Vauxhall Zafira 5+2

Vauxhall Zafira 5 + 2

or similar

Galaxy 7 Seater Manual

Galaxy 7 Seater Manual

or similar

Galaxy 7 Seater Automatic

Galaxy 7 Seater Automatic

or similar

9 Seater Manual

9 Seater - Manual

or similar

9 Seater Automatic

9 Seater - Automatic

or similar

Ford Minibus 12 Seater

Ford Minibus 12 Seater

or similar

Ford Minibus 15 Seater

Ford Minibus 15 Seater

or similar

Ford Minibus 17 Seater

Ford Minibus 17 Seater

or similar

Why Choose SDVH?

SDVH stands out as one of the Falkirk top vehicle hire companies. We offer cost-efficient self-drive minibus and coach hire services around the country. Our large network of suppliers allows us to offer brilliant service on short notice and at affordable prices. We understand our clients’ needs and expectations and aim for maximum customer satisfaction.

You won’t have trouble finding a suitable minibus hire in our extensive, modern fleet. We offer the latest models and keep them clean and in perfect condition. We’re the company you want to call to enjoy hassle-free journeys in dependable vehicles. Along with our professional service and competitive prices, you will also find many benefits that few other vehicle hire companies offer.

Free Delivery & Collection

There’s no need to come to a rental station when you hire a minibus from SDVH in Falkirk. Our goal is to give every customer a convenient and pleasant experience when renting our vehicles, which is why we offer free delivery. All you have to do is request delivery to any UK location, and we’ll make sure the minibus gets there. Want a vehicle waiting for you in London or at any UK airport? We’ll bring it over to pick you up.

You don’t have to bring the minibus back after the rental, either. Simply schedule a pickup, and we’ll come and get the vehicle at no extra charge. Make sure you are available and on time when you’re scheduled to receive the vehicle. Bring your driving licence as well as a credit or debit card.

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Unlimited Rental Mileage

Our customers get unrestricted movement during their minibus hire time. You don’t have to worry about crossing a mileage limit when hiring a vehicle from our fleet. Our unlimited rental mileage perk allows you to go where you want to go without stressing about running out of miles. This perk applies to any vehicle hire, with the exception of those used for courier services.


Whether you’re driving the minibus 50 miles per week or crossing the entirety of the UK, the rental price won’t change. You can freely travel long distances and avoid the hassle of sticking to mileage limitations. Don’t forget to contact one of our agents to confirm whether or not your minibus hire is eligible for unlimited mileage benefits.

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Entire United Kingdom Coverage

SDVH can provide you with cheap minibus hire anywhere in the UK. No matter where you are in the UK, our extensive network of vehicle suppliers has you covered. We make sure our customers never feel stranded by offering coverage for remote UK locations on the mainland. Need a 15-seater minibus to go from Edinburgh to Cardiff? We’ll have it ready at your doorstep. Contact us for a booking and start planning that road trip you always wanted.


Finding it difficult to navigate transport options for your business or personal travels in the UK? We’ll make it a piece of cake by providing transportation solutions tailored to your specific needs. Use our service to hire a minibus, get it delivered to your location, and get your group on the road.

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European Cover Option

Looking to travel to other European countries with your group? You’re in luck! You can hire one of our vehicles to go outside the UK with ease. The countries that our European cover option encompasses include France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and many others. There is a possibility to go to non-EU countries as well, but we need to make a special arrangement for that.


Whether you’re going abroad for business or to visit family, you can travel to your heart’s delight. Our unlimited mileage benefit applies even when you take one of our vehicles across the border. Remember to tell our agents if you plan to go outside the UK, as it incurs an additional fee. And make sure you get back before the end of the rental period.

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One Way Vehicle Rental

What do you do with a minibus in Falkirk if you want to continue your trip but no longer need a vehicle? You shouldn’t have to make your way back to the lot if you’re making a one-way trip. Taking a rental back to the lot can complicate your journey, so we make sure you don’t have to! With our company, you can hire a minibus in one part of the UK and then drop it off elsewhere or have us collect ti at the destination.

Our one-way vehicle rental benefit lets you continue your travels unobstructed and save money. You won’t have to rent the vehicle for longer and spend more just to take it back to its original location. This benefit is available on the UK mainland and comes with a separate charge, so keep that in mind. Talk to our agent to find out the total cost of the booking with this service.

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Insurance Is Included

We trust our customers to take the utmost safety precautions when handling our vehicles, but some accidents are unavoidable. This is why we offer comprehensive insurance with every minibus hire. It offers you additional protection and coverage in the event of an accident. The package covers damages to the minibus as well as any passengers.


The insurance fee is factored into the cost of the booking, so there’s no additional charge during the process. Customers have the option of subscribing to a Collision Damage Waiver for additional protection. It reduces your liability for heavy damages to the rental vehicle. We have great rates on our insurance, and our agents will inform you of the total cost of the booking once you call us to make a reservation.

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Company Own Insurance - 10%

We offer comprehensive insurance to cover you in the event of minor damages. But if you already have insurance, there’s no need to pay for more protection. Our team understands that some of our customers don’t need additional insurance and often have it covered by their employers.


With SDVH, professional drivers get a 10% discount on hired vehicles if they have their own company insurance. Why get charged more if you already have liability protection? We ensure that our customers get the best of both worlds when they hire a vehicle from our fleet. Not only that, but they can also enjoy the benefits that we provide to all customers, including free delivery, free collections, and unlimited mileage.

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Wide Range Available

You can count on our company to deliver a wide range of reliable vehicles wherever you need them in Falkirk. If you’re going on a holiday with your family or need premium vehicles for a business trip, SDVH has you covered. We have a modern fleet of well-maintained transports for any occasion. Whether you need a 7, 9, or 12-seater minibus, we’ll provide you with the right vehicle for your trip. You can even find 15 and 17-seaters if you need to travel with a large group.

Our fleet of reliable vehicles goes well with our excellent customer service to give you the optimal travel experience. You can decide between automatic and manual for self-drive minibus hire and opt for air conditioning, Sat Nav, and various other add-ons.

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SDVH is the best option when you want to hire a minibus in the UK. We have a full range of transport options, from minibuses to people carriers. Keep your passengers comfortable on long trips while you ride in one of our premium vehicles through London, Falkirk, or any other city on the mainland. Call us at 020 8168 8158 to rent a vehicle today and enjoy the full benefits of our efficient service and low prices. You will need to bring a credit or debit card as well as a valid driving licence to be able to rent from our fleet.

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Discovering Falkirk, Scotland: Group Adventures in a Minibus

Nestled between Edinburgh and Glasgow, Falkirk boasts a rich history, innovative attractions, and a tapestry of natural beauty. For a group exploring Falkirk with the convenience of a minibus, the possibilities are vast. Here’s a guide to ensure a memorable journey through this captivating Scottish town.

1. The Falkirk Wheel:

Begin your Falkirk exploration with the world’s only rotating boat lift. The Falkirk Wheel is an engineering marvel that connects the Union Canal with the Forth and Clyde Canal. The site has ample parking for minibuses, making it a hassle-free start. Hop onto a boat ride to experience the wheel in action!

2. The Kelpies:

A short drive away, you’ll find the largest equine sculptures in the world. Towering at 30 meters, The Kelpies are a testament to Scotland’s horse-powered industrial heritage. The surrounding Helix Park also offers lagoons, wetlands, and plenty of open space for group activities.

3. Callendar House:

Journey back in time at this 14th-century mansion set within the beautiful Callendar Park. Here, you can explore interactive displays, a Georgian kitchen, and even dress up in period costumes. The park itself offers scenic trails and a playground.

4. Antonine Wall:

Trace the northernmost frontier barrier of the Roman Empire in Britain. While not as renowned as Hadrian’s Wall, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers numerous walking paths and fascinating ruins.

5. Falkirk Old and St. Modan’s Parish Church:

Visit these historic churches to soak in their stunning architecture and serene atmosphere. Their central location makes them easily accessible for minibus groups.

6. Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway:

All aboard for a nostalgic journey on Scotland’s largest railway museum. Experience the vintage steam and diesel trains and traverse the scenic routes offering panoramic views of the Forth Estuary and countryside.

7. The Pineapple:

This quirky, pineapple-shaped folly is located in Airth, a short drive from Falkirk. Surrounded by lush woodlands and meadows, it’s an ideal spot for a group picnic.

8. Falkirk Town Centre:

Indulge in retail therapy or sample local delicacies in the numerous cafes and restaurants. The town centre also showcases various art installations and murals, making it a cultural treat.

9. Rough Castle Roman Fort:

One of the best-preserved sections of the Antonine Wall, this site offers intriguing insights into Roman military strategy and life.

10. Dining in Falkirk:

For a culinary adventure, consider local favorites like The Courtyard, situated in a former stable and coach house, or the Wheelhouse Restaurant, overlooking the Forth & Clyde canal.


With its blend of history, innovation, and nature, Falkirk presents an array of activities and sights to entertain groups of all interests. Having a minibus ensures that every member can explore together, making memories and sharing experiences. Embrace the spirit of adventure and dive deep into the wonders of Falkirk!

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